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  • pthoko
    07-16 10:17 AM
    Anyone has an appointment for H1B stamping at OTTAWA on 25th July? I'm from NJ area, willing to join if anybody's driving...

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  • cjgirish
    02-06 02:13 PM
    Hello All,
    I am in a very sticky situation, my labor is pending @ PBEC with priority date of Jan'2004, which is Non-RIR and filed under EB3 category, based on which I have been getting incremental extensions of H1B (I am already in my 9th year by now). At present I am in the process of changing my filing type to RIR from TR and I was hoping to change the category too from EB3 to EB2, but my employers did not support me since they cannot pay the prevailing wage. I know I can still switch jobs, provided I transfer my H1B (which is valid till Jan�2008) and the new company files my GC immediately, so my questions to fellow victims of PBEC is
    � How can I retain my old priority date?,
    � Does the job descriptions filed with old labor have to match with job descriptions filed in PERM?
    � It will be very tough, since I have almost 12+ yrs of exp in the industry, but my present employer is taking advantage of my situation and he is paying me peanuts, just because he does not want to pay me more, they have filed the papers as EB3. So while filing labor under EB2, can I still maintain my old priority date.

    Please guys/gals help me out, I am not sure what to do, since I have already spent almost 3K$ on my GC and If I will be stuck with my employer at such low salary after my labor & I140 gets approved because of the retrogression it will be disaster. So I was thinking it would be better to be stuck with employer, who at least pays me decently and if I can retain my old dates it will awesome.



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  • SlowRoasted
    05-22 10:20 PM
    oooh i really like the texture, nice job.

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  • anandrajesh
    10-02 10:41 AM
    Hi, I just got my 3 Years extention and planing to co ouside of us. I know I need to get the visa stamped. I need to know where should I start. Do I have to cotact the embassy forst. Thank you for your help.

    1. Where are you planning to go? CAnada. or Mexico or your country of origin.

    Depending on the above answer the process will be different.


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  • gsmc98
    08-03 07:07 PM
    after you recieve the EAD card you have to apply for SSN at your local SSN office.the time period to recieve SSN is different in different states.i guess the minimum time is 15 business days. please correct me if I am wrong.

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  • jsb
    10-29 04:06 PM
    Can somebody please advice.? Thanks

    I, a July 2 filer, got receipts last week. EADs came on the weekend. No APs yet. Seems like USCIS is still very much backlogged. Taking infopass etc is unlikely to help much. Best is jus wait for another 2-3 weeks. Best of luck...


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  • anilsal
    12-11 01:53 PM
    When you reach NSC or TSC, you talk to an IO. Who really is an IO? Are they first line of customer service at the centers? They then send requests etc to officers handling your cases?

    I am trying to understand the relationship between the Customer Service agents, IOs and the case workers.

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  • zram1977
    09-25 01:07 PM
    Can an AILA member post contents of this doc.

    # 9/24/2009 DOS Provides Background on Visa Allocation Process
    As all employment-based visas have been allocated for FY2009, Charles Oppenheim, Chief, Immigrant Control and Reporting Division Visa Services Office, provides an explanation on how the Department of State allocates visas through its Immigrant Visa Allocation Management System (IVAMS). AILA Doc. No. 09240920.

    AILA - Restricted Access Page (
    Something related to IVAMS


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  • gipsydance
    08-24 10:04 AM
    Me, Masters In EE, Working in Medical Instrumentation at University.

    Papers: 1st author 3, other 7
    Conference/Posters: 1st author 3, other 13
    Recommendation letters: 7

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  • gcdreamer05
    09-30 12:58 PM
    Could this be the administrative fix that IV is working on - which pappu replied in another thread.

    Can we please get this so that people can add spouses (if they did not do so during july fiasco).


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  • tabletpc
    09-20 11:43 AM
    I am kind of worried with all these.
    I presently work for company A whose first 3 years of visa will expire in oct end.
    In july sometime I requested company B to file a transfer and they did and it got approved .the date starts from july.However i told company B that i need more time t join them and they agreed to it.

    While i was talking to compay A attorney for extension i mentioned to him that i ahve another H1b approved from company B. To which he said ," if that H1b is filed as concurrents then its not a problem. But if its filed as "change in emplyer" then you should have been working for that emplyer from the start of its approval." However company A attorney agreed to jsut file extnesion wihtout mentioning the another approval.

    I then asked the i-129 petion frm company B and found that its filed as "change in emplyoer". I asked him about the problmes i might face in extnesion with compnay A visa to which he said.."Don't don't need to mention about second approval while extneding with company A. You won't have problem gettign extension". it need to be filed as "change in emplyer not concurent.Is this true....???

    Also I filed for 485,ead and ap in aug..jsut FYI. But i would like to be on H1b as i am single and don't want to mess up my far its clean. Do you think i could be out of status as i am not working for company B which filed tranfer as change in emplyoer..???

    Can anyone give some inputs for me....

    thanks in advace guys...

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  • alterego
    08-15 11:47 PM
    I found this interesting. Salaries for managers are becoming quite competitive in India apparently.
    Given that certain areas are especially hot in India compared to the rest of the economy and that gives you a relatively strong position and quality of life. It seems the gap between US and India is closing for people in certain fields faster than it is closing for the average joe.........for whom it will take generations at best. Perhaps we need to see that perspective.


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  • hiralal
    06-01 02:26 AM
    Dear All,

    I am filing AOS for my wife. I noticed G-325A is only single page now, I remember when I submitted mine it was 5 pages. Is it changed to 1 page only or I need to make 5 copies of that single page.

    I am submitting AOS and EAD, according to my understanding only 2 photo for AOS and 2 photo for EAD, total 4 photos are required. I saw in some forum they are saying about 6 photos. Am I missing anything...



    No --- as far as I know 2 for EAD and 2 for AP -- don't trust forums always go by the instructions forms e.g instructions for EAD which can be found at website

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  • coolyaar
    01-12 11:33 PM

    Thanks for the reply. Will there be any issue if I dont have the paystubs
    between (13-Jan-07 and 04-Mar-07 ) and between (26-May-07 and



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  • ragz4u
    03-15 09:48 AM
    I believe the senate majority and minority leader do have the right to call for debates on a previously declared holiday. Thats excactly what happened during the debate for S.1932. It went late into the night until 1.00 am and then restarted next day on a holday!

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  • saturnring11
    12-20 06:13 PM
    Does anybody know which ASC in the bay area allows walk-ins? I missed my appointment and need to get this thing taken care of before I travel (I'm going to be out of the country Jan-Feb).

    I tried walking into the San Jose center but they asked me to reschedule my appointment. I'd appreciate any advice.



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  • martinvisalaw
    09-14 04:51 PM
    My Husband�s priority date is Oct 2003 (EB3). My Employer is willing to start for GC in EB2. Can We use my husband�s EB3 Oct 2003 priority date ?

    I agree with the other answers - you cannot recapture someone else's priority date. See here (

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  • jai007
    09-26 01:16 PM
    I have filled with only one check for all (self+wife) my I-485/AP/EAD. All application receipted without any issue.

    Good luck for you filling.

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  • delhirocks
    07-23 07:29 PM
    Interesting situation. Technically you will be better off on H1 (since you have that approved for 3 years). I would do that if I were you.

    Only issue I can think off is, f your husband (Iam assuming primary 485 applicant), would move over to EAD (after Sep-07), would that impact your H1 in any way(I don't think it should).

    I'll let someone more knowledgable answer that

    04-25 12:26 PM
    Try BoxedApp SDK (

    09-03 09:26 AM
    Take a look at the Instructions PDF - it answers all your questions, including those about filing fees, documents, and where to file: D


    Can someone post the answers for the below questions:

    - List of documents to be sent for AP Paper based Renewal
    - I live in VA, to which service center should i send the documents?
    - My AP expires on 01/07/2009. How early can i apply for the renewal?
    - Should i answer the QUESTION 4 from I-131 document?
    Have you ever before been issued a reentry permit or refugee travel?

    Thanks in advacne.