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  • reddymjm
    03-06 02:17 PM
    please move my name to the $50 column.

    to Contribution 25, 50 , 200

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  • vin13
    02-26 12:57 PM
    Since AILA has also taken interest into a proposal like this Don't you think we should engage them in planning the next strategy.,0225-endelman.shtm

    The link you have posted seems to talk about allowing to file for 485 even though the priority date may not be current.

    It would be difficult to combine both the proposals. The combination would mean that everyone would enjoy the benefits of being allowed to continue living and working in the country with no annual limit. Which basically means no control of immigrants.

    I am not in anyway opposing this. But we need to look at it based on how the decision makers are going to perceive it.

    I feel what is being proposed by 'realizeit' is realistic and will not hamper the annual limits. It would be good if someone has contacts with the AILA and can persue the matter as a coalition effort.

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  • GCStatus
    09-18 12:11 AM
    madhuvj or GCStatus,

    Thanks for your suggestion. But the problem is its not that simple. Here is why. If the same individual create multiple IDs on IV and post using multiple IDs, one for posting derogatory comments and others that are not derogatory, we can keep mum to a point, but then it just gets too frustrating. Like in this case, madhuvj and GCStatus is the same person posting from the same machine but posting as if you are two different individuals. Hence my posts. Please stop this and email/pm us your phone number and we will start the transition process. We are sure you will do a better job than us.

    You see, just like everyone else, we also have limited number of hours in a day. We can either spend our time looking at who is using multiple forum ids to post similar messages creating a false impression for other forum visitor, like the one projected in 'if i can be blunt' thread, or we can spend our time doing better things. Your actions are not helping anyone including yourself. Hope you understand.

    Holy cow - you got to be kidding man - This is getting hilarious. Show me proof its from same machine and same IP.

    I am sorry, i expected better from an admin. " If i can be blunt" is a genuine thread. Not a waste of time.

    Seriously, i lost all the respect after you keep making statements after statements without even backing up one of them.

    Amazingly you are still rude and i am not.

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  • msp1976
    02-05 07:02 AM
    Although it may sound ridiculous but why is everyone want to put any limits to it. If proper controls can be put in place that there are genuine jobs and candidates are genuine then there shouldn't be any limits. How come no one wants to go for this solution. It actually makes more sense then just increasing the quota or not including dependents, etc.

    No cap would be the best solution... but that is very tough to sell in Washington....That's why all this complications of asking to take dependents out of the cap and allowing overflow to go to China/India...

    As I understand, IV already made these arguments to senators and even the senators who are sympathetic to immigration are not willing to remove the cap..The only thing they would accept is that the overflow would go to India/China/oversubscribed countries....I wonder if one of the core members would comment on this.....You do not need to name names....Just a request give a description of your interactions with law makers in this regard...That would put this issue to rest.....

    theortically what longg says is correct.The system is not fair......but not many are listening to us at this point...So we have to find some way out of the situation.....

    We need both alisa and longg as members because we need more to get traction in Washington.....the only common solution for these would be to get the numbers increased somehow....Otherwise EB3-EB3-India-China-ROW keep fighting each would have nothing....


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  • ras
    05-10 11:00 PM
    Before creating further rifts first fill in your profile and then blabber...

    I think I am fulfilling the intentions of the OP of making this thread active. So let me stop doing this with this post. And I hope this would be the last one for this rift creating thread..

    no more posts please...


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  • new2gc
    03-06 09:29 PM
    Please let me know the mode of payment specific to this funding drive.
    $25 from my side.



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  • anurakt
    12-18 09:49 PM
    The collection so far shows 33.33% of the $60K target as of December 11th.
    Friends I pledge a $500 donation as soon as the figures reaches 500 less than halfway ... i.e $29,500 and another again once the figure reaches 500 less of $60,000 i.e $59,500. Pappu or any of the core member please let me know once we touch this figures BY 31ST DECEMBER. Till then keep the marathon going.


    Core members if need be , put my pledge on the main page... would like see if this forum has ba**s to make me shell out the $1000 bucks.....


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  • waitnwatch
    04-25 01:06 PM
    I am a bit surprised that you had to do a crazy search for a third person. I did send you guys my story. I am non-IT EB1 and I did get an initial phone call from Sunil but then did not hear back.... Any way good to hear that you did find the necessary people.


    We were approached by a award-winning reporter to provide her two members of IV that fit two criteria

    1) Should be non-IT
    2) EB1 or EB2

    Given the 20 stories we had only 2 such folks that fit the criteria and they who were gracious and spoke to the reporter. The reporter then wanted to speak to one more person and we did not have any readily available person. So we had to do a crazy search for a person that fits this criteria. We were able to find someone at the last moment and we did not squander our chance. But chances are pretty high that such a thing can happen in future!


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  • ksvreg
    05-11 05:37 PM
    Guys, please stop pointing each other on past issues. Please work together to fix the broken system. Past is past. When you get angry, I know it jumps you to hate all negative objects. Nothing we can get out of it. Please. Lets be united to fix things. Blaming will not fix anything instead it pulls legs of each other and finally set backs.

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  • gcnirvana
    07-07 09:27 PM
    Please checkout the Send Flowers thread posted by Pappu. It has all the details. Good Luck!
    Where is this address on USCIS web site. I cannot find it .Can someone post the link . I want to verify before I send the flowers


    Audi A7 2011 Price. Audi A7 Car Picture amp; Photo
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  • pritesh80
    04-29 11:46 PM
    i got an RFE from USCIS for my appln.Does that mean my appln is in the cap already?or only after the requred info is provided to them?
    Applied under MS Cap ,regular processing.

    Thanks in advance!
    what did u receive an RFE for? Have u graduated already or had submitted a document from your University that you will be graduating?

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  • sheela
    08-14 01:34 PM
    I am starting to see a trend in the receipt notices.

    Some of the people reporting getting recepit notices this week (yesterday and today) have LUDs of 07/28/07. My thinking is that This week will see receipt notices for everyone with an LUD of 07/28/07

    HOPEFULLY next week will see receipt notices for 08/05/2008. This is just my observation.

    People please post your LUDs for your I-140, the service center AND how your receipt numbers start (SRC vs LIN) each time you post a receipt notice.
    Can you let us know how to access LUD from USCIS after login? I think many will appreciate if you do so


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  • seahawks
    06-27 01:33 PM
    My problem is different, its not with the passport, it is with the 485 and G 325 forms where last name first name got interchanged for my wife. It was a hectic week for me and when my attorney send all the finished forms, I only noticed 3 forms that were wrong and got them corrected. I over looked the 485, G325A form and now that everything is filed and have gotten the FP notice, do not know how to correct them.

    The scenario
    correct names
    AP I-131
    EAD I-765

    Interchanged names

    Does anyone know what to do, FP appointment on July 17th. I looked up all the wealth of information and could not find any input.

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  • acecupid
    08-12 12:36 PM


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  • chanduy9
    07-06 09:25 AM

    We have already 58 count..keep going guys.


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  • ronhira
    12-04 09:53 AM
    No, we want ALL pregnant women every where to come to US to give birth so we can get to pay for there care.

    that is so much bullshit.... no one is asking caring for "ALL" pregnant women...... just take care of the once already here...... becoz before immigration status...... comes human dignity & respect for human life...... basic human rights for a pregnant woman & the new born child demands care.... not shackles...... regardless of immigration status...... just put u'r self in the shoe of that woman..... if u'r new born is treated like this..... what'll u do...... i'm sure in that case no one here will be reading u'r cheap comments.....

    these pro life conservative racist groups are generally the once who are anti immigrants..... if u ask this shariff joe and his deputies ... they will tell u that they r pro-life..... but they can't stand a hispanic new born child.... so much for the conception of life baloney by hypocrites......


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  • chacha
    03-21 11:24 AM
    i may be in a similar predicament in a couple of years - what is OPT?

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  • amsgc
    08-22 02:33 PM
    That was a good one. I must confess I listen to his show too every now and then to remind myself why i don't like him and his followers ( who, I am sure have a heart of gold, but are truly and utterly misguided)

    Coolmanasip you are a great immigrant. ;)

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  • gc28262
    05-11 10:19 PM
    Some of the members are so used to "short cuts" in their life. They hope they can get their GC tomorrow by pulling down another one in the queue. They are not willing to come in terms with the reality that retrogression is due to insufficient visa numbers and country cap.

    07-17 07:00 PM
    Outstanding job IV.

    08-12 06:16 PM
    Gaurav,may I know how many years of exp do you have?

    sure, I am a database administrator with 12 years of experience. I am oracle certified -OCP DBA in 9i/10g and 11g.