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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-15 07:49 PM
    all of's exo3's.... but thats for 3rd gen ipods, i couldnt find any pics of skins for the 4th gen ipods.... so i dont know if he stopped that feature or not.

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-11 01:00 PM
    It very well could be deliberate, no rejection notices mean, the lawsuit will be weak.

    Good point :)

    Maybe this "rumour" is getting stronger by the day coz WE are making that happen.

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  • StuckInTheMuck
    05-01 09:50 AM
    I heard it is six months. But someone should clarify whether its 6 or 1 yr. And also it is really necessary to work for 6 months/1 Yr or not??
    I doubt if any one can clarify this question more than what is already said so far. Neither DHS nor USCIS specified the minimum time one should stay with the (GC-sponsoring) employer after becoming PR. At the end it comes down to establishing your intention, that is, making sure your decision does not raise a red flag when USCIS pulls up your employment history later (during your citizenship interview, or if something else triggers a background check, e.g. your employer being investigated for a potential fraud). There are mitigating circumstances that should help if you leave early, such as being laid off soon after becoming PR, or as someone pointed out, if you invoked AC21 while waiting for GC etc. (These are things I admit I do not know much about, as my own GC was self-sponsored.) We are talking intangibles here, and you are unlikely to find any set-in-stone rule.

    Having said that, your decision should not (read never) be dictated entirely by how USCIS may interpret your intention. There are other priorities, such as family, that should come first and foremost. After years of letting USCIS be the lord-and-master while we waited for GC, it is high time we step up and take control of our life. Besides, after looking up several threads over quite some time, I did not come across a single case of anyone being denied citizenship, or having GC revoked, on employment history alone. (The biggest deciding factor has almost always been "moral character".) Knowing the importance of this issue, if any of you have read (not heard from a friend of a friend of a friend of a...) a counter example where someone indeed faced problem because of employment, please post the link.

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  • sledge_hammer
    01-28 04:18 PM
    I didn't find where in the PDF AILA is saying the definition is illegal!

    They provide one example a court ruling where the EE definition was established in the case of an insurance agent. But such an issue has already been address by the EE memo by USCIS (Temporary/Occasional Off-Site Employment).

    Is it your own interpretation that the EE definition in the memo is illegal or did you read it somewhere in AILA's response?

    Re-read AILA memo once again. You haven't noticed the main point yet. Precedence is not their main point. Precedent just provides an additional support. E-E is the most controversial item in the USCIS memo which also is illegal.


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  • gk_2000
    04-18 06:17 PM
    Many in IV will know that I have never opposed legal porting. However, I disagree that this is a way to get out of the mess. There is a fixed total number of Visa available. Per current rule this first comes to EB2 and is consumed completely leaving nothing for EB 3. If all (or majority) EB 3 moves to EB 2, the chocking will be in EB2 . So the "mess" just shifts its position.

    The true way is -- 1) Recapture, 2) Exclude dependents from Visa Number

    Also exluding STEM grads from quota.

    Yes, I agree with all of that. It is just that 485 filing ability would do so much for so many, that I find it very attractive, especially if it can work at admin fix level

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  • gctest
    10-03 09:08 PM
    Were you born in a dumpster? You are assuming so many things here.

    Whatever Kumar1 may apply to some F-1 students, but not to the cream of the crop.
    Nobody asked me if I have immigration intent... they saw that i had I-20 from Cornell, MIT & UMBC and simply asked "Why cornell?". And before i could say anything she smiled and said "welcome to united states"... hah..suck on that

    i bet that "jangli maharaj university" you got your diploma from is making your entire family very proud :):):):)

    Hey, you lied to the American Immigration that you will return to the home country after Ph.d. And now you are talking about who should port and who not. Relax and think.


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  • ramaonline
    05-24 06:45 PM
    Sen. Jon Kyl, an Arizona Republican who worked with Kennedy to negotiate the compromise, said he will push to allow more temporary workers into the United States if they are needed.

    Also on Thursday, the Senate voted to raise the fees businesses pay for visas for highly skilled technology and science workers to $5,000 from $1,500. The money would be used to finance a scholarship program.

    The Senate will complete its consideration of the bill after lawmakers return from a week-long break. The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to take up its own version perhaps as early as July.

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  • eb2_immigrant
    04-30 03:18 PM
    With my very best wishes to those of you waiting for your GC, this thread is created for the lucky among us who received it recently. I am putting together a list of things to do, and not do, to maintain our freshly minted PR status, which should also help during future citizenship application. The list is mostly about little things that others have learned from experience (and I am learning from their experience, by reading in immigration-related forums such as IV). The more obvious things that can be found for example in USCIS handbook ( are not included here. Below is a snapshot of what I have gleaned from Internet so far, and please add your own input(s):

    LIST of DO's :

    1. Carry the original PR card on your person at all times (e.g. in your wallet), keep photocopies in different places, and also store A# on your computers. Note: This is a contentious issue (do a google on "carry green card" and see for yourself), despite being required by law ( D&vgnextchannel=4f719c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD). Some people are naturally worried about losing wallet and the eventual hassle of replacing the lost card ( D&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD), whereas others, including me, prefer to follow the law, in case I am suddenly asked to produce evidence of my legal status (e.g. in some border states, or unforeseen events, such as being involved in an out-of-state car accident where showing my DL might just not be enough). Failure to comply may result in, at best a fine, and at worst detention for breaking a law. (See comments by InTheMoment below for additional perspectives.)

    2. Retain all original copies of USCIS documents related to your legal status during the entire period of stay in USA, and shred all photocopies (except when you have a photocopy but not its original).

    3. Retain all employment-related documents, particularly original copies of appointment letters.

    4. Retain copies of all tax return forms from the year of your first entry, or (at least) previous 10 years (you can request IRS (, or your professional tax preparer, for any missing copy).

    5. Maintain a detailed log of USA exit/entry, including dates, POE and countries traveled, beginning with the day of first entry.

    6. Maintain a detailed list of all legal troubles, including minor traffic infractions such as speeding violations (ignore parking violations, because they do not constitute legal "detention"), going as far back as possible. Keep copies of all relevant court papers, traffic tickets, proof of any payment (e.g. scanned copies of personal checks used, credit card statements), and so on.

    7. Update your social security card ( to remove any restrictive clause about work authorization printed on it. Note: AFAIK, the procedure changes nothing as far as your privileges go, and some of you may not even have such a clause on your SS card (I don't have it either).

    8. Return your I-94 cards to POE on your next trip outside USA, to "close the open files" on your past travels (I do not know what it means though). Note: AFAIK, this is also not required, and besides, you should have the chance to do this while applying for citizenship.

    9. Renew DL to get rid of the annoying "Temporary" word (in case you are in one of those states that do this).

    10. Update your status with your employer by filing new I-9 form (thanks to InTheMoment for this point).

    11. Continue to notify USCIS ( D) about change of address within 10 days of moving, as before (thanks to seahawks for this point).

    12. Keep a list of current and past residential addresses, including dates of stay. Retain all leases/ownership documents.

    13. Remember the basics: Initiate your GC/passport renewal process at least 6 months before expiry/Intl travel (Thanks to pappu for this point.)

    14. And yes, move the family first commitment at the top of your must-do list, now that you have less worry about re-entry, and make that long-delayed trip home to see your old folks one more time. (I am visiting my 83-yr old Dad, who still has more hair than I do, and less gray too, in June.)

    LIST of DONOT's :

    1. Do not sign up for voter registration card. In particular, never vote in national/state/local elections that are open only to citizens, because this is also a law ( D&vgnextchannel=4f719c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD). Even an accidental mistake (e.g. voting out of ignorance) is a serious offense, which would not only derail your future citizenship plan, but may even result in deportation.

    2. Do not develop a pattern of frequent and/or long absences from USA, unless you have taken prior permission for valid reasons (e.g., studying abroad, medical emergencies etc). Otherwise you may face trouble at POE on your next re-entry attempt, because DHS has become stricter in recent times about possible misuse of PR status, and POE folks are now trained to spot such patterns.

    3. Do not switch job soon after getting GC. This is one of the most discussed, but least understood, issues because no one seems to agree on "how soon is soon". The rule of thumb appears to be "6 months", and a safer bet is "1 year" (here is a thread ( on another forum). This again relates to USCIS being increasingly sensitive to possible misuse of PR status, and this question will come up during your citizenship application process. (But, as InTheMoment points out below, the issue becomes moot if you invoke AC21.)

    4. Those of us who self-sponsored our GC via NIW or EB1A route are not bound by such employer-employee commitment, but you should continue working in "similar areas of expertise" that you claimed in your NIW/EB1A petition, and preferably on a longer time scale.

    [This is an evolving list thanks to valuable inputs from folks here and elsewhere, so keep checking back.]

    Stuck(no more)InTheMuck

    Good post I like it and I probably may follow most of these eventually but, if I think about it, it seems to me lot of stress. Maintaining records from past ten (GC)/fifteen (Citizenship) years is certainly a stressful activity. Except education certificates I never cared for anything in my home country. In spite of taking care of all this, if you get involved in an unfortunate event everything GC/Citizenship goes into vain and back to square one.

    I am not trying to discourage or depress any one. It�s just a thought.


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  • maheshmail
    07-30 01:42 PM
    for options there any site you will suggest which provides daily alerts???

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  • pansworld
    12-02 01:17 AM
    Maybe I am being naive. But we are not a political organization. I sure do hope we are not. We should be open, clear and precise about our goals and our funding sources/drives. Frankly our opponents pump in millions of dollars into their effort. Maybe one of these days we can compete with them monetarily. But all I know is they can get millions of dollars but not 25000 committed members.

    Also please consider that charging people for reading posts et al or instituting monthly payments will drive people away. People who cannot pay will not pay. All we lose is participation which is more important. You will agree that we want more participation not less.

    Hence IMHO we disclose our goals. We disclose our costs up front. We have nothing to hide.


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  • BharatPremi
    07-11 10:47 AM
    If you have an older priority date (EB-2 or EB-3) such as 2004 or earlier, it would most likely be a waste of your time and money to file your adjustment now. It could take over a year and a half (if not longer) for a decision to be reached in the lawsuit, and chances are that your priority date would come current before then, making you eligible to file your adjustment.[/I]

    --- Your lawyer is mistaken about "Waste o fmoney". There is no waste of money. FIling now will have rejection and thus no money waste. "Waste of time" is also can b ecounter argued as most of the people have already prepared their docs so therr is no additional waste of time and even for second time filing for most of the people, just changing date on forms wouldbe necessary so thus again it would not be a waste of time. My 2 C


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  • ibb
    11-06 01:11 PM
    These consulting firms are really annoying. USCIS should try to close this loophole.
    Like I said, I did not catch the whole speech, but from what I heard, he was not talking completely against it, he mentioned that businesses need more H1B's and should be able to hire foreign talent.

    He was mainly against abuse by big consulting firms (he gave out a statistic that 20K of the H1B went for 8 or 9 of the top consulting firms or something like that).

    At least there is something happening..... we have only two weeks....... this may be our only chance this year to attach anything EB


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  • gcisadawg
    04-08 07:47 PM
    On March 30, we all 3 received soft LUDs and on March 31, my wife was issued a RFE. This is about her incomplete TB test. We have till May 1st to submit the evidence.

    My wife couldn't do TB test since she was pregnant when we filed I-485 in Aug 2007. Now she is in India and be back only in the first week of June. If we receive an RFE for her TB test ( my PD is EB3-I Oct 2003), can we request an extension for RFE? Is that possible?


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  • nraja
    07-11 05:06 PM
    Thanks for the mailing letter. I will forward the same message to my friends.



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  • sfcwtu
    09-17 02:08 PM
    They are still on hr6020. Look at the priority of the bills. Horses get higher priority than us?? Nothing will be passed by this committee or this congress. They are just killing time with a bunch of jokes.

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  • TNMan
    04-27 01:14 PM
    Your points from 1 to 5 point the same thing. They drive down the salary of H1-B and other citizens. They have many undue advantage and its high time L1 be capped and restrictions be placed.

    First thing, I'm not trying to divide L1 and H1 here. IV is for H1-B and GC processing and some L1 (genuine L1) and not for L1 in its current form.Whats going on in L1 is blatant abuses.

    I dont have problems with genuine L1s who wants to settle down and apply GC. But 90% of L1s, just come for 1-2 years, take away jobs to India, drive down wages and never interested in settling down

    The wireless company I work for, used to be a huge employer for H1s (primarily contractors). Now thanks to TCS and its army of $1 an hour L1s, slowly they are terminating contracts and giving it to L1s and shifting jobs to India

    High time, they stop L1s. Wake up and see around


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  • senthil
    07-10 02:28 PM
    once significant amount of AOS applns were received - there will be a process to dispatch these rejected applications base don priority date.

    cmon people for uscis everything is a process and all know it takes time
    im not pessimistic, but uscis made me so.

    like others say - dont build hopes unless u see fruit in ur hand. my2c

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  • yadavnay
    07-18 12:40 PM
    DateDelivered:Jul 2nd


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  • vbkris77
    04-27 01:22 PM
    Newer version is - as should've been expected - more protectionist than before.

    1) It prohibits H1B workers from working in contract positions.There is a redundant provision for the L1 visa as well (there is already a law which does this for L1). However it doesn't prevent American companies from keeping these contract workers in India or elsewhere and co-ordinate the work through web-conferencing, video conferencing, VPN/VNC etc.

    The day this law passes will be a great day for Outsourcing, and a sad day for America.

    Which part of the text got you to this summary? Am I missing something? I don't see H1B ban for contract positions anywhere.. Pls. clarify.. Thanks for your analysis..

    04-26 02:11 PM

    Good luck is fine...but do not say good bye yet. :) We need your story too. See threads elsewhere in this forum.

    01-30 04:36 PM
    I am done..