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  • wandmaker
    05-07 09:10 AM
    So in this case, the person should send the documents from India, correct? One of the requirement was I-94 card. How will we provide that if you are out of the country? What to say for Last Entry?

    Q10 - Alien Registration Number (A-Number) or I-94 Number (if any)
    Q12 - Provide your last date of entry
    Q13 - Provide your last place of entry

    It is not necessary that one should remain in the US to apply for EAD renewal.

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  • tamil12
    10-20 05:52 AM
    Get it Notarized with photo and send the document.There are standard formats available.

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  • Pasquale
    04-01 02:08 AM
    US ?:P

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  • aranya
    04-04 09:11 AM


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  • kirupa
    05-16 02:14 PM
    Added all four of your nice stamps up :beam:

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  • tipsvizag
    05-15 06:57 PM
    I first came to USA in April 2005 and have H1B valid till 2011 April.

    I worked with company 'X' since 2005 on H1B status on permanent position, during this tenure with company 'X' i was filed for PERM during Feb 2009. Later in October 2009, I had moved out of company 'X' to Company 'Y' due to budget cuts at the clients place and not having any positions with in the Company 'X'`s other clients. Moved to Company 'Y and Company 'Y' had filed new HIB visa, Got approved in few weeks.started working for Company 'Y" since November 2009.

    During January 2010 my PERM (LABOR) filed by Company 'X' got approved by uscis. I moved back to Company 'X' got started the next stage of the process of filing I-140 within the timeframe. Company 'X' filed my I-140 and also filed again for H1B and H4 for dependends in march and got approved in April with Priority date (PD) as april 2009 as my PERM was initiated during that period and H1B visa Validity date as May 2011.

    Surprisingly and unfortunatly the assigment which was supposed to be a long term is getting completed by end of this May month 2010. Now that in Company 'X' the project got completed within two months and i am asked to move to their onsite project and can be brought back when there exists a position at any of the their clients locations.

    Now the H1B status with Company 'X' is valid till May 2011 and with Company 'Y' the visa validity is till April 2011.

    Can i move back to Company 'Y' as they had the same position that i worked with them and file for H1B visa extension which is due in 2011 April/May(as per new validity from Company 'X') based on the approved I-140 or PD. Company 'Y had also initiated the process of filling for PERM(Labour) got the clearence for LC.

    Please suggest me the various options that are availabe to me to continue stay in here and get the H1B extension and as well continue my green card process.[/SIZE]


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  • vivek_k
    02-12 10:46 PM
    Hi ivvm. Thanks for the info. DO EB-1 and EB-2 require LC? Would the NIW bypass LC? Is NIW filing equivalent to EB-2? What is the importance of Job description?

    Sorry for asking so many questions. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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  • anurakt
    12-07 12:13 PM
    Guys Please see the home page...IV NEEDS YOU FOR SOME HELP !!


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  • ivjobs
    09-06 04:46 PM
    Six swine flu deaths take India's toll to 131 - India - NEWS - The Times of India (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/news/india/Six-swine-flu-deaths-take-Indias-toll-to-131/articleshow/4979077.cms)

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  • Anders �stberg
    August 10th, 2005, 09:53 AM
    You have some good pictures, but I agree you would more easily get responses here if you include pictures in your post. One critique I can give is you should watch the level of your horizons, it's a pet pieve of mine as some here know :), I'm sensitive to leaning pictures.


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  • tabletpc
    07-27 02:35 PM
    Can you give some inputs on my query..??

    I am now thinking of joining an Indian based company and work for same company in US. With this I can always have a base in India and can think of relocate back if need arises. Can anyone tell me the recruiting procedure for some major companies for an applicant like me ? or How to get a recruited to Indian company while being in US..??

    My area of expertise is ASP.net 3.5, AJAX, SQL Server., C#. I hold BE in CS and later completed MS in US. I have been working in US from past 5 years after completing MS.

    Greatly appreciate any inputs on this�

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    03-07 02:14 PM
    I also dint receive the FP notice for my son. When I checked the USCIS help desk and also with my attorney for my son's (5 years) FP, I was told that kids under 16 years (16 years if I correctly remember) dont need FP in 485 processing.


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  • mjdup
    01-18 02:35 PM
    Here are the minutes and action items ---
    1. Congressman/woman are to be focussed but Sen. Kennedy 's office is the most important to focus on.
    2. AI: Call Sen.Kennedy's office and try to seek an appointment to explain our issues and make presentation. Aim for last week in January.
    3. AI: Find out stance of congressman/woman from MA on immigration committee. If any of them are in immigration sub committee. Identify the counties which these lawmakers represent. This will be a good way to filter out the ones we do not have to concentrate on.
    4. AI: Make a list of groceries and places frequently visited by immigrants who could become potential IV members.
    5. AI: Refine the presentatioin on IV resources section and provide the first draft to rest of team for feedback - 2 weeks.
    6. AI: To enquire about the cost involved in posting ad in India New England paper/media.(Cost can be shared among local state chapter members)
    7. AI: To enquire about posting ad (one frame) in Belmont theatre where Indian movies are shown. (Cost can be shared among local state chapter members)
    8. AI: All members: Publicity of IV using posters and flyers available in IV resource section. Also publicise on sites like immigrationportal.com etc.

    Though action items are assigned to certain members, if there's a feeling that you can pitch in please do so.

    Important updates from core member: CIR is on top of the list with Sen.Kennedy but the illegal issue is also going to catch up so we should initially push for CIR or Plan B would be to ask for our provisions to be included in a separate bill if CIR gets complicated and is time consuming.

    Thanks to everyone who was able to make it. T

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  • senk1s
    09-12 02:21 PM
    to send applications to a wrong center and they'll(USCIS) move it around.
    I'm not sure of the dates, someone else might reply

    was your 140 approved at TSC? i read somewhere that 485 goes to the same place where 140 was approved. you may want to ask your attorney why they sent to TSC


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  • vishwak
    08-17 10:45 AM
    I think you should wait until you get your new approved EAD.

    How come the company who is taking you didn't ask for unexpired EAD???

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  • eastindia
    05-07 03:05 PM
    Porting is so common now.


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  • WeShallOvercome
    10-31 01:12 PM
    Hi Gurus,
    My PD is 04/2002 and RD is 18/June/2007, EB3 India. EAD approved and fp done in Aug.

    There are no soft LUDs on my 485 after 7/17/2007. What does this mean? Is there a way to check if I am stuck in name check?

    I see many people with later RD and PD getting soft LUDs. Is anyone else in the same boat? Please advice..


    So now we are tracking Soft LUDs as well :)

    Not getting a soft LUD is the norm. It just means your case was not an exception and you can't expect any miracles ..Yet! But Getting LUDs is not guaranteed to result in GC approval either. So please stop worrying about every little thing and enjoy your life... (Like I'm doing visiting this forum every now and then ;)

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  • amitdce
    08-07 02:24 PM

    My EAD card was sent to my old address, which I failed to update in time. I have been following up with USCIS for more than a month, but haven't been able to receive the card or the approval notice so far. I have to start working on Monday (Aug 11th), so this is really urgent!!

    I can join and submit the EAD card within 90 days (as per the I-9), but my employer needs to see the approval letter (something which proves to them that my EAD case has been approved).

    I do have the following which indicate my approved status:

    1. My online status used to show that the case was approved (it said that the card was mailed to me). Now it has changed and says that a new letter (not the EAD card) has been mailed, but I won't get this letter till after Aug. 11th, my joining date. I do have a printout of the previous status, though.

    2. I managed to get a letter from my university saying that my case has been approved.

    3. I have the receipt notice, which shows that the case was submitted and received by USCIS.

    My company still insisted that they would need a letter from USCIS saying that my case has been approved. Any advice on what I can do from here??

    many thanks!!


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  • abhishek101
    01-05 11:36 PM
    this is my understanding but a lawyer answer but you should consult a lawyer

    Since you have started your GC process and shown your intent to immigrate your F1 will be denied.

    H1 is a dual intent visa ( you enter as non immigrant but U can immigrate on it) and hence application of GC has no implication on it.

    Again I am not a lawyer so consult one.

    10-12 05:36 PM
    Hi All

    I know a lot of July 2nd filers and some other who have been waiting for receipt notices...

    There was an update yesterday by Mathew at www.immigration-law..that of the 800,000 applications only 400,000 have been receipted so far....May be it may take 2 more months for all the receipting updates to be done....

    So everybody who is frustrated ..hang in there..have patience

    Good luck ...

    10/11/2007: July VB Fiasco I-485 Receipting Delays

    The USCIS has yet to release the detailed progress report on the receipting delays in terms of the numbers that have yet to be processed for receipting. The only thing people know through various private websites just indicates that there are a plenty of people who are still waiting for filing fee checks cashed or receipt notices received for the cases which were filed as early as July 2, 2007, not to mention any later cases.
    We reported earlier that the USCIS had allegedly received total of 800,000 cases for the July VB fiasco cases. There is an unconfirmed report that they have completed the receipting only half way through of the total, meaning approximately 400,000. There are no sources of information to verify or confirm the figures. However, if it is correct, the USCIS has yet to process mountains of receipting workloads ahead and the filers have some additional sleepless nights which they will have to endure for a while. AMEN!

    02-04 09:04 AM
    On your I-485 approval, H4 status is lost and no longer valid.