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  • franklin
    07-11 07:42 PM
    I just got to this forum through some means and saw this thread. I work at Oracle and so I have sent it to the Oracle mailing lists for their support

    Thank you so much for your support, and welcome to IV.

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  • chanduv23
    12-17 10:18 AM
    Hi Chanduv,

    Possible to post a format on IV...with information pertaining to visa recapture etc.


    Sure, anyone can come up with a template. It is members who drive this thread. IV is all of us, you and me and all

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  • johnwright03
    07-30 11:51 AM
    Wow...You seem to be a Guru in this field...!!! expert in the lingo too....

    Dont even think about it unless you are a quant and have resources that can compete with the Hedge funds. Commodities do not behave like stocks, you need to be able to model prices using multi variate models. Then there is jumps. You should be familiar with jump diffusion/step functions etc. To be able to model these you will need to use a factor model like the Pilipovic model. Even then it will only be an approximation.

    Commodities are purchased as futures. Futures are derivatives and you will need to hedge them. A perfect hedge for a future is 1:1 in the spot. Since there is no arb here you will have to use options. To model the price of an option you will have to be a master of Black-Scholes option pricing model or a similar method like monte carlo simulation. Even if you figure all this out you will have to delta hedge. Delta hedging commodity options is very expensive, you will bleed money. Look up Hodges-Nuberger model for delta hedging options on derivatives.

    I suggest a book by Daragana Pilipovic called "Energy Risk", buy it and read it. After that if you still feel you can take on hundreds of computers running parallel with teams of quants modelling prices and programs trading algarithimic models; then Good luck!!

    Trade stocks as modelling stocks is comparitively easy. Stocks have drift (mu). If you are saturated with stocks look into options and Fixed income. Leave all these complicated stuff to the pros. You have better chance of hitting a jackpot in a casino than making money in trading commodities.

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  • funny
    09-17 11:24 AM
    No Audio...


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  • Sideliner
    07-16 10:44 AM
    Please stop the spread of incorrect information, designed to create hatred on high skilled immigrants.

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  • Chiser99
    06-07 04:15 PM
    Well the only different skin apple have made, the U2 one, had a red scrollwheel... so surely we should use their one as a guideline, and in that case be allowed to skin the wheel as well?


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  • santb1975
    01-30 05:52 PM
    We should definately ask these kind of questions. The credit is not mine completely. Another IV member asked this question at a previous debate and educated me about submitting questions to the california debate. This question did not get picked up at the previous debate. Let's work to get the question picked up this time

    I guess we should use chances like these to get our agenda heard by the people and the govt. There are going to be atleast 3 more presidential debates we should try to get this question asked atleast in a couple of them. We can modify the question to make it more broad, but still keep the focus on legal immigration problems by highlighting it.

    PS: You have earned yourself some green ;) I mean rep points from me

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  • unchew
    06-11 11:07 PM
    the centre of the wheel is a hole... you can skin that... you can't skin the donut thingy.


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  • kubmilegaGC
    09-15 04:07 PM
    the local service center lady said - Assigned to an officer on 9/11 - now HOW MUCH OF A WAIT AFTER ASSIGNED TO AN OFFICER? recent approvals folks - can you shed some light?

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  • gk_2000
    04-22 09:17 PM
    Cmon dude. We expect a better example to back up.
    The example you state is a violation of anyone's civil rights...leave alone an immigrant.
    No one is raping you by imposing a per-country limit on your green card application.

    Congress used the power given to them by the Constitution to frame Immigration laws and they created a formula for regulation. Per-country limit is that formula which they had every right to create in order to uphold the balance of immigration in their country. Getting a GC is not anyone's right..its a privelege bestowed based on the applicant meeting certain criteria which includes quotas, as per the country's laws. There is NO civil rights impact. You are getting your green card in the end...only problem is they are making you wait 10 years because of that formula. But none of your civil rights are being impinged upon. So we should work to change flawed law rather than try to muddle the issue with civil rights. No matter what extreme example you give, you will still never be able to prove that your civil rights were impinged because you are having to wait for 10 years in a legal queue while your application is pending.

    Don't get caught up trying to defend a stance no matter how irrelevant it may be. Its better we focus our time and effort on more achievable and valid provisions.
    Good Luck to you.

    Ok bye....... until next time :)


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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-07 04:29 PM
    Ya but thats not really a skin....... its the end result of the design.

    I think you guys are misunderstanding what benkobe meant by "skin"

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  • rkgc
    12-29 05:44 PM
    done, thanks for the link


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  • new2gc
    09-17 10:35 AM
    I don't see the schedule for HR 5882 on their website.

    Can someone please confirm if this is going to be held today?

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  • punjabi77
    08-11 12:09 PM
    EB3I- PD Sep-2006
    EAD stuck in name check :-(


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  • Chiser99
    06-07 04:47 PM
    so does that mean my one isnt allowed either then?

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  • obviously
    06-14 11:47 AM

    Let us use this weekend to get on the phone and spend an average of 1 min. 20 seconds per Representative leaving voice mail messages per this script. It is absolutely easy. There can be no reason we cannot do it.

    For each Immigrant In The Queue, remember, you can call, so can your wife, so can each of your kids. Get a friend to call. Get his wife, or her husband to call. 57 is pathetically low. If each of us that have called gets ONE MORE PERSON to spend a grand total of 10 Minutes leaving voicemails, we will have hit the 100 mark.

    Guys, gals and other beings... this is not scary stuff. You will be 'talking' to voicemail. Time much better spent than debating the LA Lakers-Celtics game, wondering about what to eat for lunch, or debating the latest controversy thats caught your fancy.

    Seriously, let the HIGH SKILLS portion of our profile come to play ... pick up the phone and call ... call now !!!!



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  • coopheal
    03-14 01:03 PM
    You probably can't ask to stop portability from EB3 to EB2 or EB2 to EB1. But you can ask for if filers from EB3 goes to EB2, they can't keep the PD from EB3 but get a new PD for the date USCIS process their EB2 application.
    That will make people really think if that is worthy to do so. Otherwise every EB-3 filer will want to file again for EB-2 if they can.

    You can ask all you want about not allowing porting from EB3 to EB2 or not letting keep the priority date in doing so. IV is not going to endorse it. Reality is job done by EB2 or EB3 especially in IT is very much alike.

    Moving from EB3 to EB2 is for worthy cause of getting GC faster in legitimate and ethical way.

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  • Hassan11
    03-14 12:46 PM
    please vote on poll here
    Thank you

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  • ajs4123
    11-01 12:51 PM
    I also got email from CRIS last night stating that my I-129 has been reopened.

    I have a very simple immigration history:

    I-129 filed and approved April 2005, petition expires 3/30/2008; only ever worked for this same company.

    No H-1B extensions ever filed, no H-1B transfers ever done, no previous history of US immigration prior to April 2005.

    Labor, I-140 and I-485 were filed November 2006; I-140 approved February 2007, I-485 approved June 2007, EB2 green card arrived June 2007.

    There was a LUD on the I-140, in August, but that was about the same time as a bunch of other people got LUDs on cases starting SRC07... seems like I can disregard that.

    There was also a LUD on the I-129 without a status change later in August. No explanation for that was apparent.

    And now I get a notice on 10/23/2007 saying that the I-129 has been re-opened and that something will happen within the next 30 days. I'll be sure to keep you all updated if I get anything like an actual I-797 notice through the mail.

    Did anyone else get anything on October 23rd?

    Ok, so we figured it out. The case really has been re-opened... soon after I got the GC, apparently the attorneys wrote to USCIS and informed them that I'd no longer be working for my company in H status but rather in LPR status.

    They asked USCIS to withdraw the LCA and the I-129 petition, so it's normal that the case eventually gets re-opened.

    We're expected that USCIS will subsequently revoke the original I-129 sometime within the 30 day period that CRIS mentioned.

    If anyone else is in the same boat, there's nothing at all to worry about... as long as your current status remains valid.

    Any idea why it's important for the attorneys to notify USCIS that I'm no longer a H worker? The petition would expire next March anyway...

    07-14 07:57 PM
    Why do we need this thing?
    Let him say what he want to . This pettion against him will not accomplish anything. He is not a government official. Albeit, if you want you can sue him.
    So guys focus please.
    Please channel your energy, we need it now more than ever now. Noises like Lou or O'reilly will always be there. They are good source of revenue for these news channels so most likely ur pettion will fall on deaf ears. Moreover, these guys can use these things against us and we cannot afford to open several fronts at this time. SO Ignore them.

    I plan to send this petition to all senior executives of Time Warner Inc by Priority Mail and Fax. CNN is a fully owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.

    09-17 11:23 AM
    main person Zoe Lofgren is seated