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  • pappu
    07-16 09:40 PM

    AILA has a template of a letter/email to Congress members that can be used to express support for visa recapture and immigration reform.

    Please check out
    AILA - Web Resources (http://capwiz.com/aila2/issues/alert/?alertid=13300836&type=CO)

    You may like to modify the message to suit your life situation and preferences. For example, instead of undocumented aliens, I used the opportunity to stress the difficulties of employment-based applicants. While I have nothing against them, it is my belief that I need to stress my own problem and seek a resolution.

    And, I have also forwarded the link and my mail to all my friends who are waiting for green cards. More importantly, I have asked my relatives and friends, who are citizens or who have green cards, to pitch in and write for our sake.

    My suggestion, should you agree with the above, is not only to write to your Congress members but also ask your relatives and friends to do likewise.

    Best wishes

    We advice not to use this template and form. The message and the organization sending it for their advocacy agenda is very important. Even if you change the wording, people will hardly read the letter. They will look at the organization that sent it and its agenda.

    It is better to call or email your senators and congressmen with a personal message. When there is a need for a fax campaign, IV will activate its fax campaign system here http://immigrationvoice.org/index.php?option=com_iv_webfax&task=getContactDetails&Itemid=46

    If you email or call your Congressmen or Senator, do tell them that you are a member of ImmigrationVoice so that their office can make the connection to your calls, meetings and emails in our advocacy meetings. Another point to note that in person meetings have much more effect than emails. You may get a standard reply to your emails. Sometimes the response may talk about a general immigration position of the senator rather than a specific reply to your question.

    BTW do not quote any bill # yet. If you want to talk about Recapture, just say recapture of unused visas for Employment based category.

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  • sbeyyala
    04-28 07:02 PM
    Made $100 today, All the Best !

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  • srinivasj
    01-18 04:56 PM
    i am ready to contribute...please count me in...

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  • geofu54
    07-15 02:27 AM
    Long time lurker signed (with a message) :)


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  • pansworld
    12-02 01:17 AM
    Maybe I am being naive. But we are not a political organization. I sure do hope we are not. We should be open, clear and precise about our goals and our funding sources/drives. Frankly our opponents pump in millions of dollars into their effort. Maybe one of these days we can compete with them monetarily. But all I know is they can get millions of dollars but not 25000 committed members.

    Also please consider that charging people for reading posts et al or instituting monthly payments will drive people away. People who cannot pay will not pay. All we lose is participation which is more important. You will agree that we want more participation not less.

    Hence IMHO we disclose our goals. We disclose our costs up front. We have nothing to hide.

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  • alterego
    10-29 08:52 AM

    I remember that night....since then I lost my 2004 PD, had many hopes dashed, got laid off and so on...but still here, Enjoy your Green!

    "I've spent so long waiting I even get nostalgic about the early days. I remember very well, blogging one cold December night on Immigrationportal with Wallenpond, Pdakwala, Superman,Khodalmd and many other early IV luminaries in 2005 putting up a rearguard uncoordinated effort, when Rep. Sensenbrenner scuttled our visa recapture chances in conference committee. Following which IV was born with leadership from folks well known to us now. IV is your organisation and platform. It will only be as strong as you let it be. "


    Sorry to hear about your loss of PD etc. However, the fact that you survived and still hanging in there shows you will prevail. On an optimistic note, the recently released USCIS data seem to suggest that their PD movement is more data driven this time and getting to your newer Eb2 PD, while it will still take time, may not be as long as previously thought especially in this economy with fewer applicants in general. I was pleasantly surprised to see them maintain EB2I cut off dates into Nov. If they set dates anything close to sensibly, they should never need to retrogress by many months or years like in the past. The article about low workloads at NSC recently was quite revealing. Whatever they say now, spillover will be substantial this year end in my view. Since they have finally since last year started to interpret spillover rules the way they were meant to be used, I think EB2I will be the primary beneficiary.
    I would however have the following advice for you, in the interim while you are waiting, keep on them, follow up every RFE after you respond, follow every fingerprint with a phone call, get familiar with your congressman/womans immigration aide, open a service request if you are eligible to do so. In general get your case organised as much as possible before. If you get information that you were pre approved, that would be useful, but even then keep on them as soon as your PD is current. In general with the USCIS, assume they will make an error, if you can conceive that they will make one and sometimes even when you can't imagine how. I can certainly tell you they are not well organised.

    Good luck.


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  • gsc999
    07-19 04:32 PM
    You are right in that the donation would go towards the core IV funds. But if we resort to writing personal checks and What if it is short of the amount he spent ? Should he wait for months if not years to realize the amount he spent ? I think they should be compensated immediately from the core IV funds.
    Can someone from the core tell us if there is a possibility that we can request IV to reimburse Aman and other core members for their past expenses and institute a prosess for expense reimbursement going forward

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  • gc_chahiye
    06-13 06:35 PM
    you can add your spouses before an I-485 is approved. Once its approved, then you are in trouble. These dates are current only temporarily, and retrogression ("severe" as per the bulletin) is expected again soon. So go ahead and file your I-485 right now if your PD is 'late' (2006 or so) you will probably be on EAD/AP for a while.

    if your PD is 2003/2004/2005, then as soon as 485 filing is done, start looking for your life partner :)


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  • hebbar77
    10-09 11:01 PM
    If you are not in india, then you are somewhere to earn more than you do than in india. So investment is safe if you can afford to invest in that property without a loan. If you are taking a loan you are getting ripped off. STOP there.

    to me agricultural land is next to investment in gold. agri land always holds value(sale value) or appreciates over time. Always you can get decent return by farming something there. So my belief is you always get 6%+ return on investment over short/long period of time.

    city properties are just a ripp off. So get only one property if you want to live for yourself.. Investment of say 50 lacs on a flat(condo), may give you a good rent. But for how long? and what % of interest you pay on that loan? And what will the aging affect be on that flat!!...
    that way land | house is better choice!

    To me below are investment items first the highest safety + return(decreasing order or preference)
    1. gold(other precious metals)
    2. treasary bonds../govt assured accounts
    2. agri land(either in india or US, in is labor is higher)
    3. city independent houses
    4. select mutual funds
    5. stock market
    6. Condos

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  • saurav_4096
    10-09 05:47 PM
    I have a valid H1 approval till 2011 and used AP for my previous india visit. Right now i am transfering my H1 to a new company.
    I asked my lawyer if i was on H1 status or not? She replied, Unitl you use EAD, i will be on H1B Status.

    and also we can transfer our H1 to new company also. thats what i am doing now.

    hope this helps!! and this was the answer from 2 lawyers which i asked.

    Duration for I-94 while entering on AP is same as validity for AP. I am not sure what will happen in the scenario below:
    A person on H1B validity for two years enters US on AP, which was valid for an year. He/She gets I-94 for only one year. in case person do not have any travel plan for next two year, will he be out of status after year as I-94 would have expird after one year and he/she kept working for H1B sponserer for two years.

    Another questuon is Does renewed AP also comes with new I-94, like H1B renewals?



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  • 485Mbe4001
    03-09 12:36 PM
    If someone has experience with working on the software they use for this site, they should volunteer their services. Dont we have a single 'Skilled' immigrant who can help implement those suggestions. This would be a great non cash contribution.

    So I am assuming we have a way to track who they are. Why don't we tag them - on the colored button on the top right, saying something like "xxx doesnot want to contribute but has posted 239 messages" and let people decide whether to read or ignore his message.

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  • abhijitp
    06-06 04:38 AM
    I am sorry I haven't done it either. I am gonna get this done tomorrow. I am deeply buried in work right now (hope you will trust me on this given the time of the day now;-) but this action item is way too important to miss out on!!!

    Thanks Santb1975 and everybody else who is making this happen!


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  • paskal
    05-23 03:45 PM
    WHY is she backing the bill..what is her motivation? or did she just decide to do a gandhi on us all?

    > i am not berating anyone for that matter!

    When lawmakers support certain bills..its because of the interst groups that back them..not their inner calling!

    "If that is the logic then why do you think that lawmakers will work on "immigration" bills. After all the "immigration" bills only benefit folks who don't vote immediately. "

    this bill is a great example. iv is the only organization that ahs pushed for it. a bunch of "non voters". our constant pushing has helped bring lawmakers to our side and even corporations taht never cared about thsi before now have it on their agenda.

    our voices count.
    we use them in many ways. each way is important in this system.

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  • qplearn
    11-16 01:51 PM
    There is radio talk guy Sean Hannity (Convervative Republican). He is very popular for his straight and truth talk on radio. He comes in 7:60 AM on radio from 3PM to 5 PM EST.

    We could send an e-mail or call and request him if he could take time to talk about our problem. He is very much against Illegal Immigration. He always supported legal immigration. He himself is an immigrant. Most of the people in Congress know him. Probably this might be a good idea and hope he will talk about our problems and this wrong propaganda about us not paying taxes.

    For more information about him you can check http://www.hannity.com
    I would stay away from this guy. He hates all immigrants; he supports the legal ones when he wants to bash the illegals. He is on FOX everyday. People who might listen to us are people like Margaret Warner on PBS.


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  • kavita
    12-30 11:26 AM
    www.change.gov is open for questions: round two.

    You can post a question and vote on others' questions.

    We may not lead in voting or number of questions, but still should do our best. Lets not give an impression to this transition team that EB immigrants are not suffering from backlogs or are not concerned enough.

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  • gcisadawg
    04-09 03:14 PM
    i will go ahead and give my take on this based on my experience

    1) some doctors DO NOT give a waiver since they think its OK to take a TB test during pregnancy itself, let alone not taking after child birth. so call the doc b4 you go.
    2) I believe as long as the doctor gives you a blanket waiver it should be fine, thats all the proof you probably mifght need..

    I dont think USCIS is so crude to go into getting excruciating evidence in these type of situations...good luck;)

    I would call the USCIS if first off , they could give you more time..saying that she is traveling....if not get a blanker waiver..

    Our immigration doctor, as a std. practice, don't do TB test during pregnancy. That's the reason we didn't do TB test for her during July 2007 fiasco.


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  • gveerab
    04-09 02:10 AM
    I switched job and applied H1B transfer a month ago. To my surprise we got H1B approval in two weeks even though we selected regular processing. Today I saw soft LUD on my case, my wife case and kid's case. So far no RFEs

    Even though I got my H1b approval for three years a week ago by mail, still my online H1b status is showing pending. This H1b extension is 9th year to 12th year extension :):)

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  • masouds
    09-17 01:56 PM

    Wait, what kind of link is it? I've tried with 4 (Firefox, IE6, Chrome and Safari) and they all want to save that link. MediaPlayer and Quicktime refuse to play it too. WTF?

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  • B3NKobe
    06-09 01:41 AM
    Nice Job Ankou!! Smooth colouring, :D:D

    12-17 07:01 PM
    From pages 8-9 of Driving jobs and Innovation Offshore (http://www.nfap.com/pdf/071206study.pdf) The impact of high-skill Immigration Restrictions on America, National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) Policy Brief, Dec 2007

    India-based Patni Computer Systems agreed with the Department of Labor that the company paid 607 workers on H-1B visas less than the prevailing wage in 2004 and 2005. The Department of Labor did not oppose Patni�s contention that this was due to an accounting error, since the government did not assess any additional penalties and concluded Patni�s actions were not willful. Patni agreed to pay approximately $2.4 million to the 607 workers, which comes to slightly less than $4,000 each.

    It is worth noting that $4,000 per worker is likely less than what the company paid in various legal and government fees to sponsor the workers ($5,000 to $6,000 in legal and government fees).

    06-12 09:10 AM
    here's the one i did earlier :S not too marvelous :D