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  • pappu
    12-15 02:34 PM
    To buttress IV strategy any tasks for members during the holiday season..I understand we dont dicuss any strategies in open Forums..but to support your strategies during the holiday season?..people will have a little more free we can involve in writing / meeting senators!??..

    There is only lill time before the senate opens again!

    Pani_6, thanks for offering to work on IV action items for the holidays. We definately need people like you to help prepare ourselves for next year. Here are some tasks everyone can help.

    1- pls update your account information. That includes you too pani_6.

    2- Take active role in your state chapter. If your state chapter is not active, then make it active yourself. Contact other members from your state through the state chapter thread and start working on action items

    3. Participate in membership and funding drive. Contribute towards IV during the holiday season.

    4. Visit IV site regularly. If there is any news or campaign, we may announce it here and request members to help asap. If there is any update it will be put on IV site. We want to encourage members to visit IV site regularly and help keep it active

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  • ocpmachine
    03-17 09:23 PM
    It costs time, stress, sleepless nights, anxiety, restlessness and some hair loss(the list could be long for others) if you get a RFE relating to AC21, these are all bonus in addition to the money you spend for filing MTR.

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  • forgerator
    09-09 05:51 PM
    Had my appointment on Sept 8 at 10am, wife was also with me for her H4 stamp. Went for fingerprinting, then went to 20th floor for interview.

    This was the interesting part! The Visa officer asked where I worked, then asked me where I was from. I said Lahore, he then started asking me about situation there with respect to the floods, and whether our families were affected etc. He then said, everything looks good and told us to come back on the 10th (2 days later) to collect passports. He did not check a single document (job letter, paystubs etc.). Just asked me about Lahore and sent us on our way.

    Considering I am Pakistani, I thought this should give hope to other Pakistanis applying. Btw my first name is not so rare, but last name very rare. Also work for a Fortune 100 firm.

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  • Jaime
    08-20 03:56 PM
    Thanks. Send a note to KanMe about this

    Thanks pappu, I just messaged him


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  • transpass
    09-28 12:51 PM
    does anyone have latest receipting update?

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  • vaib.shah1
    01-27 02:33 PM
    Thank you. It was helpful.


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  • rkanth12
    08-27 02:08 PM
    Hi guys,

    I am in real need of suggestions for attorneys in the area. I am in PA, and need a good attorney (since mine just dropped off the face of the earth). Don't really care where he/she is, but I want to go with someone that it's been suggested by other immigrants, rather than other attys.
    Please reply with suggestions. I appreciate it.


    PMed you. Let me know if you need any more information.

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  • manbeing
    12-22 05:05 PM
    Please see below I-140 ref. I do understand that they need me to submit an experience letter including employment date and specific duties, but how to handle the second evidence? If the specific duties on my previous employer�s experience letter already includes those H14 specific skill and other requirements, is that enough? Or I will still need to find something else to support/proof them? Thanks!

    "Submit evidence that the beneficiary obtained the required three years of experience in the job offered before January xx, 2010, the priority date. Evidence of experience must be in the form of letters from current or former employers giving the name, address, and title of the employer and a description of the experience of the beneficiary, including specific dates of the employment and specific duties.

    Submit evidence that the beneficiary obtained the specific skill or other requirements as indicated on the labor certification, page 3 of 15, #H.14. Please provide proof that the specific skills or other requirements were acquired prior to the priority date."


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  • jpmaddali
    04-27 04:38 PM

    My EB2 I-140 got approved during 1st week of April and USCIS successfully ported my EB3 priority date of Jan, 2006 to the new EB2 I-140. As per my attorney, interfiling shouldn't be done as I have been with same employer all along and same employer sponsored for my porting. The attorney says, this should be automatically taken care of by USCIS.

    My question is...I couldn't find the proper procedure/documentation for my scenario. Did any body come across this situation and can any one offer any suggestion?

    Thanks for any inputs,

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  • vikram2101
    08-01 09:38 PM
    Emergency Appointments

    A limited number of visa applicants may qualify for emergency visa interview appointments. To obtain an emergency appointment you must satisfy one or more of the criteria listed below.

    The criteria:

    For applicants from all consular districts

    You need to obtain emergency medical care or accompany a relative or employer for emergency medical care
    You need to attend the funeral of an immediate family member (mother, father, brother, sister, child, grandparent or grandchild)
    You need to attend to an urgent business matter where the need to travel to the U.S. could not be predicted in advance
    You are a student or exchange visitor who is within 90 days of the start date of your valid program and who was not denied a visa within the last six months
    You are a temporary worker (H & L visas only) whose visa has expired and who wants to renew your visa and return to your employment in the U.S.
    You need to make an appearance in a U.S. court

    For applicants from the New Delhi and Kolkata consular districts

    * One or more of the criteria above; and/or
    * You are a parent, sibling or grandparent who needs to attend the marriage ceremony or graduation of an immediate family member (son, daughter, brother, sister or grandchild).

    Why is a Marriage or graduation ceremony considered an emergency by the New Delhi and Kolkata consulates and not so by the Chennai consulate?
    (extra points for creative answers :rolleyes: )


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  • NANO3
    05-07 12:03 PM
    beautiful! just like the above said, the gloss thing isn't needed

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  • upuaut8
    04-20 07:26 PM
    you can download a full version of swift 3d v2.0 at
    so theres no need to purchase

    (If you attempt to post this link again on this board, your ezboard account will be submitted to management for cancelation. You are in violation of your signed contract with ezboard for attempting to post this information. Please reread the rules of conduct for ezboard usage. You will not be warned again.)


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  • jasmin45
    07-16 07:30 AM
    I also saw a thread in IV forums dedicated to record experience in SJ rally! you may also find lots of ideas in there as well.

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  • lecter
    January 24th, 2005, 04:16 AM
    Agree. Fill flash on Animal pictures is a big goal of mine in 2005. tanzania is my big target for this practice.


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  • go_guy123
    03-11 02:04 PM
    My sister in India may be getting married to a US citizen..she would like to apply for a tourist visa first so she can come stay in the US and spend some time with him before her marriage.

    If she applies for a tourist visa, stays in the US for a month or so and then later they apply together for a fiance/K3 visa, are there going to be problems for the K3 visa application considering that she had just applied for a tourist visa before? Is it better to not apply for the tourist visa in this case? Thanks...

    Way to go !!! great . Thsi is the way otherwise if you follow the other wise (round about way) Declare intent and get GC at Consulate...USCIS will start giving you a hard time with with rampany misuse of 221(g) enquiry etc. That is the beauty: At consulate they have unchallenged powers and they know it and therefore abuse it; But once you enter USA ...if they give you a hard time, you can haul their a**es to court and
    sue them

    If you ram into US with a B1/B2...then great they will made deal with you...however one thing
    be careful about...if the marriage is soon after you enter US and can complain of the false intent in the B2 entry...

    Have alook at Fiancee visa (K Visai think so ) as well.

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  • mombemoo
    June 19th, 2005, 05:06 AM
    well after getting up at 4:30 here is the results... critiques welcomed!


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  • eastwest
    10-03 04:32 PM
    I thought this will be a useful information to everyone.

    My Case,
    04/18/2008 -Applied EAD online
    06/19/2008 -Status changes to "Approved" but no Notice sent.
    07/20/2008 -Waited for 30 Days and called USCIS to open a Service Request.
    07/24/2008 - Received EAD at home.

    08/26/2008 - Received the letter from USCIS saying we have sent you the card but never received back or delivered to you hence concluding it is considered lost and if you need it, Please file for EAD again.

    I called USCIS, Customer server rep said take an Infopass appointment to make sure it is valid.

    Took the appointment, went USCIS on 09/10/2008.
    Officer takes a look and tells me "Obviuosly you have EAD in your possession and unless you made it up on a color Laser printer, It is my fault that I have provided wrong information to USCIS and not waited for 30 days as I should have and I am there to pick up a fight with USCIS,bla bla bbla"

    I remained very calm knowing he does not like his job but have to do it.

    He is rude and clueless at the most why I am there. My first experience with USCIS, I dont think I want to go to their office again.

    Finally conclusion he tell me "Once EAD is issued it remains VALID until you notify USCIS that it is lost or stolen or tempered with, USCIS DOES NOT take any proactive actions on EADs that are issued. Hence NO action is neccessary at this time"

    Moral of Story is DO NOT go to USCIS if you receive such type of letter from USCIS after opening a service request for EAD.

    I wasted a good amount of time and money just to take this BS.


    I hope this helps.

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  • directory_guy
    04-11 04:43 AM
    Match in what aspects? Their looks, profile or some thing else?

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    11-17 07:44 AM

    PD - 05/03 EB3-I


    03-01 01:52 PM
    Its been updated

    05-06 02:09 AM
    You need to be present in US at time of applying for the extension and when its approved. Said that in your case I think it would be fine to start H1B extension process after you are back. May be to be safe you can try doing it premium(if company is ready to spend extra money) as it gets done usually in less than a month.