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  • selindev
    04-02 12:24 PM
    Hello all. This is a basic question: Are all 501(c) employers exempt from the H1 cap? I have heard and read so much about some non-profits being exempt from the H1 cap, but no one could tell me with certainty which ones.


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  • Sheetal_MA
    10-16 05:39 PM
    I know that most of the people on this forum are EB filers. However, for the few stragglers here who are filing in the family based category, please share your experience on filing the I-751 (petition to remove the condition on the GC). Specifically, I'd like to know the following:

    - Estimated time from filing date to receipt of permanent GC
    - Did you have interview with USCIS?
    - Compare / contrast with first interview during the AOS process.


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-27 08:30 AM
    Keep an eye on the military appropriations bill Congress is working on for a potential immigration piece. The AP reports that Republicans want some serious money and personnel commitments for the southern border. And my own sources are telling me that some Democrats are looking at trying to get the DREAM Act in that same piece of legislation. Remember, DREAM allows for some who join the military to pursue permanent residency so it would be a germane part of the bill. A down payment on comprehensive immigration reform? Or the end of that effort and the return to piecemeal legislating?...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/05/cirlite-deal-in-the-works.html)

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  • cantonsale10@gmail.com
    09-29 09:01 PM

    My priority date is August 2004 EB-3-India.
    In USCIS Website, my 485 case status and Ead status got updated dated september 4 2010.

    What does this mean by anyway with respect to mygreencard process.Plz help.



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  • luckyone
    07-12 10:35 AM
    The White House would not directly respond to reports of complaints from some Democratic governors.

    But David Axelrod, the president�s senior adviser, said on Sunday on CNN�s �State of the Union� that the president remained committed to passing an immigration overhaul, and that addressing the issue did not mean he was ignoring the economy.


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-01 04:30 PM
    Very shortly, Congress will consider legislation that could allow 60,000 foreign nurses to come to the US. We face a shortage that will approach a million by the end of the next decade. On a daily basis, the lack of nurses is a serious problem, but not so noticeable to the typical American. But what happens if we have a pandemic and all of a sudden hospitals around the country are called on to deal with hundreds of thousands - perhaps millions - of sick patients at the same time? We're getting a little preview of that right now with...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/05/are-we-playing-with-fire-when-it-comes-to-nursing-immigration.html)


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    02-07 10:14 AM

    I have 2 questions

    1) When do I have to apply for the 140 after the labor approved; what is the max time allowed after labor approval.

    2) Name Correction in labor; what is procedure to correct my approved labor certficate and when/how to do this ...

    Please help me out .... I have posted this question for my friend.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Aah_GC
    07-09 01:01 PM
    Hi Pappu and rest of IV admins,

    I have been an active donor but had to temporarily cancel my subscription due to pay pal problems. I am back donating again and cannot access the donor forums. Could you please help me with this issue? I tried writing on the 'Contact us' form, but havent had any luck so far.


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  • Blog Feeds
    09-11 12:00 PM
    Sorry, that revelation just made my head explode. The "You Lie!" Congressman claims to have been an immigration lawyer before going to Congress. I'm working on whether that is true or has the same truthiness as the illegal aliens in the health care bill myth.

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/09/wilson-claims-to-have-been-an-immigration-lawyer-in-the-past-no.html)

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  • stefanv
    07-27 08:28 AM
    Stole your title ... sry :P


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  • Vagus
    01-13 08:09 PM
    Which service center did you apply? Was it renewal or first time application. My friend got it renewed from texas center in 57 days. Mine also pending for renewal in Nebraska center.

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  • ivar
    06-18 09:58 PM

    Few days back there were some people on this forum proposing an idea of buy houses for green card. If you watch the video somewhere around 32 or 33 mins, he talks about the same idea implemented in Canada. They said get 400K buy a house here and get a canadian passport this helped reduce housing inventory in canada. So may be this will give some inspiration to people supporting the idea of buy a house for green card. What i assume that people need to have 400K cash and not loan from a bank to be considered an investment in the country.

    At 45 to 46th minute of the video he clearly says that raising taxes and protectionism is not going to help economy.. I hope Obama takes note of it.

    At 52nd minute he bashes Vikram pandit for being CEO of citigroup. Overall a good video to watch for traders..



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  • gsc999
    05-25 04:09 PM

    In future, please try to post in existing NEWS THREADS, don't open a new thread.

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  • texcan
    09-10 11:00 AM

    IV needs money for rally.

    Lets pledge to contrbute right after you get recpits.
    We all are skilled immigrations with high billing rates per hour.
    Think about how many hours you have spent tracking receipts,
    Lets not waste any more time in tracking, instead contribute a few hours to work and contribute some of that money worth to IV.

    Lets change one fruitless habbit to fruitful one.

    Please contribute.


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  • rk2006
    08-06 07:30 PM
    I applied for AP and EAD renewal in July 2010. I need to go to India by Oct 1st week for some personal work which can not wait beyond that time.
    I am planing to expidite my AP if I wont get AP by then. What can I do with my EAD?

    - Do I need to be present in US for EAD or I can leave US and ask my friend send EAD to India when it gets approved?
    - If I go to India before EAD approval and if I am called for finger printing what are my options? Like, if I dont/cant come by the finger printing appointment date what happens ?

    I appreciate for your reply.

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  • wrldnw4me
    01-27 01:15 PM
    count me in


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  • niklshah
    09-19 10:58 AM
    It was really a proud moment for me and my wife to be part of rally yesterday. I felt really good that i am trying to do something about the situation. Hats off to aman kapoor and other core members who are putting their heart and sould into this fight even though they have their green cards already. As per the message conveyed in rally our real work begins now as we have to educate the congress members about the differance of legal and illegal immigration process. we should also try to involve as many members as possible who were not able to attend the rally due to their personal situation to be active in this education process. again salute to aman kapoor and core member team.

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  • vegasbaby
    05-04 07:16 PM

    Firstly, I would like to apologize for my ignorance & starting a new thread on this topic. I have some questions on porting & hopefully you learned people would help me on this.

    1. When is the actual PD porting done? Is it done at I-140 stage?
    2. I have I-485 filed in EB3-I. Now, I do my labor in EB2 & then at the time of applying I-140 do I tell USCIS that I have an old EB3 with PD of Nov 2004?
    3. Say I do that, will USCIS automatically change my category on my pending I-485?
    4. When I filed my I-485 in EB3, I was single. Now I am married. If USCIS automatically adjudicates my pending application, I believe, I will be in soup since my wife is not included in that. So should I (or the attorney) tell them NOT to adjust category on my pending I-485 instead I file a new I-485 under EB2?


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  • harryimmi
    07-14 05:53 PM

    I came to US with H1 on Apr 2009. My wife who was working in the same company as I do, joined me on Dec 2009 with H4 visa. My H1 has expired on June 18 '10. I have applied for H1 extension much before and currently my status is pending with USCIS. Along with my H1 extension I have also applied for my wife's H4 extension. Her status is also pending.

    My company has actually filed H1 visa for my wife for 2011 H1B quota.

    I have the following questions, can someone kindly answer the same.

    i) If my wife gets her H1 petition approved, should she travel back to my country to get it stamped and for her to work here in US?
    Some say she should go back and some say she can start working here with her I797 notice, she can get it stamped whenever she goes to my country. Which is true?

    ii) Assuming I get approval for my H1 extension and her H4 extension, should she get H4 extension stamped as well?

    iii) Can she go for stamping for H1 as well as H4 in my country, if so which one should she go for first?

    07-19 04:23 PM
    http://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnflash/content/jul2007/db20070718_012859.htm?chan=top+news_top+news+index _businessweek+exclusives

    03-26 01:22 PM
    Company A filed my PERM in Sep 2008 showing 5 yrs job experience as of April 2005 .

    I joined Company B citing 6 yrs job experience as of Dec 2009 due to various reasons.
    Joined Company B in Dec 2009 and have H1b valid till April 2011 which is when my 6 year period ends.

    My issues are:

    1. If Company B files for my 7th year extension using the pending PERM, will the job experience discrepancy pose any problems ?

    2. Does Company B have to know all the details in my pending PERM or just the case number to use it?

    3. What is the earliest Company B can apply for 7th year extension?

    Thank you very much for your help!!