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  • xlr8r
    06-22 04:15 PM
    I had my tests done on Monday, X-Ray on Wednesday and my paperwork is ready today (Friday). All in all, it took about a week. Don't know about other doctors....this is in Milwaukee, WI.

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  • ritwik_ind
    10-26 10:00 AM
    Hi there,

    This is my post for the contest. :eye:


    hope you like it, [Wish me luck!! ]

    Mans mind, once stretched by an idea, never attains its original dimensions.

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  • Blog Feeds
    04-27 11:00 AM
    DHS' misrepresentations to communities regarding their ability to opt out of the controversial Secure Communities program has drawn the attention of Zoe Lofgren, the ranking Democrat onthe House Immigration Subcommittee. From the LA Times: A California congresswoman Friday called for an investigation into the actions of federal immigration officials, saying they lied about whether counties and states had the right to opt out of a controversial nationwide enforcement program that screens for illegal immigrants in local jails. "It is inescapable that the [Department of Homeland Security] was not honest with the local governments or with me" about whether local jurisdictions...

    More... (

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  • gecceg
    05-02 11:58 AM
    These are not meant to be morbid, just thought provoking.
    The Tsunami may be over but there is still work to do. ( Disasters Emergency Comitee ( Oxfam ( Children International


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  • bsbawa10
    07-02 06:08 AM
    What a chaos? We were so close, turned out to be mirage. When do you expect your GC? My PD is Feb 2006. I do not expect anything positive in 3 years. I doubt anything changed in our career in 2 years. Where do we stand?

    Frankly speaking, I always thought that this is going to harm the people with older priority dates but I never vented out. It turned out to be true. They chose almost randomly among the ones who filed during that time and quite many with old priority dates were left out. I think had that fiasco not been there and had priority dates moved slowly, the things would have been more streamlined.

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  • sri123
    03-06 06:32 PM
    My I-140 was submitted to USCIS in June, 2006 and got approved in August, 2006 and my employer has received the approval notice. I am checking the case status online but it is still showing up that my case is in pending till date. One of my friends is also in the same situation, his I-140 got approved recently and he received approval notice copy from attroney but the case did not update on the USCIS web site as approved. When I called USCIS, they told me that this needs to be reported by my lawyer and not me. When I talked to my attroney on this, she told me that we don't need to worry about this as the approval notice is available with us. But if the case update showing up correctly, atleast I could show that as a proof for my priority date portability if I switch the employer. Does anyone experienced the same problem and appreciate the suggestion as to how this can be corrected. Thanks in advance.


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  • sayonara
    09-21 06:10 PM
    If you search the forums, you will find this has been the latest trend , I think for most folks who live and work in CA. Not sure about maintaining the receipt date, I had the same question, but I think the answer is not well known.

    Hope that helps !

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    08-06 11:01 AM
    I have a green card. I have moved to India on 20 Aug 2007. Before going to India I had applied for my re-entry permit (I-131). The re-entry permit is valid from 31 Mar 2008 till 31 Mar 2010.
    On 19 Aug 2009 I will be out of US for 2 years, so if I want to maintain my GC status before which date should I come to US and apply for re-entry permit, 20 Aug 2009 (the date of my US departure) or 31 Mar 2010 (expiration date of my travel document)?


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  • TeddyKoochu
    12-28 12:14 PM
    Please let me know!!

    I think you can log on to and check the case status for receipt number, always good to add this receipt number to your account (User Account) where you can track your portfolio.

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  • iad2ead
    10-27 04:38 AM
    Does Lawyer receives AP and sends it to us OR does applicants receive it?

    I haven't received AP yet. got EAD/FP/notices.



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  • Casiel
    05-19 06:25 PM
    cheers. I really appreciate this.

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  • aniltatikonda
    05-09 02:00 PM
    As far as i know, what ever you said is right. if your priority date is current and also your processing date then you can actually contact your local senator stating the same which will/may resolve the problem


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  • minimalist
    08-11 02:35 PM
    She should be able to go and get stamped now. But she will have to wait until about 10 days before october 1st to enter US using that stamp.
    Hope this helps.

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-25 07:10 PM
    From its passage in 2002 until now, the USCIS has never issued so much as a memo explaining how it interprets the "automatic conversion" clause of the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA). They left it to the Board of Immigation Appeals (BIA) to explain this in Matter of Wang in 2009. The USCIS argued that the clause be interpreted in the most restrictive way possible, and surprisingly, the Board bought their argument. However, Matter of Wang may have a short shelf life, and here's why: 1) The �Administrative Delays� Fallacy In Matter of Wang, the Board states that �we find...

    More... (


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  • cnag
    10-03 05:01 PM
    I posted the foll. in my company's (Igate) intranet site. Hope this will encourage others to post similar threads to build up the awareness and
    momentum and increase membership which is the need of the hour!!!

    "Folks, 20 years projection by Gopal, I believe, is a very conservative figure. Believe me, if there is no change in the immigration law in the near future, we are looking at 40 to 50 years( specially those filed after 2004) and not not 20 years. This is a fact and I am very serious. Some legislation similar to SKIL bill needs to be passed to get any kind of relief. There is an organization formed to lobby and bring awareness about the plight of high skilled immigrants - Visit that site, become a member,learn about the issues and contribute your might. Also mobilise support form friends,co-workers etc. Forget GC without any concerted organizational push."

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  • brij523
    03-01 04:52 PM
    Friend Paskal is very much right. Also if associates don't want to come in front that is fine. Just find leads and let IV CORE take care from there.
    Let me repeate TIME IS NOW.


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  • Sumedha_inCal
    05-04 02:38 PM
    Dear All,
    I have a question regarding the H1b visa quotas.
    The USCIS website stated on April 20th that they are still accepting applications as the H1 quota of 65000+ 20000(Masters) was not full.
    Does anyone have any information about the latest news in this regard?
    Has the cap been met or are they still accepting applications?

    Thank you all.

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  • newuser
    07-24 08:36 PM
    With the new updates from IV, we should be planning lawmaker meets pretty soon.

    Please come forward and start being active. Join the State Chapter and become donor's to access more info

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  • komaragiri
    07-27 08:39 AM
    USCIS should be able to respond to you within 15 days(premium processing time) after they receive your RFE response

    06-15 11:59 PM

    My case:
    H1B current until Jan 2010
    Nationality: French
    PERM approved last April

    The lawyer is planning to file this week for i131-i765-i485 (target is wednesday)

    Would it be ok for me to travel abroad next week, or are there some travel restrictions after we file the forms?
    Do we need an official receipt from USCIS before I can leave the US, or before I came back from the US, or any other restrictions?

    Would some of you know?


    January 17th, 2005, 08:35 AM
    perhaps the slow commenting is due to the quality of the picture. Looks great, nice frame, nice composition. It'd perhaps saturate it more and enhance the sun....
    Cheers, Rob

    08/31 Receipting Update [Archive] - Immigration Voice