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  • bugsbunny
    12-09 06:36 PM
    Just because this article says so doesnt mean its true. The whole point of this article was to demonize the law enforcement efforts directed against illegals.
    This is from amnestyusa website:
    Twenty-three state departments of corrections and the Federal Bureau of Prisons allow the use of restraints during labor. Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.
    Key Findings: Use of Restraints on Pregnant Women in Custody (http://www.amnestyusa.org/violence-against-women/abuse-of-women-in-custody/key-findings-use-of-restraints-on-pregnant-women-in-custody/page.do?id=1108300)

    Your article reference does not specify any specific policy on Arizona. The original article referenced the Arizona Department of Corrections.
    I looked that up and Voila! thats exactly what the Arizona Department of Corrections states
    Here it is under "705.10 USE OF RESTRAINTS "
    "1.3 General Exceptions to the Use of Restraints
    1.3.6 Pregnant inmates shall not be restrained during the delivery stage of childbirth. An officer shall be present at all times. If necessary, a second officer may be assigned in accordance with the security risk, escape risk or custody level. After the birth of the child, prescribed custody level restraints shall be reapplied."

    Here is the link
    Arizona Department of Corrections (http://www.azcorrections.gov/Jeff_Policies_700_705.aspx#705.10)

    Unfortunately i don't think even a proper reference of the LAW is enough to change your mindset. But i wanted to show that the so called LAW protectors are breaking it themselves

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  • sunny1000
    12-18 09:50 PM
    What is the total now? Those who have not contributed, please do...:D

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  • ireddy
    08-11 02:03 PM
    I applied for passport renewal (Chicago consulate) without name change form. In the Online application, I splitted the name as needed (earlier my name was under Given name). The renewal passport was sent to me with the way I entered the name (splitting) without any additional forms or affidavits.

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  • pappu
    12-19 09:23 AM
    Thank you everyone for being a part of this campaign. We are seeing lot of support from members and contributions are coming in. The drought is ending with some showers, buts lets continue the showers so that we can have a good crop next season. Pls. continue this drive so that we can achieve our target. I will be updating the numbers soon.

    Thank you Anurakt for your previous contributions of $400 in the past months and this pledge for $1000. I am sure all our members have accepted your challange and will make sure to do their bit.


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  • qasleuth
    02-25 10:53 AM
    ya, lets step-up a poll and have everyone vote, as if this is the US congress. And after voting leave it for someone else to work on this and other "brilliant" idea. There needs to be a reality check. This poll doesn't mean anything unless there are enough people to spend time and energy at every level. But ya, lets setup a poll and have everyone vote, it will give everyone a feel good factor that everyone contributed in the advocacy effort, how? by voting in the pool and not doing anything about how everyone votes.


    Sanju, I understand your cynicism but not sure how your scathing comments are helping the cause. Hurling insults is not how you motivate people, if at all that is your intention. If you are so disillusioned then step aside for a few weeks/months and just watch.
    Keep in mind, I am not personally attacking you.

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  • downthedrain
    03-06 07:29 PM
    I am in $25


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  • needhelp!
    11-16 11:28 PM
    awesome idea gsc!

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  • deecha
    07-24 08:28 AM
    Ok, so if I file the i-140/i-485 now and leave/re-enter the country with a new stamp. Now, if my I-140 is approved after that, and then my i-485 is looked at after that date, will I considered to be in status then, because by the time they are looking at the AOS application, I have already left and returned to the country??

    Or should be in status the day the AOS petition is filed and even if i leave/re-enter the country after that, it does not matter?!

    It appears that they look at status issues at the time the AOS petition is filed. That's when the "clock" stops. If you leave and re-enter the country it does not retroactively reset the "clock".


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  • krishnam70
    08-17 05:38 AM
    First, deecha, and VZLAN you are brave men..hope you get through. When the immigration system is so arcane, you cannot blame yourselves

    next, I am in a similar 'somewhat out of status' position myself. i am filing for i-140/i485

    I have been with the same employer since Jan 2004, and have every pay stub since then. However during some time in 2006, the company was in deep trouble, management takeover etc. and we were only paid for time spent on a major project (which was the cash cow). Because i was not directly involved in it, I was paid at about 50%, but every week, which lead my final W2 for 2006 to be around 76% of the total on the LCA. I looked at my paystubs and the total weeks at less than 100% is 5 months.

    For 2004, 2005 and 2007 (on course) I am on course for my full salary. Also I got a bonus and stock options as the project took off and we are all in a better shape and my 2007 W2 should be higher.

    Before 2004, I was a student on a F1 (MS degree) with one h1 in the bad days of 2002. However, my change of status was on the dot.. i.e. i got laid off on a friday and i filed my change of status to f1 the same day. My h1 visa was stamped in 2004 in India. My H1 was extended in early 2007

    I am filing a self-sponsored I140. So, my question is:

    1) Should I wait for 2008/whenever to file my i485 and hopefully show one year w2 and try to see if that goes through?

    2) Try to convince my employer to pay me the back wages for 2006 (they may agree) in lieu of some future pay cut or paid out vacation or trade my stock options. File an amended return with a new 2006 W2 (what are the risks of an audit??)
    Ask your employer to pay you back wages with a letter saying due to financial conditions they could not pay you blah..make your arrangement to take a pay cut or whatever. File an amended return and include that in your 485 application.

    3) Try to wait till 2008, stamp my visa extension and then file for i-485 showing only 2007 w2.

    Please send me your perspectives.

    If you get caught on something that can be easily rectified and you dont have a way to explain it then there is a chance for denial. There is a somewhat similar case of 485 denial ( he was not paid for 2-3 months) though he worked for the employer and he did not get back wages nor filed with DOL to get them back.

    If you want to play it safe you can wait till 2008 and get your extension and then file 485 ( but would the dates be current? dont know and then file an amended tax and include proof in the 485 application)

    good luck

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  • BharatPremi
    11-20 05:48 PM
    Some answers.
    2) I think you can paypal whatever amount you want to IV using PAYPAL. You just need to know the email address of IV, as registered with paypal. I just sent you a PM, please check.

    Thanks.Paypal worked for odd amount. eCheck Sent (ID #3LR82481PF164841Y)


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  • looivy
    02-26 03:08 PM
    Realizeit....great idea.

    Can IV admins, Realizeit and team, plese come up with an action plan from various replies on this thread and post it on IV's front page so that we can start working on it and contributing towards it?


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  • asanghi
    07-17 07:11 PM
    i know we desis.. once our work is done .. we will not turn back to IV again...

    PLEASE do not do that..

    It is time to strengthen IV for next big fight.


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  • minimalist
    03-06 01:39 PM
    Keep up the good work ..
    Ajay, I am working on this. Will get back to everyone as soon as I hear something from core. This must be an IV account but specific to this cause. Please bear with me for a while.

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  • Ennada
    11-11 01:48 PM
    Child beaters need to be taught a good lesson. Because of obvious reasons, you cannot go to the police or immigration.

    I am assuming she doesn't know that you can't go to the authorities. So..(this might sound stupid) you can threaten her that you will report her unless she refunds all the money you paid her. This is the best possible punishment I can think of.


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  • ramaonline
    05-14 11:46 PM
    Every week I take time to do some research so that I can be on top of the immigration updates, and why not?
    Attorneys have absolutely no clue about the problems and despair we are going thru. They drag heels on simple processing and documentation work, oblivious to the fact that even a single day just adds to our woes.

    I need to plan more than 6 months in advance for any major change in my life , be it marriage, having a baby, investing in property - u name it. Every single life event has a big question mark after it. Will I get the visa stamped? Will I be able to extend status? Can I do this, Can I do that? Well I guess life has an immigrant in the US (legal or illegal) has a question mark ?
    I am going thru this frustrating non-ending wait to get anywhere close to permanent residency. I had filed for labor - Then came the DOL overhaul, where labor certification decisions are rolled out in the most haphazard, and random fashion one can ever imagine. Unable to wait any longer I even quit the company that filed my LC and joined another company
    I am waiting for the new co to file a new LC under PERM - Again I need to wait as LCs can't be filed immediately for new hires - Even finding a co that can provide immigration benefits along with other personal benefits becomes a challenge.
    Now I wish my old LC never gets approved - It remains pending for a few more years - at least I can get incremental h1b extensions. (thanks to the AC21 silver lining)
    I just have another year left on my H1. I have worked for over 5 years legally, never going out of status, paying all taxes.
    My spouse even gave up the idea of working here legally. The long wait for immigration benefits is now a part of my life - All I can do is pray that our senators when going for recess while discussing immigration; get some thought into their heads abt the nightmare that legal immigrants go thru....

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  • jsb
    08-18 11:12 AM
    When did you get your GC?

    I had to be persistent with my complaint with the Ombudsman. Finally I got it later in the year. When I sent my complaint in, sometime in July 08, I thought I was among the few who were left out. But this thread suggests that there are a lot who were bypassed when they gave GC's to PD's in 2005 and 2006 last year.


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  • santb1975
    12-03 12:04 PM
    for the Ominus Bill Lobbying efforts

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  • Macaca
    02-02 10:13 PM
    USCIS is much better then the earlier INS.

    International Student Advisors (ISA) attend their conferences/updates for student visas. My ISA used to say that these persons are very very rude. The purpose of these updates was to tell what they had decided to make a rule. No one was supposed to ask a question about the rule. If you ask a question they just tell you that this is how it is.

    Even the immigration lawyers are very scared of them. The lawyers don't question them.

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  • pappu
    12-18 06:38 PM
    Thanks babu.(sbabunle)
    the current number is 8

    07-03 02:51 PM

    From FTD.COM

    03-06 11:41 AM
    Please be specific how to remit this amount ?

    Ajay, I am working on this. Will get back to everyone as soon as I hear something from core. This must be an IV account but specific to this cause. Please bear with me for a while.