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  • Naveen
    05-25 09:56 AM

    Good Info OP!

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  • sanju
    01-30 05:22 PM
    I would like to share an observation.

    Forum member mike232 always appear to vote against anything that is likely bring our issues to limelight. If you see the history of his vote, he will always vote against anything which could be useful for our issue. Here is my question to him -



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  • maine_gc
    07-11 03:32 PM
    I can not emphasis this enough. We need out of state volunteers to help call bay area members!

    I will help you. Please send me phone numbers

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  • reddymjm
    09-25 01:52 PM
    Its all right.


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  • a.j.2048
    04-27 01:53 PM
    I dont have problems with genuine L1s who wants to settle down and apply GC. But 90% of L1s, just come for 1-2 years, take away jobs to India, drive down wages and never interested in settling down

    Don't you realize that this is the preferred policy of a large part of the US establishment? The anti-immigration activists are concerned about demographic change and are thus okay with jobs being sent abroad in exchange for limited permanent immigration.

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  • dr_vroeg
    06-07 12:23 PM
    it's a "skin" if you were to wrap the thing celophane with your design you wouldn't see the wheel or the screen... I say play with the screen, the button but not the wheel. besides, you would rub it off in one day and then it would reaaly look like arse.


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  • a1b2c3
    05-07 09:26 PM
    when did you apply, how soon you got it? what did it involve? are there backlogs? you plan on sponsoring your family?
    most answers are already around, thanks to stuckinmuck, but it never hurts to get it from the horse's mouth.

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  • pmpforgc
    02-14 07:02 AM

    It is really frustrating that some people instead of volunturing for effort tries to find loop hole or excueses in the IV's efforts. If you can not volunteer atleast support those who are doing that with lots of energy and determination for our cause.

    Utlimately at a one day WILL WILL FIND A WAY.

    If we are willing to help ourselves than only this thing will happen.

    So keep faith in IV core and its efforts and be supportive to their efforts whenever you can.

    IV CORE- Please ignore messages from some of the members and KEEP your ENERGY and EFFORTS towards our ULTIMATE GOAL AND MISSION. You all are doing an excellent work.


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  • waitingGC
    01-30 08:34 AM
    01/29/2007: Special Alert: DOL Submitted "Final" Regulation of Substitution Elimination Rule to OMB on 01/26/2007

    * Since this is a final rule, upon approval by OMB, the elimination of substitution and 45-day validity of certified labor certification will be triggered. Take this message as a very special alert! This rule will not only eliminate substitutition on the OMB approval and release in the Federal Register but also kill the certified labor certification unless it is used within 45 days from the date of certification! Please stay tuned to this web site reporting.
    * The planned implementation day appears to be April 2007. But it can be earlier!

    Will OMB approve this rule? What is OMB?

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  • rajagopal_04
    12-29 01:59 AM
    Posted Dec 28, 2007
    A recent U.S. Department of State (DOS) directive to U.S. consular posts now requires consulting an electronic record for visa issuance in nonimmigrant categories H, L, O, P, and Q. This was first reported to MurthyDotCom and MurthyBulletin readers in our December 7, 2007 article, PIMS Verification Required for Certain Nonimmigrant Visas. The verification of visa petition approvals is now carried out through the Petition Information Management Service, known as PIMS, even if a beneficiary takes an original I-797 approval notice to the interview. The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) asked the DOS to clarify the purpose and the functioning of this directive. In response, the DOS provided this important information to AILA members.
    USCIS Must Send KCC Petition Approvals before Visa Issuance
    The new verification system requires that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) send information on all approved petitions requiring visa issuance to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC), which is part of the DOS. KCC scans and enters all pertinent information including Form I-129, employer support letter, and beneficiary's identification documents into PIMS. KCC also conducts database checks looking for fraud, violations, or other adverse history and records. A petition must be confirmed in PIMS by the U.S. consular post before issuance of the visa. The USCIS has not been transmitting petitions filed for change of status and extension of status to the KCC. Neither have all new petitions for consular processing been transmitted to KCC, resulting in delayed visa issuance to eligible applicants.
    Benefits Provided by New Verification System
    The DOS has indicated that most of the cases approved for visa processing are being entered into PIMS in a matter of hours. As a result of the new directive requiring multiple checks for fraud and other adverse information, the DOS is able to find forged and altered I-797 approval notices for companies that no longer exist or that never existed. In addition, if a visa applicant has neither an original nor copy of an approval notice and the information has been entered into PIMS, no such notice is required for visa issuance. While some posts still require original approval notices, the DOS is developing clear guidelines to eliminate this requirement.
    Negative Effects of New System
    Visa applicants whose information has not been entered into PIMS in a timely manner sometimes have to wait longer than the two days specified for visa issuance. There have been reports from individuals who have had to alter travel plans and arrangements to account for errors and delays in having all of their relevant information entered into PIMS. To remedy this problem, AILA has requested that the DOS provide a mechanism for notifying KCC directly to make sure that all the information on an approved petition is entered into the system before a beneficiary applies for a visa.
    The DOS has indicated that it is willing to develop a mechanism to address any negative effects of the new requirement to verify petition approval information before issuing a visa in certain types of nonimmigrant petitions. MurthyDotCom and MurthyBulletin readers will be updated on this important matter when there are new developments.


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  • crystal
    02-11 02:55 PM
    This is tricky question . I am not sure what the right asnwer is, which i am also looking for.

    Your 2011 I-94 is invalid once you came back with new parolee I-94. This much I am sure of.

    I think you can work on h1 till ur current I-94 is valid (Here satus is parolee or H1b I am not sure) . After that you need to file an amendment to get another I-94 valid till 2011 again.

    Or May be we need to file h1b amendement as soon as we come back to US on AP to get new I-94 till 2011.

    Some body wrote that even with AP, at the POE if you show new h1B which is valid till 2011 they would issue I-94 till 2011, even though you dont have the valid h1b stamping on passport. Somebody else wrote that showing H1b papers would cause confusion to the POE officer with un-necessary side effcts

    I am in a similar situation as my H1b is valid till 2010 and planning to go out.

    Appreciate if anybody can comment on this.

    AP i94 valid upto Mar 2009(After returning on AP)
    H1 i94 valid upto June 2011

    Can I still work on existing H1?
    Which i94 valid(AP or H1)?

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  • ilikekilo
    04-02 11:43 PM
    your profile says that your application is pending with NSC? I was asking about TSC. Please clarify. Anyone else??

    My bad , mine is from NSC...I just chose your post to quote..sorry for hte mix up..


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  • angelfire76
    01-17 01:33 PM
    Yes, I'm on H-1B but I prudently avoided having any significant financial or personal ties in this country, because I knew this day would come.
    So if something happens, no qualms about returning to India after 10 yrs of studying and working in the US. A person with skills will get a position anywhere in the world and succeed.

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  • gk_2000
    04-18 10:03 PM
    Here are my case details as well.

    Came to US in Aug 1999 on F-1 after B.Tech. Graduated with MS (Telecom) in Dec 2000. Joined a major telecom firm immediately after graduation. My first EB-3 labor was filed in Dec 2001 (Non-RIR) but employer withdrew it because of lay-offs. Employer filed again in Nov'03 (Non-RIR again) and it was approved in March 2007 (after RIR conversion in Jan 2007) by Dallas BEC, followed by I-140 approval (March 2007) and I-485 filing in July 2007. Though my job required a MS degree, my employer could not file in EB-2 as there were people in my team with just Bachelors degree when they joined the company 10-15 yrs ago and lawyer did not advise employer to file in EB-2 as EB-3 was current those days......After surviving 12 rounds of lay-offs, no job security whatsoever throughout and fed up with EB3 process, I changed jobs after 8.5 yrs (July 2009) and my new job required a minimum of MS + 6 yrs of experience and fortunately my new employer (another large company) had no issues re-starting the process again. I work in Mobile Communications R&D (developing networks which support smart phones (2G/3G and now 4G-LTE technology) have been in this field since Jan 2001) and here are my EB-2 case details:

    Joined new employer in July 2009
    PERM Prep work took 6 months
    EB2 PERM filed: March 30th, 2010 (MS + 6 yrs or BS + 8 yrs as min requirements)
    EB2 PERM approved: Aug 11th, 2010
    EB2 I-140 filed: Aug 27th, 2010 (Premium Processing, EB3 I-140 approval copy enclosed with request to Port EB3 PD)
    EB2 I-140 and I-485 approved concurrently on Sep 3rd, 2010
    Cards received Sep 7th, 2010

    Hope this helps.

    Truly borderline EB1. Congrats!


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  • vejella
    07-11 11:02 AM
    Does you think it might be possible that USCIS could hold the AOS application and automatically process the application with out any refiling cost ...with or With out encashing the checks...

    This solution might be a possible fix to all Folks even if their PD comes in OCT Bulletin ....

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  • logiclife
    03-08 11:23 AM
    The FEAR I see among many people is really pathatic, I know couple of friends does not even want to talk to me on phone about this matter thinking that some one might be listening,

    Sometimes, the fears arise from watching too many movies. Like the movie "Enemy of the State" where some govt agencies hunt down Will Smith and unravel his life apart. Remember? Gene Hackman : "US Govt has computers underground that are several square miles and they track every wire, every airwave....".

    What a bunch of ****.

    Firstly, its a movie. Secondly even if its true, what's there to be afraid of??? If you talk on the phone about legal course of action to lobby, why would you be afraid of.

    Like I said, you have to give some credit to the Irish. They have the chutzpah of going to lawmaker's offices in DC and say "I am an illegal...I broke the laws and overstayed my visa...please change to law to make everything ok again for me please...". And our community thinks that someone is listening to their phone conversation about how to raise money and lobby for the legal immigrants?????


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  • conchshell
    06-05 01:04 PM
    and left messages ... lets see where this takes us ...

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  • DesiGuy
    09-17 12:39 PM
    Hon. Conyers Jr.
    (D) Michigan, 14th


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  • PavanV
    08-18 02:28 PM
    Thanks will do, by the way the IV forum different ?

    11-06 02:19 PM
    Actually, not all he said was wrong.
    We should not support what these IT consulting companies are doing with H1B programme just because we are on H1. These big companies are hoarding H1B visas so they can have an upperhand when dealing with the employees.

    My own employer was trying to get as many H1s as possible without having ANY work for them. They sent us all a few emails asking us if we had any family or friends back home who want to come to US on H1. These guys make the H1 applicants pay for the application expenses, then just keep them there or get them here and keep them on bench and almost everybody here is familiar with what happens next.

    Think from an American's point of view.. It is THEIR country, THEY make the laws that benefit their society and economy.. they have all the right to stand up against these practices by foreign based companies..

    I like his statement "H1B is supposed to be used when there IS a job but no American to do it" What these Consulting companies have turned it into is "There is a person on H1B avaliable If and when there is a job to do" OR worse "There is an H1B holder available, on bench, but no job to do"

    I totally support reform in the H1 process with a target to reduce fraud. That will ultimately benefit people like us who will come here on H1B in future.

    Please don't fire me for taking his side, I'm not. I'm in favour of market deciding what it needs, but I'm 100% against fraud, and all of know these so called consulting companies ARE indulging in fraud..

    Well, I do agree with you.

    H1B program itself is good, but when people try to exploit/misuse the program and find ways that are not morally and legally correct, to get more H1B's then it needs to be punished. In my view, targeting these folks and barring them from sponsorship of H1B's is necessary, and requires meaningful changes to the system, not just increase in fees for H1B sponsorship.

    06-13 04:11 PM
    when a EB3-I family gets a GC ..they should buy a lottery on that day..it is definitely one of their lucky days

    I like that as it aligns with my thought that to get GC (EB India) you need better odds than hitting Lotto :D