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  • anjans
    07-03 08:43 PM
    Hi All,

    Need some piece of advice. My H1B is expiring on 07-15-08, On July 2nd my I-140 was filed in premium processing. My LC is not 365 days old, so i need I-140 to apply for 3 year extension of my H1. Since it takes max of 15 calander days for I-140 to go through it may protentially get approved on July 18th and the approval may arrive in a week after that. Since I dont have a basis for requesting H1 extension , I am wondering how I can stay in status from 15th July till i get I-140 approved.

    Any ideas?

    Appreciate your response.

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  • josecuervo
    06-22 03:26 PM
    I-140 Premium processing upgrade receipt number

    Dear firends.,
    My lawayer upgraded to premium processing for I-140 on June 20th,2007. Will I get a new receipt number or should I keep checking the status for the original I-140 receipt number
    Please advise


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  • morchu
    05-07 09:03 PM
    Can I accept a job abroad and work aborad while I'm waiting for the visa bulletin to become current?

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  • stxvr
    02-22 12:55 AM
    I have one question about signing the affidavit of support (864) for immigration of a family member.
    (i.e. For petition for Immediate Relative- daughter files for mother)

    If daughter signs an affidavit of support for mother (i.e. form 864) for immigrant visa (Immediate relative) then in that case for daughter is it going to create any problem in getting study loans/home loan in future?


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  • baba84
    04-28 12:38 PM
    Lucky guy!
    When was your PD date? Just curious

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  • what_now
    08-23 01:06 PM
    my wife also got her 3rd FP notice. My self never did after first time. Its not big deal.


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  • meridiani.planum
    10-19 02:22 AM
    b1 and h1b are trade issues.
    eb visa is an immigration issue.

    could'nt have put it better myself. B1 and H1 has direct impact on the businesses in India (who are BTW paying lobbyists to influence ministers and trade groups to make such requests to increase the visas). Why does anyone in India care what the EB visa limit it?

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  • vban2007
    04-22 04:35 PM

    Hi All,

    Would request any answers or any practical experiences in regards to my queries:

    My wife and my infant daughter originally came to the US in 2004 on H4 and my wife got her H1-B also in 2004.
    In Oct 2007 I and my wife got our EAD (The GC processing is through my company). Also since our arrival to the US in 2004 we did not go to India . But we are planning to go this summer.

    My queries: We are planning to use AP to enter US

    What will be my status once I come back from India. Can I maintain H1B Status without going for stamping since I changed my company. to enter US

    My wife has no H1-B stamp on her passport (since she came on h4). Can she come back on H1B, without going for stamping? Or is it advisable to go for stamping of her H1 and come on H1-B?
    My daughter has H4 visa based on my H1-B, can she come on H4?

    Appreciate your response.


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  • vikki76
    07-24 05:35 PM
    Once you use your 485 related EAD , then you can switch back to H1-B . If this switch is less than an year, then there is a possibilty you might, but definitely after an year, you will need to apply for fresh H-1 subject to quota and all.
    If you are primary applicant, then my advise would be to use H1-B if you can.

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    05-13 12:24 PM
    Why would you bather about your new H1B ,if you plan to leave this country.

    Put all your luggage in cargo to india and forget about your luggage and go .. visit whatever country you want.

    Are you planning to come to USA after 6 months or what?


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  • apatel_17
    03-28 08:37 AM
    Since Senate passed the CIR bill last year, is it necessary for the Senate to pass a bill again this year?

    If the House manages to pass CIR this year, wouldn't a committee (Senate & House members) meet and chalk of the difference and come to a common ground?

    Pending legislation from last year were part of a different congress (house+senate), and all bills from last congress, that failed to become law, expired at the beginning of this year when a new Congress took charge. That's why CIR is being re-introduced in both the house and senate.

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  • dhirajgrover
    01-18 03:14 PM

    USCIS Online Change of Address

    Customers who have an application and/or petition which has been filed with USCIS but has not yet been decided (also known as a 'pending' case) should notify USCIS of any change of address as soon as possible after moving.

    The law requires nearly all non-U.S. Citizens1 to report a change of address within 10 days of moving by completing a Form AR-11. Abiding by these legal requirements and completing the necessary forms does not update an address on any applications or petitions pending with USCIS. Non-citizens with pending cases must do both.

    Most customers can now notify USCIS to change their address on a pending case online here on our website. Non-citizens can also now complete the Form AR-11 online here on our website.

    If you choose to change your address online using our Online Change of Address Notification tool, you will need to have some information available. Please have the following information available before you begin:

    * Your receipt notice or other notice we sent you showing your receipt number (if you have a pending case with USCIS).
    * Your new address
    * Your old address
    * If you have filed a petition for a family member, please have the names and biographical information for that person.
    * When you last entered the United States (if you cannot remember this information please fill in an approximate date)
    * Where you last entered the United States (through what port of entry you entered - whether by land, sea or air)


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  • indyanguy
    11-19 08:46 PM
    In most of the job boards, we see the following employment types:

    1. Full Time (this I understand :))
    2. Contract - Corp 2 Corp
    3. Contract - Independent
    4. Contract - W2
    5. Contract to Hire - Corp 2 Corp/W2/Independent.

    Can someone explain to me what these mean?

    What are the differences with taxation perspective?

    For someone on EAD, (for AC21), which employment type(s) are preferred?


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  • ramesh10
    08-29 02:01 PM
    You need only AOS receipt, when you travel outside
    So dont worry about EAD and AP receipts as you will get EAD Card and AP Doc directly to your address

    So just ask AOS receipt saying you are planning for travel


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  • desixp
    04-09 09:40 PM

    Yes, you can file I140 Premium Processing for a substitute labor. I have done that. Got approved in 9 days.

    Good Luck.


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  • martinvisalaw
    06-05 05:13 PM

    1. If my father applies for GC for me under F2B can it be converted to F1 when he becomes citizen?


    if so, will the priority date be same or it will be new once converted to F1 category.


    2. Can I apply for both family based and employment based in parallel?


    if it is not possible which path should I select? Will the employment based GC will be faster of family based?



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  • H1b_to_GC
    07-10 09:04 AM
    Did you get an answer from your attorney?

    Attorney confirmed that correction was made before final filing.

    Also said that the Labor Certification was tied to my I-140 which also got approved.

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  • gc_pd_nov_2005
    07-17 09:31 AM
    Greetings everyone.
    I ran into these forums few days ago and realized what I have been missing for the past few years :-). Anyway, my GC priority date is Nov 2005 under EB2 (India). I am very GC-illiterate in the sense that after actively tracking and monitoring it for a year or so after filing for labor, I kind of gave up on the fact that I was going to get GC anytime soon and moved on. Except for replying to lawyer's emails whenever I get them, I didn't really monitor anything else. Anyway, here is some additional information -
    1) I applied along with everyone else in July 2007 for I-485 and got my EAD.
    2) I went for VISA stamping in Hyderabad in Nov 2009 and got 221(g) (I had all the documents but you know how 221(g)s were given out at Hyd like M&Ms at that time) and upon lawyer's recommendation entered the country through AP.
    3) A part of my company was recently acquired by a different very large MNC and I chose to remain in the other half which wasn't acquired and we chose to do business as (DBA) as a different company. Lawyer said she took care of it on the GC app - I am guessing she filed for AC-21.
    4) I currently applied for a EAD (current one expires in couple of months) and AP.

    Long story short, my app status currently shows, "post-decision activity" -->Does it mean they already took the decision? Is there a chance something could go wrong in the next few weeks? I called the lawyer's office yesterday and they said I should hear from them in the first week of August and if the app status doesn't change, they will open a SR on my behalf around Aug 10th...

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks a bunch!

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  • nhgc
    03-12 12:40 PM
    I140 pending under EB3, non premium category with receipt date 2/1/07.
    I have worked for my current company for 6 years. Currently in the 7th year of H-1B with 1 year extension until March 08.
    I want to change jobs due to dissatisfaction with current work, and also due to possible future restructuring within company.

    How can I change companies without having to go back or live overseas for 1 year and start the process all over again?


    11-02 04:26 PM
    My labour was filed for a software engineer position (java, udb, etc) 3 years ago. Over that time, my role has changed to a project manager. Infact I don't do any coding anymore. If I invoke AC21 after 180 days, can I switch to a Project Manager position?
    These are two different skills, unless you can manage to have job description of your new job to be the same as in LC. Or you can leave it the way it is, provided your employer intends to hire you as a software engineer upon approval of LC, and you intend to accept it. In the meantime, do whatever you want - project management or anything unrelated.

    05-24 08:16 PM
    In CIR 2007 (S.1348) Title V, subtitle B is skill act of 2007 SEC.524 says about people with masters and higher degrees will not be counted against the numerical caps. This says it is amending Section 201(b)(1) (8 U.S.C. 1151(b)(1)) which is about the numerical caps. As this is in the section of backlog reduction does this mean that those who already are in the process and is backlogged will be given green cards out the numerical cap?