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  • vipul_pandey
    02-11 02:53 PM
    I can also see that the LUD on both my and my wife's 485 applications have changed. It happened on 4th feb i guess (that's when i got the notification).
    As 'bostonian' mentions this can be a fingerprinting update or may be zipping and archiving of our files for all we know ;) (just kidding)

    EB2 (PD 12/06)

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  • sreedhar
    10-11 12:51 PM
    can u pls let me know ur date your application has been mailed and to which center.

    I mailed it to NSC on aug 3rd nothign yet..

    Sorry to hear that....Mine is TSC and They receieved my Applications on Aug 13, 2007. But One of My friend Filed with NSC and They receieved his application on Aug 16, 2007. His Check got cleared couple of days before.


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  • Santosh_gc
    07-19 03:36 PM
    Hi all:

    I entered the country on Advance Parole and so now I am on EAD status because of that.

    I am on my 8th year of extension. My H1B was valid till 2009 but now it is not because of my EAD. Its been more than a year since I applied for 485 and My I-140 has been approved.

    Q.1 Can I join another employer based on a new H1B so as to reinstate my H1B status? I plan to file for AC21 if I change employers.

    Q.2 Can I apply for a new H1B with my CURRENT employer based on my current job?

    I would really appreciate your input.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • ajay
    02-23 12:08 PM

    I am considering switching my employer.

    Currently I have I-140 and labor for GC approved in 2006.
    Filed I-485 in July 2007.

    My current H-1B expires on December 2009. (9 years on H-1B.... ya that long)

    Based on my AC-21 portability after 180 days of I-140 approval, if I move to a new employer and file H-1B transfer, will I get default approval of only upto December 2009, or can I get 3-year extension based on my I-140 approval?

    Appreciate your answers in advance.

    You can get 3 years extension based on your approved I140. Please consult a lawyer before jumping into conclusions though.


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  • tnite
    09-24 06:35 PM
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  • needhelp!
    09-28 01:45 PM

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  • marty
    03-14 02:59 PM
    I am almost in the same situation. My PD will hopefully be current in next bulletin and I've decided its worth to wait for couple of more months and not deal with any complications that may arise due to job change.

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  • needGCcool
    09-26 07:13 PM
    I am in the same situation.........


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  • wandmaker
    11-26 02:04 AM
    tanyas_21: Amendment processing time is same as normal H1 processing time. Your status is H4 until the H1B amendment (797 w/ I-94) is approved or You re-enter USA after you get your H1B stamped. USCIS usually sends cable to home consulate mentioned in I-129 about the approval of H1B - It is one of the reason, most of the attorneys' recommend people to get it stamped from home consulate. As long as you go with all the paper work, You can get it stamped from Mexico, and I dont see any issues. Do not attempt to get it stamped from Canada unless you have a verifiable US education. Good luck!

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-24 08:20 AM
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    This tragic accident took the life of another passenger, a fellow UCLA graduate and DREAM Act activist, Cinthya Felix. Fong & Chun, LLP offers condolences to the families of both Tam and Cinthya. --ecf

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  • maine_gc
    12-17 10:31 AM
    KY residents,

    Please post your details here and join your state chapter

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  • jim79
    09-01 09:43 AM
    Yes , I did extension for H4 to avoid out of status. But that will automatically override her approved H1 to h4.(The latest one is valid). But when ever she is ready to work, (in her case she is pregnant and planning to work from next year only) her employer has to change the H4 to h1b(COS). There is premium processing and it would take only 15 days. No need to apply for a fresh H1b.


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  • alterego
    08-15 11:47 PM
    I found this interesting. Salaries for managers are becoming quite competitive in India apparently.
    Given that certain areas are especially hot in India compared to the rest of the economy and that gives you a relatively strong position and quality of life. It seems the gap between US and India is closing for people in certain fields faster than it is closing for the average joe.........for whom it will take generations at best. Perhaps we need to see that perspective.

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  • wandmaker
    12-10 04:26 PM
    we applied ap in octoer and we got receipt on oct 24th but we found a typo error on my daughters receipt instead of 'ekthasruthi sakala' it was ektha sakala' will it be a problem at the port of entry . please suggest me.

    The name on the AP should match with passport. Make sure your 131 form has a correct name, if yes then you can reapply for a AP without a filing fee otherwise you have to pay. BTW, check all your receipts whether it has a correct name


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  • wizard
    04-27 09:47 PM
    I like the third one best, good job. ;)

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  • eilsoe
    10-17 11:13 AM
    Hehe, no problem :P

    There are many ways of achieving stuff in Photoshop.. :)


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  • ramesh10
    08-29 02:01 PM
    You need only AOS receipt, when you travel outside
    So dont worry about EAD and AP receipts as you will get EAD Card and AP Doc directly to your address

    So just ask AOS receipt saying you are planning for travel

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  • seahawks
    07-24 08:44 PM
    Alien registration number is found either on I-140 receipt/approval on top of beneficiary's name. If you're not sure, just leave it blank or put N/A. This is different from I-94 number.

    concur it is the I-140 A# number if you have the approved I-140, otherwise check with your employer if they have the I-140, or leave it blank if your I-140 is approved.

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  • MetteBB
    05-11 01:43 AM
    ok... fair enough.

    How about these then:

    03-05 07:01 AM
    He can file the H4 extension based on the H1B extension application receipt...
    Even if there is a RFE..that does not stop him from filing the H4 extension..Please tell him to file the H4 extension immediately....Usually you do not send a new application along with the answers of RFE..Just file it separately....After H1 goes through they would process the H4 too may be no at the same time but that should be fine....
    As long as H4 extension is filed, wife's status is valid....

    09-26 10:06 AM
    Hello, my application was filed on July 11 and reached USCIS on 12 th (TSC). Speaking to an officer at USCIS I found that my application has been rejected on Sep 11, 2007 due to missing filing fee. He said, I can try re-filing my case with that letter they sent, a letter explaining the situation (guess an apology letter from our end) and a new check. But, he did mention honoring the application would be at the discretion of the immigration officer.

    I still haven't received the rejection letter yet. Has anyone been through a similar situation. If so, can you please tell me if they would honor my re-filing ? Please let me know your thoughts.

    Sorry for the duplicate posting. Looking for options, and any similar experiences..