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  • caliguy
    10-29 02:07 AM
    @ kubmilegaGC.

    Thanks buddy! As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, last 60 days were very tough for me but it feels good to have come out truimphant in the end. Thanks for all the encouragement and support you have provided and it was really good to see you come back and post a message.

    I hope you are enjoying life with green card. Good luck to you in all your future endeavors. Keep in touch!

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  • Archana
    04-26 10:02 PM
    Our contributions on the way. Keep Spirits High and all of ours hard work will succeed...

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  • Refugee_New
    10-10 12:28 PM
    ICICI has some very good interest rates. I like them because they have online access to your account which most of the indian banks don't.

    ICICI bank will cheat and steal your money. Beware. Also they are exposed to this financial crisis and the news is not coming out. I heard that so many people withdrawing money from this bank.

    Check with others.

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  • JazzByTheBay
    12-13 08:57 PM
    And I don't blame you for thinking that way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stating your new (modified) stand on this issue. :)


    I saw the poll in the morning and voted FOR making this a paid site, but going through the discussions and a little bit of soul searching (slow day at work :p) i am a bit wary about making it a paid site now.

    As much as i would like to see the riff-raff (pardon the expression) go away, maybe we should be more inclusive then exclusive (?). Not everyone is an early adoptor, it took me a while to contribute as well, but i did eventually turn around and contributed the lil bit i could.

    Thats just my take, and excuse the rather altruistic title of my post.


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  • chanduv23
    01-30 07:08 AM
    Those who got labor sub and got their GCs already must reapply within XX days or their GCs will be deemed invalid? How do you think will such a rule be?

    If labor substitution, applying 140 in 45 days etc.. are the kind of rules that are being framed, it is mainly because all the companies started exploiting these rules.

    It can be hypocratically argued that Desi companies only sell labor and misuse it, but from a larger perspective, any company including those multibillion dollar companies may actually misuse labors ie like HR will use sub labor for friend, lawyer may educate HR about the loophole and they will use it as a card for new hires. If such a thing is stopped there is no room for misuse of any form. We have to thank Desi companies because in someway, by totally exploiting the loophole, they helped this cause.

    45 days in filing 140. Believe me, such deadline is definitely achievable. 140 is a simple process and all that is needed is company audit and tax reports. I guess time will be given to those who already have labor certified and not applied for 140 for whatever reason.

    Such a rule must come even for filing 485. So that companies don't drag that too.

    Like most of the people have told earlier, changes are coming, a lot of changes are coming in the system and people are working in the background to streamline the system.

    I am not sure if this is true, but I have heard that IRS is now exposing its database to INS, DOL, SSA, DOS, Consulates and DMVs also can participate in it. Any kind of discrepency in salary or status can be exposed by this.

    IV iks definitely making a difference. IV has been extremely neutral in all its demands and causes and has raised excellent awareness, I am sure these sites are regularly monitored, which makes a lot of difference.

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  • desi3933
    08-19 04:26 PM
    Right on!
    Well there are several added advantages like you mentioned.
    What kind of business you do? If you don't mind asking.
    Are you making money? (bottom line hehe)

    >> Are you making money? (bottom line hehe)
    How does that bother you? Thanks for the good laugh, BTW. :D


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  • Oli-G
    06-16 11:33 AM
    Agreed.... the background can distract judgement for better or worse.

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  • dogking
    04-07 10:19 PM
    Contributed $100


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  • hpandey
    07-02 06:57 PM

    Sorry for not making it clear enough...
    This guy was not even eligible for a H1 in the first place as he did not know anything about IT... It was his decision to move to US and to lead an american life... so he cooks up a resume...claims to be a software engineer(with due help from his H1 filer consultant, I assume) and landed up here. He was in deep trouble when the Grocery shop closed down and he had to look out for another job... Last I know, he was taking QA training...

    So its not a case of my friend being mistreated by his consultant but a case(I'm sure he is not unique within H1 community) where my friend, along with his Consultant took the whole H1B program for a ride....
    1. He was not forced...he himself falsified it intentionally
    2. He is not complaining...he is happy the way things has turned up for him...
    3. What was he thinking when he came down here... Surely he cannot code a line in any language or do anything in IT ... He had to take up a non-IT job..

    What you are suggesting is probably 0.1% of all the H1b applicants or at the most 1 %. Even that is a big number. I think 99% of all H1b applicants come with intent to work in IT or whatever field they applied in rather than work in a grocery shop. I don't think anyone wants to come to US to work at a grocery shop or a petrol pump .

    Lets focus the discussion on H1b employees who are mistreated by the employers by paying them too little , not paying benefits, unfair treatment and so many other things that I could go on about.

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  • hopefull
    05-24 03:30 PM
    What we are seeing and hearing in congress is the overwhelming ignorance and lack of understanding of the contributions made by H1B and GC aspirants to the US economy. There is the wise saying that "Everything happens for a good reason". We have been trying so hard for last 2-3 years to make these politicians realize and to make corporate America realize that they need to do something about our problems because of our value proposition. Apparently all these calls have only backfired and caused the anti-immigrationists to lobby even harder and pull the strings of politicians to make them do as they please. Whether we like it or not, unless the raw brunt of a mass exodus of educated work force is not felt by this country, there is no way for them to understand how wrong they are. EB category has never had loyal support. All of the corporate america support has rested on the need for H1B. We have been abused by this system and forced to feel that we have abused this system. I think we have been told in a million ways by now that we need to find a Plan B. I feel bad yet no remorse for the thousands of H1Bs who do nothing to support the cause of organizations like IV. As someone once said, most of them are very laid back and will not worry about the problems untill someone tells them to buy their return tickets back home. We are very happy with eating samosa and tea and do not have the perspective to realize what threats lie on the horizon. I say this based on actual conversations with some of these people who literally scoff at me and think I am off my rocker when I discuss the repurcussions of no reforms. Like the prehistoric animals who did nothing to adapt in the full view of changing environmental conditions, these laid back folks will realize only too late.

    based on SKIN(Software Knowledge against INdians) BILL and for Cherry Pickers


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  • Refugee_New
    08-25 11:28 AM

    I used to transfer money earlier by Remit2India (R2i) and sometimes C2i but since then they started making ( or your stealing) more brokerage money out of my hard earned dollars - i switched :cool:

    Let me know how you feel the online SBI - they are always 15-10 p more than ICICI or CITI so at the end of year if you save average $25k you are anyway saving Rs 25k/year. Plus they maintain some ethics about tweaking rates and the exact day they dump the cash to your account - i got about 43.25 when market rate was 43.57 and those smart banks ( or thieves) were doing around 43.07..43.12

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the info diptam.

    ICICI bank did steal my money. Conversion rate applied to my transaction is less than the rate that was on the actual initiation date, transaction date, processed date.

    Not only that its a record time remittance from ICICI bank.

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  • waitingGC
    01-30 09:15 AM
    Office of management and budget...yes they will

    once the rule is published in the federal register and ppl have commented on it...its pretty much set to go

    Is it already published in the federal register? Where can we comment on it? We should all go to say some good things about it.


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  • starscream
    09-17 10:25 AM
    as well as on the chat also please thanks

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  • sfcwtu
    09-17 01:01 PM
    sfcwtu: "when you say she did withdraw" what do you mean? did she withdraw 6020?

    I am not sure now. Lofgren mentioned something about withdrawing her bill. But the vote for an amendment went on after. someone explain?

    It's in recession now. The chair said he hope he could move things expeditiously when meeting resumes.


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  • pappu
    01-29 09:29 PM
    This is a welcome change.
    -AILA and others had been and are are still trying to oppose this rule as it benefits them and their clients (employers).
    -Labor substitution has been abused and has given a bad name to the GC process.
    - Lot of desi companies have become notorious for selling it. Some of them were brave enough to sell it online on sites. Iv condemns any kind of misuse of the system and breaking of law.
    - A lot of labor certifications coming out of BECs continue to be substituted. This has caused more delay in PDs moving forward.
    - The 45 day rule to use the LC will force employers and Lawyers to work quickly on the application. Lawyers are known to be slow in filing process so they will need to change.

    Lets hope USCIS, DOL and DOS make further changes in their regulations and the process is better suited to reduce the pain for applicants. FBI Name checks, long wait times in various steps etc are also worth reforming. On various occasions IV has drawn USCIS attention to various items in the greencard process that need reform. IV will continue to raise all such issues that hurt our members with media, USCIS and lawmakers.

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  • smartboy75
    12-05 04:25 PM
    my I-485 was pending from 2001 and then my case was transfered to NBC I had an interview and then I got the I-797 Welcome Notice welcoming me as a permanent resident of the United States and it said on the notice you will get your green card in the mail in about 3 weeks and then checked my online status it said we ordered the card for production
    ok at this point everything is looking good
    and then after 5 days check my status online
    found the following :

    Current Status: Case reopened or reconsidered based on USCIS determination, and the case is now pending.

    We reopened this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS on November 29, 2007, and are now reviewing our earlier decision.
    am I in trouble?!!!!!
    Just wait for 30 days from the date of card production to see if you get it in the mail....
    it might be a procedural thing...don't worry ..keep cool....


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  • viva
    02-06 10:52 PM

    I didnt know you have such doubts about the efforts of IV and its goals.

    Anyways, have you every picked up the phone and called us to ask us what we are doing at that moment? What we did last week, what's our plan next week? You know, there is a phone number listed at several places on the website. That phone never rings. Oh yes, never. So who come you never seek answers where you can get them?

    We have told several times, that we dont have time to keep everyone in loop about everything we do in DC, including every time we meet some staffer or someone. Sorry, that's just how it is.

    Last week, Aman was in DC on Thursday and Friday (Jan 25 and 26) and had meetings with 3 senate staffers who work on Immigration. Then he went to India, then he came back straight to DC monday morning and since yesterday, he has met with 2 more staffers, our lobbyists.
    We are also trying to find out about the schedule A rumor and if its true, to have the recaptured visas go to all categories not just schedule A.

    So there, you have your update? If you want to know more, then call us on the phone.

    And this update is the kind of update we dont usually post on forums. This is mundane advocacy stuff. Find me one organization that gives hour by hour update of what they are doing.

    If you dont trust us, what are you doing here. Why dont you join the "bash IV" party at immigration portal and enjoy criticizing the arrogant IV core and its stupid blind followers. I am sure you will find many enlightened fellows like over at portal who are smart enough not to follow or believe in IV.

    Hey logic- listen to me bro : ignore such posts for your own sanity. i have noticed that you tend to give detailed responses to people like deepak and purplehazea. I wonder why you waste your precious time answering all these miscreants when you know that you cannot change their views.

    Just ignore these anti-IV people as they are either anti-immigrant or not genuinely interested in reform...... We need your energy for other higher priority and higher value work for the IV community....

    Go IV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Go IV core!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • vactorboy29
    06-11 04:26 PM
    --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->
    Myself car1 car2 car3 car4 car5 car6 car7

    As describe by you above scenario .how come even your fault when car 7 or all other front car come stand still or go below road posted speed. I would argue that car7 is the initiator and reason to disturb traffic not you even if hit from back side and cause ripple effect. I would say car7 is at major fault and you should defend your case and sue all upfront car drivers for not violating traffic rules and causing this much inconvenience.

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  • Macaca
    02-06 10:57 AM
    So public schools Elem/Middle/High , still have to go thru nornal H1B process for teachers, have to wait for OCT1, start date.

    I got my H1B from a University starting Aug. As far as I understand, there is no H1B quota for non-profit. I also have a US degree. There is a separate H1B quota for US educated.

    I don't know where I was plugged in. I don't remember any details.

    07-19 07:37 PM
    There is a funding drive in this other thread towards these expenses.


    Could you please pledge an amount ?

    Great Job.

    02-01 01:27 PM
    Your position on will be part of IVs position.

    We all have our roots in H1B. So, my friend what is your position?

    What is IV's position on more H1Bs?