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  • ramus
    07-02 08:20 PM
    Just 700 so far.. Don't seem like we will be even close to 5000 by 10...

    Members who contributed please ask others to contribute now..

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  • desi3933
    02-03 01:02 PM
    Thanks desi3933, couple more questions...

    do I have to submit only the job offer letter?
    Should it be the old(one I originally got) one or get one from the employer saying I am currently employed as permanent for the same salary as in I140?
    Do I have to send the W2 from last year?
    Do I have to send 2 pay stubs from this year?

    Please read my post again.
    The letter is for future GC job, not for your current job.

    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin

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  • jaocanada
    06-10 08:29 PM

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  • SunnySurya
    07-28 11:39 AM
    Obviously, you are trying to incite religious feelings. What are getting at , take up arms and start hurting our neighbors.
    It is not the need of the hour, nor this forum is the place to express those needs.
    By the way, I also heard about the blast in Turkey, Iraq , a shoting in TN etc..
    If everyone start following your advice, soon instead of asking for a green card, we would need to ask for a ration card.

    I think this blog is stating fact. You did not hear 23 blasts in 24 hrs 50 killed. If not, then God Bless You. It is a need of hour for Hindus to wake up from there deep slumber.


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  • go_guy123
    01-01 12:11 AM
    Just need a place to vent and share my frustration with this system.
    I came to US 12 years ago for undergrad. Got a good job with a fortune 500 company, been with the same company for 8 years. Did my Masters and MBA part time.

    Company filed paper work for GC under EB3 in 2002, but the system was too slow and I decided to take a new role. Had to re-file another appication since i took a new role, but this time in EB2 in '04. 4 years have passed and both applications have only cleared labor.
    Not sure when this wait will end. I do hope that this wait and patience is worth it for all of us.

    I do hope we see some miracle in 2007.

    You came 12 years ago for undergrad that means in 1994 and got done
    in 1999. What were you doing in 1999. Didnt u apply in 1999? You could have
    been done by now.

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  • coopheal
    05-07 04:41 PM
    What is the next step? Do I need to follow up with another letter?

    imneedy, as you very well know USCIS asked for money. Many members received similar letter from USCIS. IV did the campaign to collect $10000 for the USCIS Fees related legal fees. Many members just like you contributed for it. Updates to whats happening with the FOIA is available in donor forum.

    Donor forum is available to folks who make financial contributed of $25 or more. If you really trust IV and are looking for next step, then start contributing to IV (


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  • delhikadesi
    11-11 01:16 AM
    You will cure a lot of ppl, atleast I burst in laughter..

    PCS - What you are suffering from is known as PVBS (Post Visa Bulletin Syndrome). It is very common in Indian and Chinese community living in the US.

    This condition stays with the patient/sufferer for 15 days or so and then disappears like a f*a*r*t in the wind. It is more likely to happen to those who fall under EB-2 category and especially those who are 6 months or so from priority date to be current. This condition keeps re-appearing till the patient gets green card and then it gives birth to another condition call PGCS (Post Green Card Syndrome). Typically, that condition lasts for 5 years till the patient gets US citizenship. There are some documented evidences that Amway and QuickStar have tried to fix this condition but medical community is yet to approve that.

    Laughter is the only known cure of this condition. Returning back to home country can also cure this condition.

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  • Canadian_Dream
    04-10 05:56 PM
    the fact that reform is needed does not mean this is the best way.
    and btw i wonder what happens to true consulting companies- BCG, Oracle etc whose business is to provide these services. They are not some abusive offshore is it fair to them? Seems a bit radical to me...not that i oppose the need for reform.

    My only point was: the way H1B was set-up there was too much leverage to the corporations. This led to abuse by them at your and my cost. End result was wage depression, Green Card Backlogs and now H1B crisis. No matter how you argue it, the abusers have been a clear winner as an end result. Look no further than mushrooming of recruiting companies, and growing profit margins of TCS, Infosys and Wipro.
    In the end the reform has to come, unfortunately it came again at our cost. I agree it is not the best way to reform it, because it isn't in the best interest of H1B holders, but I guess the intention here is to stop the abuse at any cost. The best way probably would have been making H1B independent of the employer but again me and you are not kept in mind when a law like this is being written. What happens to BCG, Oracle etc, perhaps law should provide a way to separate wheat from chaff. If you take a closer look at it, these corporations do provide consulting services but consultants are still "Permanent Employees" with a fix wages and benefits but body shoppers have a different model with unpaid bench period and what not. In fact you can find
    Permanent Residents and US Citizens wanting to work or working with BCG, Oracle etc, but you don't see that with bodyshoppers and that's why I guess the 50% US Citizen clause in the proposed law. Please don't confuse this with the notion that I support or oppose this law. I am just trying to argue that if off shoring companies (Infosys, TCS etc) with 90% H1B's and local body shopping firms 100% H1B are getting punished I have no sympathy for them. These are the same people who refuse to give people copy I-140 approval notice and file for 59 Green Cards out of 20,000 H1B's they bring.

    How about sending back all H1Bs ? If there is no cheap labor around , the salaries for all others (Citizens and GC holders) go up. I so want to see 250 an hour rates.
    Applying your logic , you should get a job in your home country if you are smart enough.
    You should first read the original post that I responded to understand the context. As far as wages are concerned it is because of these corporations that hourly rates however high look meager when H1B statistics are collected by DOL, because a large cut is added to profit margins. That's why opponents of H1B program can point finger and say prevailing wages are not market wages. Do you support this practice of making profit by eating away a huge chunk of your pay just because they sponsor H1B (a Green Card the retention benefit to continue doing this for atleast 3-4 years) ? If you are then you are doing it at your own peril.

    Check out some of the prevailing wages and see for yourself if these are real market wages:

    System Analyst in San Jose California $64K
    Consultant in San Francisco 55K


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  • nomi
    12-11 04:12 PM
    I think the act says that the alien should have filed an application, only after which does the question of available visa comes into picture.

    I think this act is not the applicable one.

    So I think we are still green to discuss this. Do you interpret the same?

    so let`s see what does core team `s opinion about it ?? Core Team, please throw some light on it.


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  • Macaca
    01-30 07:11 PM
    Unpaid bench means you are "Out of Status". Not illegal.

    I have never heard USCIS penalizing unpaid bench. If it a problem and such a common case, why don't we ever hear about penalty against unpaid bench?

    Is it possible to take unpaid leave every year?

    In teaching you have an option of not teaching in summer. This means you do not get 2-3 pay checks; happens every year because most faculty don't teach in summer. Faculty is not even aware that absence of pay checks can be a problem.


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  • BlueSunD
    03-07 10:57 PM
    Hi Sparky! Well a quick google search turned some results, hope you find them usefull,

    Some video tutoriasl, from begginer, to more advanced:

    These seem nice, some of the basics of modeling are shown:

    And these are introductory tutoriasl to Blender from, those look really nice and easy to follow along:

    and another one... almost the same

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  • danu2007
    10-30 11:03 PM
    Done..Posted the letter


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  • chanduv23
    03-07 06:23 AM
    From what I understand, Rajiv and Sheela are highly experienced and know AC21 in detail. They have seen successful AC21 cases and thats the reason they are pretty confident.

    It is always safe to keep all paperwork intact and updating USCIS during job change but there is also possibility that it increases burden if you keep changing multiple jobs.

    A good way of invoking AC21 is
    (1) Have the Attorney prepare the letter template - Attorney will make sure the letter is right.
    (2) have it signed from your employer - this should not be a problem - I have noticed that employers have issues with h1b visa because they require extensive paperwork and money, but signing a letter must not be an issue.

    A lot of employers are not aware of AC21/EAD and may get worried. But there is absolutely no issue. All you do is to educate them. So many people have started using EAD and changing jobs and slowly eployers will understand this concept.

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  • GCard_Dream
    11-17 05:44 PM
    What do you mean by "Most people have run out of H1B and will have to change jobs on the extensions"? I thought that as long as you have a approved I-140, you could continue to extend your H1-B beyond the 6 years while you are waiting for your PD to be current. Isn't this true? Please explain.

    That's probably the path most people with (EB3 2003 onwards/EB2 2004 onwards) will take from now on. The only hurdle is there is no clarity about the law regarding H1B extensions granted on an approved I-140. Most people have run out of H1B and will have to change jobs on the extensions. I hope USCIS issues a clear guidance on this issue. Also you might not have to let go of the priority date if your company is kind enough.


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  • webm
    06-06 01:56 PM
    It sounds NSC is approving lot of EB2 cases these past few months..good for EB2 folks with PD current..:)

    PD EB3-I Oct ,2001 (TSC)

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  • gc_chahiye
    08-15 04:02 PM
    everyone was expecting them to go U

    EB1 has cutoff?? for the first time in recent memory?


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  • ivgclive
    03-11 11:54 PM
    Great, wonderful, unbelievable.

    I was assured that EB3-I would not move beyond one month until my son turns 18, which is another 17 years.

    They moved it 3 months ahead so soon.

    Woowwww.. There is a valid reason for them to be "Pleased to announce the cut-off dates..."

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  • conundrum
    11-07 04:46 PM
    Bump ^^^^

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  • Macaca
    01-18 10:56 AM

    Shame on you if a member plans to contribute $2700 and you have contributed less then 10% (= $270). You are benefiting equally.

    08-21 09:28 AM
    You are an illegal. Go back to Canada, and try properly.

    09-19 10:05 AM
    Legal Immigrants Voice is a good suggestions, place card was very heavy in future try to make place less heavy :)
    It is first time around 1000 people gathered for their rights, it was awesome view, and you are demanding your rights in front of number one democratic institution in the world. For movement I can feel what participants might have felt when Martin Luther King gave "I�ve dream" speech on the same ground long time back.

    It is not only mathematics of the number or support, It felt good for me, my wife and others, with the help of Immigration Voice, I was a part of movement which is democratic, legal, peaceful and required.