When kids talk

I made this blog with the intention of sharing girly things like fashion, beauty and make-up. But eventually I feel like I also have to verbalize about my personal, daily, thoughts and sentiments.  So with the desire of being organized; I made a new blog separating my girly passion from the more personal ones. After posting two entries; I got tired and lazy, in short I failed.  I can’t maintain two blogs especially I am very particular about the design, template and so on.  So here I am turning my blog into a hodgepodge of random thoughts, exemplifying my indecisiveness.  I just hope that my blog will still be worthy and not as to what I fear to be – dull and boring. 

So let me get started…

You may be thinking right now that my title has nothing to do nor irrelevant to what I just said; well, It is in fact the literary meaning of what this post will be about.  When kids talk. When my kids talk. If it happens that you don’t know that I already have two kids at such a very young age, then don’t get shock nor get me wrong.  I am twenty three years old and yes, I already have a four year old daughter, and a three year old son. It may be too early but it is my fate and I am proud, happy about it.

As we all know that being a mom no matter what age you are isn’t easy. If you’re a mom or you care and have observed what your mommy does then you’ll probably know what I mean.  It is no way an easy task. It is a lifetime duty.  A 24-hour job that you are willing to sacrifice all the time you have; just to comply with your child's needs and sometimes his/her wants.  No, you cannot give all the things he/she wants. It is limitless and not the ideal way to raise a child even if you’re the richest person in the world.  However, on the contrary, being a mom is proven to be the most fulfilling, wonderful, inexplicable feeling a person could ever have. 

Unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling, Soaring, Tumbling, freewheeling through an endless diamond sky. - suddenly remembered the song from the movie, Alladin.

So before I talk about a lot of things and change topic, I’ll now share you some of the simple, ordinary yet momentous conversations/communications of my kids that always put a smile on my face every time I think of it. 


My mom called and said that my dad is coming to Manila in two weeks. She talked to my baby boy.

Mom: baby boy, what do you want for pasalubong?
Baby boy: I want ben-10.
Mom: ahh okay, ben-10 lang pala.
Baby boy: yes, ben-10, ben-10 na laptop.

*then we all laughed thinking that where the hell are we going to find a ben-10 laptop and if in case there is how big it would cost my mom to buy that. – Kids nowadays are really hi-tech.

  1. Sabiyah came to me, asking some questions. while I, busy browsing the internet didn’t notice that she has already repeated her question a lot of times and still no answer from me.  My baby boy who was about a meter away from us heard his sister and with an angry face approached me and said, “Mommy, pakinggan mo naman si ate sabiyah, kawawa naman.”


Before we go to sleep they never to fail say “I love you always” to me and their dad.


My Sabiyah now goes to school; she is in kindergarten (Casa Jr. 2). One afternoon when she was about to leave the house my baby boy was busy watching Playhouse Disney (their fave channel) and didn’t notice that his sister just left. After a short while…

Baby boy: mommy, where’s ate sabiyah?
Me: she just left. Why?
Ignoring my question, he ran fast to see if sabiyah still outside the house.Luckily, she was at the gate still waiting for her ride.
Baby boy: *shouting* ate sabiyah, hindi ka naka-kiss.
Sabiyah:  ay, I forgot.
she kissed him on the cheek.
Baby boy: cge, ingat.

Then they both waved their hands.


The innumerable compliments I receive every time I wear something nice, cook something delicious,  etc.
kids: mommy, you look pretty. / wow! yummy naman.


and a lot lot more. Everyday is a wonderful experience with my kids. :)