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  • sobers
    02-24 12:27 PM
    Most of this pertains to illegals, but there are a few here that would like to drape a "NO ENTRY" sign on the Statue of Liberty to all immigrants...

    Thought it would be a good read..


    Top 10 Immigration Hawks in Congress
    Posted Feb 24, 2006

    10. Sen. Tom Coburn (R.-Okla.)
    One of only two Senate GOP co-sponsors of the Border Security and Interior Enforcement Improvement Act to build a border fence, increase agents, give local law enforcement the ability to protect citizens from illegal immigration and require countries to accept their citizens back quickly. Sponsor of bill to deny �birthright citizenship� to babies of illegals.

    9. Rep. Elton Gallegly (R.-Calif.)
    Has called for a constitutional amendment to deny "birthright citizenship" to babies of illegal immigrants and for an end to welfare for illegals. Sponsored amendment allowing states to deny education to illegals� children. Introduced a bill to require employers at critical infrastructure sites to use computerized system for verifying an employee�s Social Security number.

    8. Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R.-Ariz.)
    When Mexican President Vicente Fox called the idea of a border fence "disgraceful and shameful,� Hayworth declared, �President Fox should shut up." Author of Whatever It Takes: Illegal Immigration, Border Security, and the War on Terror (Regnery, 2006�a Human Events sister company).

    7. Rep. Steve King (R.-Iowa)
    Has assumed role as a national leader on immigration reform and opposes guest-worker program, saying, "Mere discussion of the possibility of amnesty encourages illegal immigration." Sponsored an amendment to enforce a law forbidding localities from preventing police from reporting immigration information. Led series of immigration forums titled "Secure America's Future."

    6. Rep. Lamar Smith (R.-Tex.)
    Recently named to U.S. Border Control�s �Honor Roll� for his perfect voting record on immigration and border issues. His 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act mandated implementation of a national exit-entry tracking system for all aliens but is not near completion.

    5. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D.-Calif.)
    Supports stiffening penalties for alien smugglers and increasing number of border control agents. Last week announced new legislation to crack down on the construction or financing of tunnels into the U.S. Sees guest-worker program as a �magnet for continued illegal immigration.� Told Human Events that if we can build a fence along the entire Mexican border, we should.

    4. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R.-Calif.)
    Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. Advocate of building a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, sponsored amendment to authorize construction of several hundred miles of fencing, which passed 260 to 159. In 1995, led fight to authorize an additional 5,000 Border Patrol agents when Clinton Administration attempted to cut resources.

    3. Rep. John Hostettler (R.-Ind.)
    Chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims. Sponsor of the Secure America Act to strengthen immigration enforcement and sentencing and to authorize use of the armed forces on the border. Said Bush's guest-worker plan "puts the interest of foreign, illegal workers above those of our own American citizens."

    2. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R.-Wis.)
    Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Authored the REAL ID Act, preventing driver's licenses issued to illegal immigrants from being used for federal purposes, such as boarding a plane. His Border Security bill rejecting Bush�s guest-worker plan passed the House in December.

    1. Rep. Tom Tancredo (R.-Colo.)
    Chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus. Has repeatedly attacked the Bush Administration for its support of a guest-worker/amnesty program for illegal aliens. Once said that President Bush is an obstacle to immigration reform and that Bush's "open door" border policy is a threat to national security. Afterwards, was reportedly told by Karl Rove, "Don't ever darken the doorstep of the White House."

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  • thrill
    01-17 01:13 PM
    Only 690 votes for :

    Whether you totally agree or whether you qualify on those points or not please vote.

    Immigration is not in Obama's agenda as it's evident on that site . It's not even a major group/section .

    Let's vote all the related immigration post and put "Immigration" on top his list.

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  • mirage
    09-17 02:19 PM
    I've been seeing all this cr.ap for 4 years now. My American dream turned out to be a nightmare...

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  • sathyaraj
    11-01 09:54 PM
    I feel like it is playing into hands of anti-immigrants. I think we need to stay and fight rather than being desperate and leave home.


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  • indianindian2006
    04-16 01:10 PM
    Maybe they just forget to update the status on the case :confused:

    Turned out to be a blessing for me as if the status was updated it would make me nervous for 10 days till I recd the RFE.

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  • smodekurti
    10-12 05:04 PM
    Now that your H1B from new company has been approved, they must have reopened the old one to send the notice to lawyer requesting them to confirm that you no longer work with them.

    Anyways since ur new H1 is approved you have nothing to worry... chill and Njoy
    This could be possible cos my previous employer told me that they have sent H1B withdrawal letter to USCIS a sometime ago. USCIS might have acted on that request. But we never know.
    Thanks again.


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  • vxb2004
    07-15 12:03 PM
    Great job IV. Keep up the great work.

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  • shishya
    06-13 07:51 PM
    Anybody got any idea on my situation?
    I am an absolute newbie, I unfortunately dont! :(


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  • buehler
    05-26 06:48 PM
    per this senators site it is 400K approx....

    400k is the unused visas from both FB and EB. Don't know the breakup though.

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  • NKR
    03-13 10:36 AM
    One step closer.

    With last year crisscrossing, EB2 India most apps are cleared upto september 2004. We should not have too many in 2004 except substitution cases.

    Hope it will step into 2005 in next 4 months....

    I might be wrong, but I think EB2 India came only uptil April 2004.


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  • polapragada
    08-13 08:43 PM
    Yes, that is right, I said �plight of EB2-India�.

    I am a passive observer of these forums. But some of the ridiculous notions floating around here have motivated me to vent. First and foremost, the law as written is highly favorable to people in EB3 categories, even from India. Here is how...

    Take my example (and there are thousands like myself)....came to the US 8 years ago, spent 5 years working day and night to earn a PhD on a low (barely sustainable) stipend, got FIRST job saw decent money for the first time 6 years after I came.

    Now, compare this to a person working an EB3-job for the last 8 years. Not only does this person do a real job that hopefully provides a respectable income but this person also has the option of moving to EB2 after 5 years of experience. So, at the end of the day in 2008; this person comes out ahead of me in terms of money, in terms of priority date (if ported) and most likely in terms of GC.

    There are complaints all over the forum which have the stink of pretentiousness such as �oh..i am a poor EB3 waiting for n number of years� etc etc. What you guys seem to forget is that YOU are NOT an EB3, it is your JOB that is EB3. You have all the opportunities that were/are available to a person who sweated it out in the university system here to gain more qualifications and get an EB2 job. You CHOSE not to. The general discussion seems to center around cribbing about the US immigration system (Immigration by the way is a privilege defined by laws, not a birthright) and then blaming the EB2 crowd when they finally see the system implement the law as intended in the first place (horizontal spillover rules).

    All these posts that refer to �my career is over because my gc is delayed� are nothing but a pathetic excuse. Law of supply and demand....if you have a skillset that is valuable, you will be fine with or without GC anywhere in the world. It takes a bunch of documents to remain here legally, all you need is a passport to go back if the system here seems so bad.

    For all the attacks that are bound to happen, here is the fodder.....this is probably my first and last post, I haven�t contributed a dime to IV, will work here as long as I like it and if not, India is a great country and provides enough opportunities for any skillset !!

    I feel education should be rewarded (Every where). High skilled should get prefference.

    chaanakya may be you should consider putting your words in soft intangiable worlds...

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  • nashorn
    12-12 01:37 AM
    hi october2001,
    Did you use PO box as address on I-485? I had heard USCIS does not accept PO box as address in I-485.
    Apparently not. If he did, the welcome notice would had got to him at the first place.


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  • ThinkTwice
    07-11 04:59 PM
    Below if the news letter from IV , please use this to forward information.

    Yes, PDF will be helpful.. I was just searching for some such info.. Thanks nraja



    Dear Members:

    Immigration Voice is organizing its first peaceful protest rally in San Jose, CA on July 14th in order to protest the broken system of legal high-skills immigration. This protest march is being organized to oppose the enormous visas backlogs in the employment based immigration system. This protest march is also intended to oppose the recent decision of USCIS to block the adjustment of status petitions in July resulting from an unprecedented out-of-order reversal on the part of DOS and USCIS.

    Please join this rally in huge numbers to create more awareness in the Media, Congress and the Administration. We are already getting attention of Congress and the Administration due to recently published articles on the flower campaign in New York Times and Washington Post on July 11th. If you cannot join but if you know someone who lives in San Jose area and who doesn’t know about this effort, please ask him or her to join this rally. More numbers will get us more media coverage and more attention to this issue.

    This rally has the potential to bring our issue to the attention of everyone, including the Silicon Valley tech employers who have a stake in the morale and productivity of the hi-tech foreign employees in their companies and their backlogged immigration.

    Peaceful protest march by Legal Immigrants in San Jose, CA.

    The New City Hall
    200 E Santa Clara St
    San Jose, CA 95113

    Saturday July 14, 2007

    11:00 am To 2:30 pm

    11:00 AM: Meet at San Jose City Hall at 200 E Santa Clara St.

    PARKING: (Free weekend parking in the 4th St. garage on 44 South Fourth St., & San Fernando St. across from the MLK Jr library; For other free parking areas in downtown San Jose see: )

    1) 11:30 AM: Go to the square in front of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library (150 E San Fernando St).
    2) 12:30 PM: Walk towards 635 N 1st St through S 4th St, E San Carlos St, Market Street and N 1st Street.
    3) 1:15 PM: Arrive at 635 N 1st St and stay till 2:00 PM
    4) 2:30 PM: back to City Hall

    1) Abide by the laws.
    2) Stay on sidewalks.
    3) Follow traffic rules, show courtesy to other pedestrians.
    4) Do not block building entrances.
    5) Dress Professionally. No shorts or Bermudas. Wear formal dress clothes, semi-casual or business-casual.

    Plenty of water, snacks and sun block (if needed).

    Do not bring your own signs. We will have banners and signs ready for you.


    GOOGLE MAP FOR THE ROUTE OF THE PEACEFUL MARCH (COPY PASTE URL IN BROWSER):,+San+Jose,+CA&daddr=S+4th+St+%4037.337490,+-121.887320+to%3A150+E+San+Fernando+St,+san+jose,+c a+to%3AS+4th+St+%4037.332980,+-121.883940+to%3AS+Market+St+%4037.331030,+-121.888360+to%3A37.333859,-121.890907+to%3AN+Market+St+%4037.338380,+-121.894240+to%3AW+St+James+St+%4037.339080,+-121.892780+to%3A635+N+1st +St,+San+Jose,+CA+to%3A200+E+Santa+Clara+St+San+Jo se,+CA+95113&mrcr=4,5&mrsp=5&sz=15&mra=dme&sll=37.335736,-121.886315&sspn=0.015764,0.039911&ie=UTF8&z=15&om=1

    IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Event leaders or organizers take no responsibility and will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur during the posted events. It is your responsibility to abide by law. By joining this event, you are taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being.



    Immigration Voice Core Team.

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  • morphthecat
    04-19 07:00 AM
    I had sent $100 a week or two back.


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  • jaihind
    09-14 04:21 PM
    I agree with you guys...especially even if they permit 485 filing pending the priority will help a whole lot of people get out of their employer's tyrannical grip and lead a free life.....:) ...I only hope the SKIL bill gets passed in some way sooner.....

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  • annsheila79
    04-19 09:48 AM


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  • imhrb
    12-29 06:47 AM
    Congratulations! What a story!

    I have been waiting for my GC application to be approved (marriage-based) for over 2 years now and haven't heard anything. People are suggesting me to go the Writ of Mandumus route...

    Do you mind telling me approximately how much it cost you to go through the Writ of Mandumus process?

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  • rimzhim
    02-05 04:18 PM
    I think this is great idea EB3_NEPA. We need to work on this!!! A good interim solution. That way we can actually show the contribution that we can make to the society as a family. Does anyone have an idea where we can start?

    How about sending letters to our representatives and then contacting the media on the plight of our spouses rather than on us!!! May be the human rights folks can help us on this.
    can the H4 not apply for a new H1B? Is H4 barred from applying for H1B? If not, I don't see where the prob lies. plus how will this solve the retrogression issue?

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  • smsthss
    09-17 11:27 AM
    anything on c-span???

    10-11 10:14 PM
    I too have a similar case

    My wife had approval for COS to F1 recently before we applied for Adjustment of Status. She also got her F1 approval notice by post in August.
    Now in Oct, when I got her I-485 receipt number on the back of the cheque, I went to put it in the USCIS site to track case status online. There I found that the WAC# related to her 'already approved in Aug' I-539 COS to F1 had a status update in Oct.

    It says "
    Current Status: Approval notice sent.

    On October x, 2007, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I539APPLICATION TO EXTEND OR CHANGE NONIMMIGRANT STATUS"

    I wonder what that means because same WAC had the same message in Aug

    "Current Status: Approval notice sent.

    On August x, 2007, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I539 APPLICATION TO EXTEND OR CHANGE NONIMMIGRANT STATUS "

    Pls see for further updates


    07-19 04:14 PM
    Did it occur to anyone that we are only talking about compensating Aman the $64k he spent already. Imagine if he had made use of that $64k as an investment(let us say a safe investment with minimum returns) of that amount it should have exceeded that $64k value by now.

    The least we can do at this moment is to immediately refund Aman and other core team members the amount they have spent towards the administrative costs of IV. Pappu / Logic Life / Other core team members, please let us know what kind of legal/administrative action is required to get this done.

    We will immediately start a funding drive towards filling in this shortage from the total IV funds. IMHO on the longer run the smaller funds ($10, $20 etc) should not be neglected.

    Let us figure out the required amount and have a new thread started about this. This settlement should be treated with high priority before any other funding drive. Pledging my $200 towards this.

    Yes this is not a typo. This is true. Aman has made more financial sacrifices and time sacrifices than anyone else. Not a single penny has been reimbursed to him for his trips to DC, food and stay in DC or car rental in DC. He even risked his job and went to DC on unpaid leave at critical times because lobbying was important for getting our work done. We in the core team know this and when we see the kind of contributions we get from members, we feel disappointed that our efforts are not valued. When we started the $20 contributions people felt $20 was too high and wanted $10 per month or less. The kind of work and effort that is needed to push a single provision is phenomenal and needs lot of capital. The more the better. Sometimes reading posts that say IV core is selfish also disappoints us. People do not know the effort that goes in getting anything done. This website is simply a tool for us to communicate to everyone. The big effort is the lobbying work. We hope the Buisnessweek article helps people realize our hard work and people value it by contributing to it and helping us in all action items.[/QUOTE]

    If this fund is setup to refund IV core I pledge at least $200.