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  • hopefulgc
    09-11 05:00 PM

    excellent effort...

    i suggest we shorten this good letter slightly ... andaks straight question in it.

    copies to uscis director, condolezza rice, president byush..

    We have nothing else to do on the immigration front for the next 50 days.. lets do this.

    Sweet_jungle and Bawa,

    Thank you for your initiative. After the raised and dashed hopes over the past 2-3 months (August, Sept & Oct 2008 visa bulletins) I am BLOODY angry about this RIDICULOUSLY fecked up system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why the hell am I subjecting myself to this indignity!!

    Here is a letter I drafted that I'd like to send to the Ombudsman .. could you'll help me edit/revise the content and also, please provide me with the contact info for the ombudsman?

    we could also write letters to highlight this to Congresswoman Lofgren as well as publish it in media outlets?



    On behalf of the Indian legal immigrant community in the United States of America, I am
    writing to highlight the ongoing egregious inefficiencies in the immigration �services�
    provided by the USCIS and the DOS. There have been numerous times when there have been erratic movements in the published visa bulletin dates. As a result the DOS either under- or over-estimates the number of applicants available for adjustment of status. When the date moves forward by too large a window, USCIS tends to approve the more recent applications as opposed to the ones that were filed earlier. Let me explain with an example: in the July 2008 visa bulletin, the cut-off date for the India EB2 category was 01 April 2004. A month later, the cut-off date for Indian EB2 applicants abruptly moved forward two years and was set at 01 June 2006. Instead of approving applicants who applied in 2004 and 2005, USCIS approved applicants from 2006. Where is the justice in that???

    Indian employment-based immigrants are tax-paying, law-abiding, educated individuals contributing to America�s knowledge economy - yet we have been subjected to the worst aspects of the US employment-based immigration system. These include:

    1) Extended wait times at each step of the immigration process.
    2) Lack of transparency on the part of USCIS.
    3) Lost opportunities owing to the lack of job portability during the process (a time period spanning an average of five years, whereas an applicant from any country besides India gets his/her PR card in under two years).

    While we are grateful for the opportunity to partake in the American dream, it is ironic that we arrive in America and find that our freedom is shackled � we are bound to our sponsoring employer from the start to the end of this extremely lengthy process. Although legal immigration reform is our ongoing aim, for now, we sincerely request you to investigate the process whereby the monthly visa bulletin is set and to ensure FIFO (first in, first out) adjustment so that those of us who have been waiting longer receive attention prior to those who have applied later.

    Thanking you,

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  • ujjvalkoul
    12-18 05:17 PM
    I wish this thread would reach 100 pages just like the one during the last days of the Lame Duck sessions when folks were jamming senator sessions' phone lines.

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  • bigboy007
    04-12 11:25 AM
    Great discussions!! we are all going in different directions... How many Labor petitions few handful? There might be ppl who are stuck legitimately and ppl who did it , it was legal. Rather we should concentrate on Retrogression of VISA numbers. Then what after July 07 , think also about 140's there were pending there are a handful with earlier priority dates. Also many times USCIS issued GC's for ppl with earlier PD's should they return their GC back ? And potato eater has mentioned its not point to argument. I dont think there are those who are blocking the system. It is sheer number of VISA's that are driving nuts. There were also proposals that VISA numbers be applied only to principal applicants. Actions like these will have impact on final numbers.

    And above all this idea is not new , It was even discussed by many members (in ~2006) when Substitution was abolished. But we are already here. We will campaign like Rajiv Khanna had said and then what discuss new proposal ? I feel its not that easy to do a change for existing ones in pipeline and USCIS has completely abolished this idea altogether.

    Main action agenda: Legislation to get back unused numbers. I dont want IV to waste energy or resources anything beyond this and we shouldnt keep on discussions of new proposals. Our only point of discussion should be How to get legislative fix done.

    Come to think of it, this idea has potential to fly. We can ask CIS to make the date of I-140 filing as the PD for substituted labor case. This will ensure that PD will move forward smoothly till July 07 at least. That will cover most of the long standing ( and long suffering) GC applicants and bring them relief. This will not have any other impact on the number of outstanding apps or available visa numbers etc. I guess this change in PD assignment logic can be done by CIS without the need of any new legislation.

    The idea inherently appeals to those who believe in fair play. How do we take this forward.

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  • leoindiano
    08-22 03:45 PM
    I guess there are lots of members who regularly tune into Hannity's show to listen to Obama's radical associations.

    True...Sean makes up these associations in dreams and in the morning he spits them on FOX news...


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  • Appu
    04-12 02:07 PM

    Will Words Fail Her?
    Immigration Officials Snub Literary Sensation Yiyun Li Despite Her Peers' Praise

    Despite being compared to Hemingway, Yiyun Li lost her first bid for permanent residency because an agency says she has not "risen to the very top of the field of endeavor."

    By Bob Thompson
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Wednesday, December 21, 2005; Page C01

    Five years ago, Yiyun Li had a problem: How do you persuade the literary world to take you seriously when you're a 28-year-old native Chinese speaker trying to write in English, you've published exactly nothing and your training consists of a single adult-education class?

    Since then, the Beijing-born Li's career arc has been so steep it gives her peers vertigo.

    She's had stories published in prestige magazines such as the New Yorker and the Paris Review. She's won the Pushcart Prize and the Plimpton Prize for New Writers. Random House has signed her to a $200,000, two-book contract, which Executive Editor Kate Medina calls -- in what qualifies as a serious understatement -- "most unusual" for a literary writer at this stage of her career. Her first book, a story collection called "A Thousand Years of Good Prayers," was published this fall to wide praise.

    Now she has another problem: How do you explain to the federal immigration bureaucracy what the word "extraordinary" means?

    n the summer of 2004, Li petitioned the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to become a permanent resident of the United States. To approve her application for a green card, USCIS would need to agree that she was an artist of "extraordinary ability," defined in Title 8, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 204.5(h)(2) as "a level of expertise indicating that the individual is one of that small percentage who have risen to the very top of the field of endeavor."

    To the upper echelons of literary publishing, Li looks like a slam-dunk to meet this definition. Not to the USCIS, however. A year after she filed it, her petition was rejected.

    She has appealed. A USCIS spokesman says she is likely to get her answer in a few weeks.

    The appeal was rejected around Jan 2006 - Appu


    The 33-year-old author, who plans another effort to get her green card, had applied based on "exceptional ability" in the arts. Her previous literary honors include the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award and a Pushcart prize,

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  • snathan
    08-12 05:20 PM
    EB3 Guys,

    Take it easy... This is just for humour, to have fun at these times.

    No green card for you. Just work well for 6 years, enjoy life in US, enjoy sports cars by renting, not by buying, rent a big house, have a lawn and garden in back yard, grow your own vegetables. Have nice vacations like Hawaii, Jamaican islands, Vegas, Porto Rico etc.,Have fun in life. Do not go for green card. After 6 years, get nice job in India,own apartment near to office and ask your parents to live with you. Take kids to school . Have fun with them. Try to become director, AVP,VP,SVP,CEO,CTO and President. Do not go for green card. After you become director, buy a single family home and mercedez or BMW and have fun. Retire by the time your kids become earners. Grow vegetables in back yard. Do gardening and have fun. Thats how life should be. Do not hope for green card. H A V E F U N.

    Does it make any sense...in the name of humour you are just pissing every one here.


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  • english_august
    07-06 10:36 PM
    The Times of India article that is on their website has also been published in Delhi and Mumbai print editions of Saturday. You can check out their epaper.

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  • msp1976
    02-04 09:50 PM
    No one here takes advantage of any group. We are talking here is what law says and how it is implemented by various agencies. The problem is there is doubt that DOS has not understood the law. No one is against ROW and loves India and China. US immigration simply based on preference catagories. For example, wife of U.S citzen will be given first preference in immigration (FB1) compare to brothers and sisters of US permanent residents (FB4or5). This is the law.

    Similar thing in employment catagories too. Before 2000, there is a verical spill over of EB visas. Becase of this, a high skilled workers from India/China has to wait more compare to low skilled workers from ROW. This practice will not put US in technological edge. Thats why AC21 law implemented.

    After 2000, congress removed country quota in all EB catagoires. The simple reason is to make US competiveness in 21st century. The intend is simple.

    The simple meaning of AC21 law is, for example, let us assume following hypothitical situation. There are 40,000 noble prize winners from Mexico. All of them applying EB1 visas in a FY. In same FY, no one from other countries applied EB1 visa. As per AC21 rule, entire 40,000 visas (100%) goes to Mexico in EB1 irrsepective of how EB2 or EB3 or FE catagories are retrogressed or howmany mexians in EB/FB are waiting. This is what congress intend to promote high skilled immigrants to USA. This is what american competivness in 21 century. The intent here is noble prize winners should not wait even if they are from oversubscribed countries like mexico.

    If you read word by word of AC21 rule ..you will understand what I am saying.

    INA 202 (a) (5) (A)
    EMPLOYMENT-BASED IMMIGRANTS NOT SUBJECT TO PER COUNTRY LIMITATION IF ADDITIONAL VISAS AVAILABLE- If the total number of visas available under paragraph (1), (2), (3), (4), or (5) of section 203(b) for a calendar quarter exceeds the number of qualified immigrants who may otherwise be issued such visas, the visas made available under that paragraph shall be issued without regard to the numerical limitation under paragraph (2) of this subsection during the remainder of the calendar quarter

    My intension is simple.

    Even if SKIL/CIR bill passed in near future, if DOS or USCIS does not implement the law accordingly, it will be disaster for oversubscribed countries like India and China.

    You see ...even in this text congress did not explicitly write that the 7% country limit does not apply to the EB immigration.They did not remove the limits as you claim...Unless and until they write that the 7% limit does not apply...all your logic remains on paper and not in practice...

    The acceptable solution to all so that all of us get something is as Alisa says...'increase the total numbers'......Then all categories become current...
    At least you would get to file 485 and spouses can work...
    Otherwise we would just keep fighting among ourselves and get no where.....

    Choices are simple...1. co operate with each other build a group, have a common minimum goal and get something ...
    2. do not cooperate with each other and get stuck in the same thing forever...


    Read the last 2/3 pages including this one and you would know the reasons why you have a large non-contributing member base....


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  • BharatPremi
    11-20 12:54 PM
    when we had options to donate $20, a large number of members came out with the same argument for reducing it to $10!
    meanwhile the check option usually allows flexibility and is temporarily down for some circumstances beyond immediate control. it will be back though.

    Yes, I first thought to send a check and I remember As*** specifically instructed me the last time about what you have just mentioned and so I wanted to use paypal but I do not have that option under paypal (< 100). Anyway I will wait then.

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  • praveenuppaluri
    08-12 02:33 PM
    people who already applied for GC (any EB) and are waiting, understand that you are lucky to cross that line.. in currrent economy, it doesn't matter if its EB2 or EB3, any job posting out there will get 100s of resumes and we are politely told to look for other options outside the country.. guess the below statement is true for everyone who needs to apply now..

    EB Guys, ..
    No green card for you. ... Do not hope for green card. H A V E F U N.


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  • lccleared
    12-19 09:39 PM
    Just sent in my contribution $50 through paypal.

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  • hope_4_best
    03-09 07:19 PM
    Please see the details below.

    Subscription Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #86U889978Y3154013)
    In reference to: S-7LW91387KA323242P


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  • needhelp!
    09-16 10:27 AM
    sweet_jungle, can you please update your first post of this thread with directions on what we need to do and within what timeframe?

    All people affected by USCIS blocking approvals for current people, lets get organized.
    This time USCIS is hiding by not making official announcements.
    We need to act as we did last July.
    Lets send letters to congressman like zoe lofgren.
    NSC is issuing frivolous RFEs as delaying tactics.
    I am not seeing similar outrage as we saw last year.
    The time to act is now.

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  • abhijitp
    11-21 02:40 PM
    So, how did you do it BharatPremi? You just paypal to info@immigrationvoice.org?

    That is not the right email id. Not sure if we can/should publish it anyways?


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  • santb1975
    11-29 01:18 AM
    That is awesome

    Have been buzy with work. Santb thanks for the reminder

    GuysnGals and Kids, here is the ebay posting. Go out and bid on this special Wii. All proceeds will be donated to IV
    Have Fun:)

    http://cgi.ebay.com/Nintendo-Wii_W0QQitemZ200179110002QQihZ010QQcategoryZ62054Q QssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

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  • theperm
    07-17 07:21 PM
    Hey IV guys ,

    It`s great news for all the people who can file & who have already filed on july2nd.
    Thanks IV for being so persistant. You guys have my support.

    Not to undermine the current development , it is good news for tons of people including me, but the true victory will be when retrogression ends & all the backlog centers are cleared. All skilled workers (& sometimes their stay at home spouses)don`t have to wait for yearsssssss to get a GC.
    & no before I get brickbats thrown at me I am not being pessimistic or a spoilt sport, I just feel that this gc mess should stop & skilled ppl shouldn`t be harressed by having to put their lives on hold for such long periods.


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  • Jitamitra
    09-17 06:21 PM

    Most of the senior members and Admins either have left IV or not able to spend enough time together to plan and organize action plans for the community. This is what I feel we are missing. We are acting alone although we are part of community.

    We need to come together and keep ourselves focussed on common issues related with congress bills, retrogression, IV Agendas and road-map for coming months or years.

    I mostly see pappu from core IV leadership. Where are other folks. If current leaders cannot lead us in the future, we need to find someone who could.

    Again, my intention is not question anyone's hard work, but I am not seeing the same momentum and focus we had year back.

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  • krishjack
    07-05 03:37 PM
    Where do you get the special coupon?

    send flowers for 9.99 with a special coupon


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  • geniousatwork
    08-13 02:52 PM

    09-16 09:38 AM
    gctest--- you are more like IV Admin patience test.

    Are you shocked your thread is closed? We are equally shocked that you are still allowed to post.

    11-20 02:35 AM
    your contribution makes it $900 so far. Let's keep this initiative going.

    Google Order #137102237032515