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  • reedandbamboo
    09-12 09:24 AM
    I think USCIS actions are too random . I do not think they want to see the real projections or the real demands. If they wanted to , believe me it should not have been difficult at all. Nevertheless, the first step towards that would be asking for transparency. The letter and poster campaign can do that.

    I agree!! What the few of us gathered here are trying to accomplish is to get the USCIS to FOLLOW THE RULES.

    We are SICK of the monthly visa bulletin RANDOMNESS. We are not demanding our GCs to be approved immediately. We want transparency so that we can MAKE PLANS and get on with our lives.

    WHY THE HELL can they not produce a figure for the number of pending cases in each category? They just pull figures (with a wide margin of error AND subject to correction) out of their BACKSIDES!

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  • seekerofpeace
    08-26 04:45 PM
    But how can that be unless we r mistaken about the category EB1 may be.

    How can there be RD/NDs of 2008 as far as I remember only 15 or 30 days of July were open for filing I-485 after that dates had retrogressed......

    If what u're saying is true...the whole process is as random as possible....


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  • anurakt
    12-18 10:02 PM
    The collection so far shows 33.33% of the $60K target as of December 11th.
    Friends I pledge a $500 donation as soon as the figures reaches 500 less than halfway ... i.e $29,500 and another again once the figure reaches 500 less of $60,000 i.e $59,500. Pappu or any of the core member please let me know once we touch this figures BY 31ST DECEMBER. Till then keep the marathon going.


    Core members if need be , put my pledge on the main page... would like see if this forum has ba**s to make me shell out the $1000 bucks.....


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  • Junky
    11-12 08:26 AM
    Well said "ItIsNotFunny",
    I have seen lot of ppl wine about the Dec bulletin, inefficiency of USCIS, cursing IV, EB2 Vs EB3, exploitation by Desi Employers, leaving negative comments ETC. ETC.... but when it comes to just sending letters, they won't do it but some how they will manage to find the time to reply non-immigration related issues in very detail.
    Therefore I request all the members to please send the letter (regarding AC21 Denial issue) ASAP.
    BTW: As a father, I fully sympathize with this guy & understand his situation. Whatever happened to his kid is tragic but again as mentioned by few other members, he should have posted this issue on sulekha or some other websites.


    I saw there are 50 replied to this post. Looks like people are more interested in others problems than their own.

    Its pity that MOST CRITICAL issue we are facing at present - AC21 Denial issue, is having only 77 mails but everyone is jumping gossipping. Come out of this and show a unity to real problems.

    Grow up and don't escape from real problems. Its our problem and we need to fight to resolve it.


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  • godspeed
    12-19 07:36 PM
    Hi Folks
    Contributed another $50. Till now total contribution is $250.


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-11 05:55 PM

    I saw there are 50 replied to this post. Looks like people are more interested in others problems than their own.

    Its pity that MOST CRITICAL issue we are facing at present - AC21 Denial issue, is having only 77 mails but everyone is jumping gossipping. Come out of this and show a unity to real problems.

    Grow up and don't escape from real problems. Its our problem and we need to fight to resolve it.


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  • rnanchal
    02-04 01:54 PM
    I did not pass judgement about what is right or wrong, just stated a fact. Dont get riled up. My intention was not to point fingers

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  • senthil1
    08-12 12:02 AM
    Eb2 will be better most of the time because many will not be eligible or Job position does not need Masters or 5 years of experience. So it will move fast though it may go back on october. So if possible try to port into EB2 will always be a good idea. CIR or Visa capture bill may not be possible atleast for an year or more. EB1 and EB2 are best bet for next 1 to 2 years.

    Dream on about porting from Eb3 to EB2. On an average it is taking more 9 months to get labor clearence that too if it is eb3. if you are trying eb2 that is almost a definite audit. We have a case in our company which was stuck in audit (eb2) for more than an year now. our company and attorney are no longer filing eb2 (offcourse it is a different matter than they are no longer filing any green card application because of layoffs). So unless you are working for a desi "con"sultant company not many american companies (almosy none) are filing eb3 green card perm applications leave alone eb3 to eb2 conversions. Even desi companies are scared shit because USCIS is knocking the living daylights out of them. Even desi companies are scared of filing eb3 green card perm applications leave alone eb2. So good luck with your eb3 to eb2 dream.


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  • praveenuppaluri
    08-12 02:33 PM
    people who already applied for GC (any EB) and are waiting, understand that you are lucky to cross that line.. in currrent economy, it doesn't matter if its EB2 or EB3, any job posting out there will get 100s of resumes and we are politely told to look for other options outside the country.. guess the below statement is true for everyone who needs to apply now..

    EB Guys, ..
    No green card for you. ... Do not hope for green card. H A V E F U N.

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  • Goodintentions
    04-14 02:50 PM
    Looks like this idea has come out of mere frustration. Do you know how many people want to immigrate to the USA? Do you know how many people are waiting in line? Do you think it is correct that only EB-immigrants should be given preference? Why because USA needs all of them? While I have used "you" in the previous sentences, I don't mean just you....rather "we".
    If you have time-bound path to immigration, then right now, the whole Federal Govt. and all employees will have to work only on getting the immigration files cleared. Under current circumstances, I think the current system will get you a GC faster than if they switched to "time bound" today. Do you realize, how many people will suddenly be suing the Govt. for delays? There is no country which guarantees time-bound path to PR.
    While I forcefully oppose the DREAM ACT and CIR, these did not give time bound GCs but only allowed illegals to convert to legals and in time APPLY for GC if they become eligible.

    Thanks for your comments.

    I honestly do not understand why you seem to be opposed to this approach to alleviate the sufferings of so mant EB3 (esp) and EB2 friends. Discussion and debate are always good.

    Here are a few facts:

    1. Most of the advanced countries in the world - UK, Australia, NZ, Switzerland, Singapore and some Scandinavian countries offer a time based path to residency and citizenship for the educated class of people who come through the proper channel to work

    2. In Canada, Australia, NZ (there could be other countries, but I am not sure) people can apply for a PR based on their OWN education and experience. They are not held hostage by their employers and harassed for ages. It is happening here because the lobbies are very powerful and are supported financially by the corporations to serve their interests. The system has been craftily designed to ensure long term indentured labour

    3. In the entire scheme of things the real beneficiaries are the employers and the law firms

    4. The system would be streamlined and the work of the government would become much simpler and faster. This is the way governments works in several western countries who offer a time bound programme

    5. Every month our EB friends need not stare at the bulletin with great expectations and waste their time

    6.Everyone can plan their future better. (I do not think I need to explain this)

    Best wishes and thanks for your post..


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  • needhelp!
    06-09 03:55 PM
    I had this question - how the 50k would be used? If you could post in greater detail perhaps more members would be enlightened to contribute

    The only way to enlighten yourself and others is to get yourself and your friends involved and participating towards the effort. You will automatically see the sacrifices made by others who are not thinking about "I" all the time.

    No sensible member would expect detailed spending reports to be published on a public forum. I hope you weren't expecting that?

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  • logiclife
    06-17 02:20 PM
    Be Unreasonable & a cause of progress, not just a beneficiary.

    Hello everyone,

    I will explain the title of this thread in a minute (the unreasonable part) but before that I would like to share my experience in DC last week during, before and after lobby days.

    A few weeks ago, when Aman called me to join him in lobby days, just like many others, I was having a difficult time scheduling vacation days off from work. I somehow convinced my boss to let me take those days off and finish the work in the weekend prior to June.

    The Airport pickup:

    When I reached the Airport, Aman and Pratik were there to pick me up. And this is where it got funny and really hilarious. The car was a compact rental car and it was full of printers, laptops and folders -- all in preparation of lobby day. There was barely enough place to sit in the car. After shutting all the doors tight (we really had to compress the luggage and force the door shut) we started driving towards the hotel. And the dome light would not shut off. So everyone outside can see a car full of luggage, printers and people packed like a can of sardines. Fortunately Aman knew the way to the Hotel and we could go there without having to stop for directions.

    Preparation and training on Sunday:

    Sunday was hectic, busy, tiring and very very interesting. I met a lot of new people on Sunday who had come to DC for the first time. And it felt really really good to reconnect with people who we had met earlier in 2007 rally in DC and the earlier rally in San Jose in July. Just felt like I had met my friends from college with whom I spend 4 years. The kind of relationship and chemistry that we have is impossible to describe in words. Crisis and calamity have a way of creating bonds that last a lifetime. We all may get green-cards in next 1 year or maybe 10 years. But I will remember the people I met in DC twice and in San Jose for the rest of my life. And I am sure others feel the same way. These are the people who were sitting on the laptop scheduling lawmaker meetings and connecting members to appointments till 4:00 AM on Monday morning and then back to work by 8:00 AM. We ate whatever was ordered or whatever we found in the hotel. There were people printing business cards in one corner. Others were printing the drop-off material for lawmakers, preparing neat folders for meetings. There was training and mock-meetings going on in another corner for people who had never been to the Capitol Hill before. There was so much purpose and so much goal-oriented motivation in the room, I felt really glad to have not missed this even one out of 3 times we done this both in DC and in San Jose.

    The next two days:

    Over the next two days, I went to about 7 meetings in the House and Senate side and had very very interesting experiences, mostly positive. I cannot share the details of the response for each office as this is a public forum, but I can tell you that having been to DC about 6 times now since 2006, there are Hill Staffers who know many of us and even remember our names. Our conversations do not begin with introductions, but where we left off in our last meeting. More than 60-70% of the offices of Congressmen and Senators know about Immigration Voice and know about the issue. Some offices may have newer staff and not know, and that's where education helps.

    Every single day consisted of going to the Hill from the situation room, (I mostly took a cab, I am lazy that way even if its only 4 blocks), coming back, getting some work done, going back to the Hill, accompanying someone if they are alone in the meetings (it helps to have 2 or more IV members go to a meeting). We worked till 11 PM mostly, and got about 4-5 hours of sleep each night. And that is true for everyone who was there. EVERY SINGLE one. Walking between the office buildings (and they are big) and walking a few times back to the Hotel also made some of us realize (like me) that how out of shape we are physically :):)

    And now to the UNreasonables:

    The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
    George Bernard Shaw
    Irish dramatist & socialist (1856 - 1950)

    Every single person who came to DC this time or the time before, or who came to San Jose rally has been told by friends, family and colleagues "Why are you going to DC, let others go, take care of yourself, all problems get fixed eventually, Congress will take care of it".

    They sound very reasonable or try to convince you that they are the reasonable ones and you are being unreasonable by going to the Capitol and working on your cause.

    The truth is...yes, we may be. But we are the ones who will eventually make a difference. If you read the quote from George Bernard Shaw, you will realize that the reasonable men and women will sit around and talk about us, save their time for family and leisure and comply themselves to the system. They will comply themselves to a system that keeps in hanging without a green card for 20 years. They will never be capable of ushering progress.

    The unreasonable ones, the ones like us, who contribute to this cause in various forms, are the gifted ones. We are the lucky ones. For we have the wisdom and the strength to do the unreasonable and get the world to comply to our point of view.

    And flower campaign, the DC rally -- that got bulletin reversed in 2007,
    the popularity of removing per-country ceilings in the offices that exist today and didnt exist before --

    All this a work of men and women like us who are unreasonably resilient, who will not listen to the advise of reasonable men who sit on the sidelines and refresh the Visa Bulletin page every first friday of every month 20 times a day.

    But to those who get it...I have one more quote for you, a final one, I promise:

    "If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."
    Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)

    I wish the problem of greencard backlogs get cleared soon, but if it doesnt, I will do this a 100 times again and with same or more passion, determination and purpose. Our energy and determination would outlast and outlive the intertia of Congress.


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  • enqueued
    08-14 02:13 PM
    To NSC.

    No LUD on my I140. It remains as is.

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  • axp817
    08-22 08:48 AM
    at some point the visa numbers are going to be all used up. The lucky ones would get their GC by then and the others will have to wait for a few months.

    Why worry over it? The line only gets shorter and shorter and everybody will get their turn sooner than later.

    As long as they don't waste any visa numbers, there is no need for any worry. Even their random processing order does not bother me that much, because demand for EB2 will be less than supply next year. Its time for EB3 to fasten the seat belts....



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  • chanduv23
    09-14 11:09 AM
    I didnot started this thread not blame anyone. Everyone knows IV is our only hope....sorry if it hurt someone.

    All I wanted convey is that the current visa bulletin is an opportunity (just like jul 07), IV should try to take advantage of it. They made a mistake by putting in writing that USCIS can not estimate, lets use it to our full advantage.

    Lesser mortals like myself can not do much...but surely IV core can.

    IV core or state chapter leads are none other than "Once upon a time normal visitors to the website" - there are lot of members who are highly dedicated to the cause.

    It will be great if people like you would not put yourself down and call yourself "less mortals". Even if you print out 25 flyers and put them in grocery stores - you have done something for IV. Contribute in every possible way. it is the collective effort that matters.

    Join a state chapter and convey your willingness to do something - IV will know that you are there and can/will do what you can/will. Then IV can channelize your contributions in best possible way.

    You are as much as any other member.

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  • santb1975
    12-03 12:04 PM
    for the Ominus Bill Lobbying efforts


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  • santb1975
    11-16 07:09 PM
    That's ok..Let's keep this thread active

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  • ssamineni
    06-17 09:12 PM
    I have the same name issue. Will it be a problem at all?

    Please advise what should I do.

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  • blue_line
    07-05 03:15 PM


    Name: Emilio Sanchez
    Company: US Citizen and Immigration Service
    Address: 20 Massachusetts Ave Northwest
    Washington, DC 20529
    Card Message: Thank you for the wonderful 15
    days(current visa bulletin).. Now we can
    get back to our pathetic life
    -A Legal Immigrant waiting in line for 9
    Day Phone: 202-307-1565
    Evening Phone:

    09-08 01:47 PM
    ...that this thread is an act of an inside man (within IV) to spark enthu among members. Whatever it is...itz working !!! :)

    BINGO!!! :D
    From the very first post I felt that (including the title of the thread ;) )
    No wonder the guy's not getting banned inspite of his attacks on the core effort right now - THE RALLY.

    Anyway, its working. :)

    07-17 08:25 PM
    Thank you to the IV core, thank you to the members of this board.
    Thank you to all the people who took the initiative, and also to the people who had the foresight to support those initiatives.
    Thank you to all that contributed money( I myself have contributed only once; I pledge more in the future), time, and effort.

    Finally thanks to every one who lent us a sympathetic ear, to every one who doubted IV, to all the nay sayers who strengthened our resolve.

    Finally once more to IV for uniting us all.