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  • geevikram
    03-08 01:22 AM
    Please let me know the account...

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  • am001
    07-28 10:52 AM

    I read a posts by you all on immigration voice which said U.S newspapers can easily publish a name change Ad for $70!! But I hear that they need some kind of a court order to do that...Can I ask you which paper did you advertize in India and in U.S. I have the same problem as many others -- I have only one name on my passport "Kritee" and U.S. embassy when they gave me visa made it FNU (as first name) Kritee (last name). Now I want to add a first name to my passport and all documents in U.S...and am wondering if I need to go to a U.S. court or not? All and any help will be appreciated!


    Hi, did you find out? please post I need this info too.

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  • number30
    05-11 05:20 PM
    You have become a citizen. What is your vested interest in pursuing this divisive discussion ?

    Stay away from IV. We don't need your inputs here.


    number30 is likely an anti-immigrant. Please ban him.

    Wah! What did you see anti immigrant in my post? Can you please elaborate?

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  • pns27
    07-11 12:01 AM
    the point is well taken. but the categories and priorities were created to be based on the jobs too.
    and there are people in EB3 with bachelors degrees only. so what? it's meant for jobs that need a bachelors degree. it is indeed your misfortune to be in EB3. and we all know that its a problem and that is why we are fighting for reform. however, the comments made by ns33 were inappropriate and needlessly divisive.

    look, i am not trying to pull down EB3 folks in any way form or manner. my comments were exclusively meant to explain the need for categories to my friend who has been whining on this thread about iv being about EB2 and the need to give EB3 Gc numbers AHEAD of EB2. that is hardly a solution.

    now, for the last time, if this does not stop, i will indeed close this thraed.
    it will be too bad though for the original posters and topic.

    paskal, you are making up things here that that priorities are Eb1->Eb2->Eb3

    Eb1->Eb2->Eb3 is correct only from education and experience for the Job point of view but not true from Quota point of view all get 33.33per year.

    �The argument that Eb1 is preferred/priority above Eb2 and BE2 is preferred/priority over EB3 is absurd.

    The regular yearly BE quota is distributed equally among all three categories that means equal priority for all groups. So then why they should not follow the same distribution for the overflow numbers also?

    Said that all BE3 applicants who are eligible should port there PD to EB2, simple. When you know how the system works try to adapt to it.�

    We filed our CGs when we don�t know the system, we just trusted out attorneys. If we have to do this CG stuff again most of us will do it differently.

    "look, i am not trying to pull down EB3 folks in any way form or manner." I will take your work on this. But the message I got from reading your postings is different, hope that is not your intent. I am just letting you know, I am not accusing you, just giving my feedback.

    Please dont close this thread because of my post.


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  • anandrajesh
    07-08 09:51 PM
    There is no point in sending flowers knowing nothing gonna change. it is like putting flowers to us.

    Let us try this, if it works... Great... Else Atleast we Tried.
    Let us hope Gandhigiri Works in USA

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  • gcdesirer
    08-20 10:59 AM
    Its almost cleared till Feb 2004 for EB2. So i am thinking from September 1st 2009, its from March 2004 to December 2004. Not sure how many pending cases are in this time period.
    I saw a couple of cases from 2003 updating their status yesterday in EB2 India Texas..... in

    Just sharing info...


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  • krish2005
    12-04 03:33 PM
    Oh man. I had to burst out laughing on your post imagining how that cop would endure if given such a punishment. But pity that lady how much ever crime she might have committed earlier. Still pregnancy and delivery is a re-birth for ladies.

    There are times when you enforce law as a cop. But not all the times. Wish there was some humanity shown by this person. Acts like these are like a drop of ink in a glass of water. These bad cops taint the entire department.

    Disgusting, Sheriff Joe is monster. Perhaps he came from family with no respect for women.

    On the lighter note, if I were a judge, here's what I would do with Sheriff Joe if he was trailed:

    1. Perform sex change operation on Sheriff Joe and install a womb.
    2. Perform artificial insemination on Sheriff Joe using the seed of big man like Undertaker, Shaq or Khali (so that offspring is a big baby).
    3. On term, shackles Sheriff Joe and make him go through the pain of giving birth. In the process don't administer epidural or perform C-Section.
    4. Don't repair any damage done to his body parts after delivery.

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  • sodesperate
    04-14 07:02 PM
    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone got the receipt number for either premium or non-premium.

    Thank you.


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  • dtekkedil
    07-06 06:42 PM
    Can some one provide me a template that i can send?

    Should briefly cover the actual issue and also the idea of sending flowers.

    Please send me a private message if i missed this in the other threads.


    Hold on... we are still working on the draft. Hopefully we can have one out by the end of the day tomorrow

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  • optimizer
    03-06 12:41 PM
    Ready to contribute $25. I have sent messages to 4 of my friends, who should be willing to contribute too. I am hoping once the information/data is received it will either be available for everyone to see on IV, or atleast available for those who contribtued.



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  • godspeed
    09-11 05:07 PM

    excellent effort...

    i suggest we shorten this good letter slightly ... andaks straight question in it.

    copies to uscis director, condolezza rice, president byush..

    We have nothing else to do on the immigration front for the next 50 days.. lets do this.

    Can the final cut be made as an action item?

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  • greenleaf81
    08-12 04:13 PM
    I decided to move to india now. I have I140 cleared and having a permanent job. But enough is enough!
    I started looking openings at india 2 weeks ago and most probably will get a offer from a US financial giant having IT shop at bangalore.

    I think this is right decision at this time.

    Any suggestions/feedback guys?

    Everybody's case is different, when it comes to how they feel being a in a foreign country and hanging by a thread to get a stable status and stable life. You seem to have gotten a stable job which probably means you are better than most of the people who are working as contractors. But what matters is being on Visa, are you able to enjoy your life here? Will getting a GC help you have a better life or will you continue to lead the same life?

    I think if you believe getting a GC will help you lead a better life you should stay here - since your i140 is cleared its another 4-5 yrs wait max. On the other hand if your job here is unstable and you think you will have a better life back home, then you should move. Bangalore is a great city as long as you have a comfortable job and good pay.


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  • ken
    08-28 12:25 AM
    gimme_GC2006- Just wondering at which local office you went for interview.

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  • map_boiler
    07-25 11:08 AM
    The problem is not that the name is mentioned incorrectly, just that it is not in "first name/given name" and "last name/surname" format.

    All you need to do is:
    1) Write a cover letter to the Indian consulate that has jurisdiction on your case based on state of residence, requesting an "Observation" in your passport clarifying your "first name" as --- and your "last name" as ---
    2) Fill up a miscellaneous services form (available on consulate website). Attach 1 passport photo. Under "PLEASE ISSUE", check "Others" and write "Observation in passport to clarify 'first name', 'last name'"
    3) Include a bank cashier's check of $10.00 payable to "Consulate General of India"
    4) Include a self addressed and pre-paid USPS express mail envelope in the package.

    If you send the package to the consulate using overnight service, you should receive the passport with observation within 5-7 business days. If applying in person, they may do it on the same day.


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  • chanduy9
    07-03 02:43 PM
    this is to track how many sent the flowers..so that by the end of the day we will know how many sent, no need to count in all the threads...

    Pls send flowers..it may help us.

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  • kumarc123
    07-11 12:02 PM
    first: my use of an extreme exemple to explain the EB category difference seems to have caused misunderstanding and offence amomg some people. this was not the intention, no slight was intended to anyone. sometimes one uses an extreme situation to make a point (3 yr degree in this case). I was not trying to stereotype and if that is how it came through...here is my humble apology.

    i did reply to some of the posters by pm and had some intersting comments/discussion. its one of the nice things about this forum that people bring different insights into a problem...

    qvadis, there is fundamental difference between allotting Employment based Gc on the basis of country of birth and based on job classifications/requirements. One happens to pertain to employment, the other is simply a way to mantain ahem "purity".
    having said that, i do not favor the removal of country quotas in isolation- the redistribution of dates would make things better for long suffering people but it would not change the overall picture. therefore i support the package in its entirity (as does IV), ie recapture + STEM exemption + removal of country quotas. this would bring in substantially increased numbers and resolve the problem with ROW dates.

    now that its established that this thread will not go back to its original intent, do the OPs mind if i close it? may be best to restart the discussion in a new thred?

    Hello Pascal
    I tend to agree with every word you said, it is not EB2 or EB3, in general it is EB community as a whole. Recapture+STEM+removal of country limit, will help us all a lot. Lets just focus on this chore. And not get swayed away with winning and complaining.

    Take care


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  • Ramba
    02-25 04:22 PM
    The concept of pre-approval/pre-adjudication have been practiced by USCIS since 2005. Though, it is not in their law or SOP or regulations, they are practicing now and before for ease of operation in processing the 485s. As per their current official rule, if a visa number is not immediatly available, the 485 shoul be kept in abayance (not to be processed) till VN again available. But practically it is not possible for them to follow. For example, suddenly, if DOS releases 60,000 visas in a month (like july 07 fiasco), they can not process and approve 60,000 485s in a month, if they keep those files in abayance. I think, they are still processing and pre-approving the 485s during retrogression. The concept of pre-approval in a silent internal procedure. They may pre-approve all the cases. However, they always has a right to check the applicant's eligibility for the approval of 485 at the date of approval of 485. One can not expect them not to send RFE/NOID after it is pre-approved. Unless the law changes drasticlly, it is not a easily achaivable benefit to introduce new immigrat status "pre-approved adjustment cases"for long waiting 485 folks. They clearly argue that benefit of AC21,EAD and AP itseltf a great benefit for 485 folks. There are only 3 immigrant catagory in the law. 1. Non-immingarts 2. Immigrants and 3. Pending to adjust status. Pending to adjust status it self a fluid temporary status as the stay in this status is autorized by attorney genreral. It is not a visa status like H1B or green card. In order to bring a new catagory in this status, I think they need to change the INA.

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  • jayleno
    09-16 09:38 AM
    gctest--- you are more like IV Admin patience test.

    Are you shocked your thread is closed? We are equally shocked that you are still allowed to post.

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  • needhelp!
    06-09 03:55 PM
    I had this question - how the 50k would be used? If you could post in greater detail perhaps more members would be enlightened to contribute

    The only way to enlighten yourself and others is to get yourself and your friends involved and participating towards the effort. You will automatically see the sacrifices made by others who are not thinking about "I" all the time.

    No sensible member would expect detailed spending reports to be published on a public forum. I hope you weren't expecting that?

    08-22 04:38 PM
    I am EB3-I (pd 02 retrogressed) but was interested in this discussion so i emailed my lawyer about it. She said, historically the last month of the fiscal year has the most approvals as they try to clear as much as they can. You will see a lot more approvals from next week or sept 2nd week.

    As you guys may already know. When a 485 file is with an adjudicating officer, h/she then is able to request a number via an online portal from the State Dept with the relevant case details.

    I am hearing that for the last few days when EB2 India/China numbers are requested, instead of granted or not, the officers are getting a "pending" status report. They can't adjudicate without the number being approved from the State Dep't.
    The same thing is not happening with ROW cases. Of course all of this is ridiculous and unfair but judging from last years events, I suppose we are to expect this. So it appears that the state Dep't might be doing some internal calculations. Not sure if they are trying to get info back from consular posts as well before they release the rest to the service centers.
    However what is clear is that all is definitely not smooth with the communication at this time. Hopefully they will get it together and in the end not waste numbers. NSC was really slow off the mark earlier this month and those of us with old pending cases there, appear to have been the losers this rounds.
    I'm praying they have numbers left over for next month. Based on what we are seeing they seem have gone into ramping down for Aug. already.

    02-04 11:53 PM
    I came to the conclusion just based on section INA 202 (a) (5) (A). Nothing more nothing less. You came to funny conclusion of "quaterly basis".
    EMPLOYMENT-BASED IMMIGRANTS NOT SUBJECT TO PER COUNTRY LIMITATION IF ADDITIONAL VISAS AVAILABLE- If the total number of visas available under paragraph (1), (2), (3), (4), or (5) of section 203(b) for a calendar quarter exceeds the number of qualified immigrants who may otherwise be issued such visas, the visas made available under that paragraph shall be issued without regard to the numerical limitation under paragraph (2) of this subsection during the remainder of the calendar quarter.

    You are critizising H1B indians and their employer screwing the system which is not relevent to what we are talking here. If you feel so, then attack who ever spoiling the system and regulate those. Instead you are trying to justify your interperataion is right and what DOS is doing is right. I will be the happiest person if they ban labor subsitution and ban desi consulting companies or H1B dependent employer participating in GC sponsering. Then this mess might have not happened.

    Because this discussion has happened so much. That is this exact discussion when everyone was trying to determine whether they should go for eb2 or eb3; the common prevailing attitude was horiziontal rather then vertical.

    What made everyone shut up including me was what was written in november 2005 visa bulletin. It was there for everyone to see how it was going to be interpreted. Anothe law firm had reported chines usage year to date and it was concluded that they may fall short of the 11,000 visas (ie., 7% cap). With all this available; not one lawyer has decided to sue department of state or uscis over this. Why is that? Maybe what they are saying is correct and you are reading into it what you want to read into it.

    Any time someone gets around to explaining the system; they are automatically branded anti-indian. Funny but everyone I know through immigration is Indian. Therefore, whenever someone brands me anti indian or even comes close to it; I get a very good chuckle out of it and so do the people who know me that frequent these boards and immigration.com

    How the visas are being allocated actually is pretty relevant because it helps everyone to understand how it all works and comes together. I had been on the record that maybe people shouldn't get too worked up about this. The louder one becomes the more scrutiny starts happening. Once the scrutiny gets wratched up a few notches; are you ready to counter it.

    What is this scrutiny that you may ask?

    Newspaper in Maine did very thorough investigation of companies who sponsored labors through Maine. It was very hard hitting whcih asked for comments from Department of labor and USCIS. Both are investigating it. Essentially it said that companies rented out a cube and filed 60 labors and 100 h-1b's when their real offices were in other states that were taking a long time to get labors approved.

    Backlog reduction centers are challenging companies to prove that their headquarters were where they said they were? They are questioning whether there is a permanent job. Companies are not responding and letting the labors go. Don't you think department of labor will start going into the approved labors and start scrutinizing them.

    California service center denied many cases for two companies that I know of who had revenues of over $20 million. Reason for denial was that they are temp. agency and no permanent job. No permanent job; no I-140 approval. Companies have gotten a good dose of H-1b RFE's from california service center regarding this. Many have gotten the h-1b's denied because they can't even substantitate they have a job for the person. If they don't have a temp. job then how can they have a permanent job. Chennai consulate is giving very difficult time to staffing/consulates. It has gotten so bad that back in early december; consulates in india said if you are good in english you can go to ther consulaes in india. Guess what? Chennai it only takes two days to get an interview now because everyone refuses to go there. Just a matter of time before new delhi and mumbai catch up. if consulates are refusing visa stamping for temp. jobs what do you think will happen when they start ratcheting it up a notch to the permanent jobs.

    Main reason they haven't gotten into the permanent jobs yet is because nurses which are really in demand also get greencards through staffing companies and are outsourced. Since, nurses are needed; uscis doesn't want to give a hard time to the staffing agencies; therefore, they don't want to be accused of double standards. We will see how this will change if at all as retrogression and increasing visas and studies are performed how people are getting greencards come to light.

    btw; I have been on record that as long as country cap of 7% is maintained; it would have disasterous consequences for India/China to allow 485 filing without priority date. Since the 7% cap applies then that means someone who enters usa today from ROW and files an eb2 labor will get priority over you. Anyone can file a 485 as long as they have a labor, 140 and they are in non immigrant status. I know of three people through other forum who were from ROW; came on visitor visa found someone to file perm labor get approved in a couple of weeks and then go straight to 140/485. Since they can file 485 right away they get precedence over india/china. Anyone on visitor visa would be eligible. This would number in the millions. It would be quite possible that there would be never ending retrogression for India and China.