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  • vaguely
    12-04 05:46 PM

    I was on H1 status but got laid off. I have my EAD and my AP has been approved but I have not yet received it in the mail. Once I do, is it safe to travel outside the US and re-enter using AP if i don't have job yet?


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  • rameshms
    10-24 02:08 PM
    I received RFE's on the AP application for myself and my wife in the last week of September. We received our Fingerprinting notices the following week. We had our Biometrics done on October 12th. As far as my experience goes, I do not think RFE on AP should adversely affect the receipt of fingerprinting appointment notices.


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  • abhishek101
    01-05 11:36 PM
    this is my understanding but a lawyer answer but you should consult a lawyer

    Since you have started your GC process and shown your intent to immigrate your F1 will be denied.

    H1 is a dual intent visa ( you enter as non immigrant but U can immigrate on it) and hence application of GC has no implication on it.

    Again I am not a lawyer so consult one.

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  • DareYouFireMe
    02-11 12:14 PM
    Assuming his I-140 gets rejected, is it going to impact his current EB3 process ? Remember, he is going to be on board with the new company only after I-140 process. By the way, new Labor will take atleast 5-6 months. Advertising, etc


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  • RMRasheed
    05-26 08:50 AM

    My father (over 60 years) is coming to the States in June 15, and his B1 visa expires on June 24. However, my father is planning to stay until August 20.

    My question is:
    Will he be able to stay after his visa expiration date?
    In other words, when will his I-94 expire?


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  • pmpforgc
    04-10 02:36 PM
    If you came across other such humors related to problems faced by immigrants please share those.


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  • gcfriend65
    12-07 03:05 PM
    No, it;s not possible to get the approval letter for H4 in India. It is usually sent to your home address or lawyer's address in US.

    my wife has got H1 this year and
    she wants to transfer to H4 as she got Ead and she
    wants to use EAD .and still we didnt get AP.she wants
    to leave to india in jan she dont have stamp in her

    if we apply now for the conversion of H1 to H4 can
    she leave to india now and can i send that approval
    letter to india then she goes to stamping in india.
    is it possible. please suggest me

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  • imh1b
    03-03 03:10 PM
    Define your Taste, smell, touch of a Green card?


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  • anindya1234
    07-06 10:20 AM

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  • p_kumar
    06-20 03:37 PM
    This is the height of foolishness.trying to get US Citizen a green card....:rolleyes:


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  • food2006
    06-28 01:19 PM
    1st time prevailing wage was OK (lower than the salary). This time during extension, prevailing wage is more that the salary, though salary increases over the time. So employer is telling they r not able to renew H1B, because it is hard to increase the salary due to the inequity among employers. What is the solution? Thanks

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  • eb3retro
    01-29 12:28 PM
    Not been following the dates these days. Would be nice to have this info..

    1) How much time does it take for the EAD application to get processed (Texas Service center) for new EAD (not an extn)?

    2) How much time does it take for the AP extension to get processed (TSC) if I were to apply for an extension of my old AP today?

    Thanks all for your inputs.


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  • wandmaker
    03-31 05:07 PM
    My parents are planning to go for a visa interview. What is difference between me inviting them to visit me versus they applying as tourists. I understand that if they apply as tourists they need to provide documents showing that they can support themselves.

    Will coming as a tourist diminish the possibility of getting 10 year multiple entry visa. Any thoughts on this issue is much appreciated.

    Tourists -> They support themselves financially during entire trip
    Invite -> You support them financially during entire trip

    The chances of getting 10 years multiple entry as a tourist is less likely, if they apply as tourists. Again, it is up to the I/O.

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  • simple1
    06-23 01:42 PM
    While I laugh at that guy. I would like to remind you that we are living in a republic and not in a democracy.

    Any one can be a self hurting fool using his/her "Individual�s God-given, unalienable rights". While in a democracy individuals worry about majority rule and popular thought.

    I dont understand why Obama (a former senior lecturer in constitutional law ) refers to this country as democracy.

    HELLO Chicago. If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer... "

    While the founders were fearful of democracy ( the mob rule ).

    Both India and USA are republics not democracies.


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  • RadioactveChimp
    04-09 03:12 AM
    it needs a magnifying glass with a distorted view :)

    btw DJN, I like a respect you already lol kudos to you

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  • ajay
    01-25 11:05 AM
    I would suggest you to call up USCIS and tell them about your situation. I am sure they will advice you to what to do next.

    Good Luck.


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  • gjoe
    10-03 03:46 PM
    What's need of creating such kind of thread . It is just wastage of time.:mad:

    But you see people like me having time to spare. how can you call it waste of time when we do this in our spare time?

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  • echinacea
    03-11 12:23 PM
    My I-140 was filed via regular processing then later shifted to premium processing in Aug 2006, approved in Oct 2006 Nebraska Center and was received at the NVC in December 2006 and given an NVC Case number.

    I know someone who has a priority date of june 2006 and I-140 approved last january 2007. The document is not yet received by the NVC.

    Which one will the NVC process first? My papers that was received by the NVC first. Or will it still follow the priority date?

    Thank you. Hoping and praying that this retrogression be lifted the soonest time possible.

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  • skagitswimmer
    April 18th, 2005, 10:49 PM
    I shot this with my old dig camera - a Sony F707
    The colour is pretty much unaltered. I cleaned up a few stray reflections in the water and tried to lighten the eyes of the loons a bit. I would be intested in any criticism at all.

    Blog Feeds
    05-05 06:40 AM
    Immigration Visa Attorney Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    It's H-1B season and the business immigration attorneys at Fong & Chun are busy once again fielding phone calls and inquiries regarding employment-based visas, including those of L-1 and new company visas. In the past few years, the USCIS and US Department of Labor have suspected newer and small companies of fraud, especially within the immigration system. New procedures and increased scrutiny ( of employment-based cases have made H-1B petitions and H-1B visas especially more difficult to attain.'s Wall Street Journal ( ran a story about the very disturbing trend revealed by the Securities and Exchange Commission that small private companies are merging with public shell (dormant) companies instead of going through more rigorous methods of becoming public, avoiding initial public offerings. SEC Commissioner, Luis Aguilar announced that since January 2007, 600 of such "backdoor registrations" occurred and most notably, more than 150 of these occurred in and around China.

    It's no secret that the USCIS, as part of the US Department of Homeland Security (USDHS) is engaged in "national security, fraud detection and prevention." The DHS now has an unit attached to it which investigates corporations suspected of defrauding the government specifically through the H-1B program and other visa categories. This has made adjudications of all H-1B applications much more difficult and I believe we will see strict review of all H-1B and work related applications. ---ecf

    More... (

    June 12th, 2004, 12:28 PM
    The one with the girl and the waterfall is a masterpiece! It makes me curious about the situation. Where was it taken?