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  • mrajiv
    01-22 02:54 PM
    Could anyone throw some light on this...
    i now finished school and I have a course completion letter from the school but I ma formally taking the walk in May.So i don't have an official degree yet.
    I have to apply for a H1B visa Could I apply for a H1B on a masters quota with the course completion letter .I have heard yes but I needed confirmation with respect to this.
    And If I don't get a H1B visa will my application slide to the Bachelors quota automatically(does this depend on the course completion letter that I have submitted?)??
    My other doubt being since my company is not e verified what are my other options if I dont get a H1B visa???
    Could you please throw light on all these matters?? I would be obliged if i can understand the answers to all these queries.

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  • blacktongue
    03-24 08:34 AM
    6 users are maybe same person owner/employee of others sites? They lose money for IV success. So hate IV.

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  • amslonewolf
    07-23 08:18 AM

    I watched Sicko last night. Quiet a disturbing movie, makes you wonder if all this waiting/delays/b.s makes sense at all??

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  • xtronics
    11-11 09:56 AM
    Ok. After my lawyers call, they corrected her name. The "a" is still missing from my name though. She thinks it won't be a problem at the port of entry.Hope she is right


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-24 01:20 PM
    Immigration Lawyers Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    On April 15, 2010, the Department of Homeland Security issued the USCIS �Annual Report on Characteristics of Specialty Occupation Workers (H-1B) for Fiscal Year 2009.� The summary reports on information including the countries of origin, occupations, education levels, and compensation paid to those who had approved H-1B petitions in FY 2009. The report includes the following facts: approximately 48 percent of all H-1B approved workers were born in India; 41 percent were for workers in computer-related occupations; and 41 percent were for workers with a bachelor�s degree and 40 percent had a master�s degree. To view the annual report, see

    More... (

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  • rajenk
    09-15 11:04 AM
    you should consult your attorney on this. Don't expect a public answer from IV members on this issue.



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  • suneel_agrawal
    03-10 08:52 PM

    Following are my USA stay details on L1 and H1-B visa:-

    1) Stayed in USA from 01-SEP-2003 till 25-JAN-2004 on L1 visa(expired now).
    2) Stayed in India from 26-JAN-2004 till 01-NOV-2004.
    3) Stayed in USA from 02-NOV-2004 till date on new H1-B visa(still valid).

    I read somewhere that 6 year period for H1 also counts L1 stay. Can someone please suggest, what should be my H1's final expiry date based on above details? Will that L1 stay be counted, even though I went back to India and came on a new H1-B visa?


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  • ski_dude12
    11-02 10:52 AM
    No, you don't. I had a stopover in London on my way back to India. I had a 6 month valid visitor visa of UK and didn't need any transit visa.


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  • vicsthedude
    05-30 05:28 PM
    Yes I got it for my daughter. The CGNY website lists all the documents required. I sent
    only the photo-copies of all the documents they mentioned, each page notarized.

    I got PIO card in exactly a week and I live in North west Ohio close to MI border.

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  • swaraj
    11-14 04:28 PM
    A friend of mine has submitted visa application fee and has made an appointment for visitor visa next week.
    Can someone please tell if there is any other requirement of making a draft for some other fees during the Visa interview? (I am confused because a couple of years ago we used to submit one more bank draft during Visa interview)
    Thanks for your advice


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  • Blog Feeds
    04-26 11:30 AM
    A piece of good news on immigration was largely overshadowed by the Arizona mess. Republican Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana and Democrat Dick Durbin sent a letter to DHS Secretary Napolitano urging her to stop the deportations of students who might be eligible for relief if the DREAM Act or comprehensive immigration reform should pass. DREAM would allow some who entered the US as children to obtain permanent residency if they attend college or join the military. No word yet on how Napolitano reacted.

    More... (

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  • chintu25
    07-08 09:36 AM
    Postthe names and numbers of Immigrant friendlies in senate so we may request them to appeal


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  • kittu1991
    06-19 08:42 PM
    I have a question. I heard about new premium processing rule for 140.

    my friend�s six years is going to complete in next month , he has applied labour certification via PARM 10 months back and its pending, did he is eligible to file 140? Or he has to live next month?

    Your friend cannot apply for I140 without approved labour. I don't know what other provision he has to be in status. May be he can try to recpture the vaccation time. If he has atleast 2 months of vaccation time, don't know if he can apply for 7th yr extension based on 365 days rule.

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  • kamboj
    05-08 12:51 AM
    Need urgent help.

    I have files my visa (H1B), where I have diffence in my first name printed in my passport than on all my degree certificates.

    In my 10th standard certifciate it was printed as "Gorav" should have been "Gaurav". But in all my degree certificates it's "Gaurav".

    My last name is same in all certificates, passport etc.
    My parents name and Date of birth and home address is also same in all certificates and passport.

    When I filed my H1B I filled up my first name as "Gorav" (as it is in passport).

    What shall I do know? Will it have any impact on my visa approval?

    What shall I do before they ask me for any question?

    Please help as it's time sensitive issue

    Thanks in advance


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  • darkinf00
    04-29 10:35 PM
    i need to import a image file to fill as the surface material for objects in my movie but i tried to import eps files made in paintshop pro 7 and it says it can not import this, i want to ask how do i import an eps file and make it a material, pls help!

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  • chrs
    03-30 01:34 PM
    Hi, I just read your message but what can I do??... May up load the drawings right now!?

    chrs - please break your entry into three separate threads instead of lumping multiple entries into one.



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  • vpn
    03-11 07:53 PM
    any advice on this, anyone?

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  • notsure
    03-03 02:54 PM

    I have applied my H1 extension in Sep 2008 and got RFE in Dec. RFE was about my work address and we have sent the details. On March 2 2009 I have received the email saying Denial Notice Sent. Not sure the reason yet. I wanted to check my options. I do have EAD. But not used. What is my visa status now? I am planning to resubmit my application based on the denial notice. If I resubmit will I have status in US? Or should I work on EAD. If I work on EAD what should i do? I mean do I need to file AC21?

    Please help


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  • solaris27
    03-12 08:52 AM

    05-02 12:15 AM
    You must have at least two years of post-baccalaureate experience in a high-tech field to be eligible for an H1-b visa, or else have a masters or higher degree. So where did you get your experience? Are you still back in your own country? Working? Or did you just get your bachelor's in the US and are still in the US,

    10-16 04:31 PM
    Has anybody had any experience with changing address to PO box on form AR 11 with USCIS or otherwise.

    I recently had mail theft and have obtained a PO box but am not sure if we can fill out form AR 11 using PO box address. Mail theft is not uncommon and nobody would like to lose their EADs/FP notices in mail. The form asks for street address.

    Also if people utilize AC21 to change jobs (or change locations) it would be simpler to have a PO box to get your mail.

    I have put out the question to my lawyer but haven't heard back yet.

    Anybody with any experience do post.