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  • Leo07
    11-30 09:33 AM

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  • realizeit
    03-04 08:40 PM
    I will be there at 8CST/9EST

    Just a reminder folks for those who are planning on attending the conf call

    conf call details : Dial in number 218 339 2626
    Access code: 245906

    Time: 9:00 PM EST 3/4/2009 Wednesday


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  • newbie2020
    03-04 08:02 AM
    Just a reminder folks for those who are planning on attending the conf call

    conf call details : Dial in number 218 339 2626
    Access code: 245906

    Time: 9:00 PM EST 3/4/2009 Wednesday


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  • msp1976
    02-04 12:53 PM
    So please take a crack at how it works. Above posting is right from the horses mouth. As I challenged people if they think DOS/USCIS is breaking the law by going vertical instead of horizontal then they should contact them or sue them. However, no one has been willing to do this.

    In my opinion by 'Using the unused EB2 visa for EB3 ROW instead of EB2 India', USCIS is following the law as congress pased it...The law may be not fair but that is a different issue...If you want to change the law you have to get that done from the congress...suing USCIS would get you nowhere....

    In fact USCIS could do anything they want...They can let it flow vertically or horizontally...And they would have a good enough case in courts...


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  • thefar
    01-18 04:34 PM
    This is an very very good forum that has helped to answer many of my questions, or clear myths if I might say so... Thanks to everyone who have been posting.

    I had one question which I hope someone could help me with. I have a full-time job offer in a very reputed company and am in the same boat as many before me with graduation towards May end (cannot get a degree completion letter before that) and no hopes of the quota for 2009 (Master's) lasting till then. My employer can also apply for the H1 based on my undergrad because my job profile is such. I wanted to know what are the pros and cons (specifically cons) of doing so for the future legal paper-work. I know for one that I might get into the lottery scenario if the similar situation like last year happens. However, I cannot avoid that. I specifically wanted to know what could happen if I do have to change jobs in the next 3 years (and the new employer has specifically hired me based on my Master's degree). In addition, if I have the company start my GC paperwork after 1 year and I need to renew my H1 after 3 years based on my Master's degree, would I need to restart the GC process?

    Any other disadvantages of applying for the undergrad quota (for a Master's student) would be welcome.


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  • ivofindia
    08-21 04:14 PM
    This does not mean we will not be seeing any approvals now. USICS might have assigned the visa numbers to lot of pending EB2 I-485 applications. They will be adjudicating those cases in few days. So folks keep the faith , keep bugging USCIS (call them day and night) and check immigrationvoice.org every 2 minutes and also don't forget to check your emails and uscis.gov website for CRIS updates every minute :eek:

    God bless us all!!!!


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  • Appu
    04-12 01:53 PM
    Not limiting ourselves to "professionals"...

    J. M. Coetzee came to the US from South Africa as a student. He got his Ph.D. in (English) literature from the University of Texas, Austin. Worked as a professor in the US for many years.

    His application for green card was treated almost with contempt! It was rejected.

    He left the US, but occassionally visited top English/Literature departments in the US for brief periods, lecturing and collaborating.

    He was awarded the Nobel prize in literature in 2003. He is now settled in Australia.

    I could go on and on and on ...

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  • uma001
    08-14 03:43 PM
    Your public profile says that you are at I-485 stage. You might want to correct it.

    jsb, Thanks for pointing out, I do not know how it got there may be typo error.


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  • for_gc
    08-21 08:06 PM
    I don't see big deal in this, just bit of information which has no consequences. Visa numbers do/will exhaust at some point in time.

    so for real, how does it affect anyone?

    Visa Number over for this year - will I get my GC this month/year/any year - UNKNOWN

    Visa Number NOT over for this year - will I get my GC this month/year/any year - UNKNOWN


    Nice !

    Makes me chuckle :)

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  • dtekkedil
    07-06 12:42 PM
    Can we hit the magic 3 figures????

    Folks, I am preparing a draft of the letter to be sent to the media. Any suggestions for points to be included are welcome!

    I plan to include some information about the immigration system, details about the fiasco, how it impacted us, what our flowers are meant for.


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  • lvgc
    03-09 04:31 PM
    Contributed $25 to the FOIA efforts. (Unique Transaction ID #6JK77604MG882923U)
    In reference to: S-3NA946199E0787312

    Contributed $475 so far to IV.

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  • santb1975
    11-17 01:23 AM
    I have a Wii gaming console that I bought earlier during the year but never actually got around to play it much

    I want to donate that to IV.

    ************************************************** *

    That Idea has to come from you Gopal. we were talking about you at our SanDiego event last week.

    Can you please put the gaming console on eBay or Craigs list and send the donation to IV. Thanks for comming forward with the Idea


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  • pappu
    12-19 10:10 AM
    As per this $20 drive, I tried to contribute thru my Visa Card & it was "repeatedly" prompting card# enter is invalid...I checked/ensured expire date/secure code & info which I entered is correct but repeatedlly it was prompting same message...Anybody from IV can help whats wrong with the web page?

    I tried to submit request my request 3 times, does it mean that I have contributed 3 times?
    system is working. I sent you a PM

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  • angelfire76
    02-25 06:56 PM
    The implications here are

    1. USCIS cannot review the 485 application any time after it's been adjudicated and issue the physical card as soon as a visa number becomes available. In the light of fraud being rampant in the immigration system and given that the validity of an application is a sample at that time and economic circumstance, it's not easy to impose such a restriction on the adjudicators

    2. Green cards are technically for a future job, whose description has been provided in the labor petition. In one way the RFEs issued during 485 stage is to ensure that this definition is not violated (ideally i.e.)

    3. It will be perceived as a "whine". Given the freedom that EAD and AP provides to the recepient compared to the work visa, I don't know how sympathetic lawmakers will be to your cause.


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  • prp925
    07-17 08:22 PM
    thanks guys a lot!!!!

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  • belmontboy
    04-16 11:52 AM
    Well you never had any arguments points in the first place. All you had is a misplaced sense on self superiority.

    But please don't run away from an argument try some logic for a change

    can't argue with people who pretend not to understand.

    Of millions of people only you say F1 is fraud. does a single person's opinion make it a fact?

    Why don't u brush up your reasoning skills?


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  • JazzByTheBay
    02-25 03:10 PM
    Let's get started on this push - it's a win-win solution for all concerned.
    Attempts can be made to include the provision to file I-485 if priority date is not current (or make it such that it automatically applies... given this change).


    Good one, Change to workflow should not be an issue, but we should have IV core support and reasonable to pool of money (not peanuts) to make this a success. I would recommend to run a funding drive, specially for this effort once IV core endorses this effort. In day to day life, Everything begins with $, you get what you pay for and nothing is free.

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  • brb2
    02-04 11:58 PM
    Having diversity AND country quota for skilled employment is affirmative action gone waco. EB skilled immigration is to allow businesses to hire foreign labor for jobs they can't find American Citizens. Now to restrict businesses to discriminate based on the country of birth is just riduculous. Next do Universities apply affirmative action to their international student recruitement?

    Indians and Chinese make up the largest group of international students in Engineering and Science. US citizens make up less than 50% of those graduating in Science and Engineering in Master's and PhD programs. Now businesses should not be penalized if they can't fill their highly skilled jobs with Iranians and Tongans and any other ROW countries.

    We have a diversity lottery for nationals of those countries who would not make it out on merit and need a leg up. There may be a few Indian consulting companies who favor Indians, but they are the people who pay wages and know best. Similarly just because Americans prefer to buy Japanese cars we can't create an "affirmative action" and prevent americans from buying Japanese cars. We can't prevent walmart from stocking chinese products. So why force employers not to hire Indians and Chinese through creating quotas for highly skilled jobs?

    No meaningful immigration reforms can be achieved as long as skilled immigration is based on country quotas. Next we know there will be quotas for marrying foreigners to add to diversity. If you marry a mexican there is retrogression but if you marry a citizen of Vanuatu then green card is processed in ROW:)

    I was just making my point how ridiculous it is to have quotas for skilled immigration but not for others including asylum cases.

    How do you come to these conclusions what congress intended. AC21's main provisions were to recapture unused visas for certain years; extend h-1b beyond six years; allow someone to change a job after 485 pending for more then six months; allow unused visas to be allocated to oversubscribed countries on a quarterly basis rather then in the fourth quarter.

    Above is what was changed. There was no lifting of country cap. If you go to the earlies visa bulletins listed; you will see that Dominican Republic at one time was retrogressed. I haven't looked at it in a long time but if someone goes to the historical visa bulletins pre ac21 then you may see significant movement in retrogressed countries in the fourth quarter of uscis fiscal year (july to september). This is what changed.

    However, the ac21 part about unused visas only stipulated if in any quarter there were less applicants then visas available then spillover can happen in that quarter. However, as can be seen in 2005 that weasn't the case and there shouldn't have been spillover.

    In another posting you mentioned that your employer doesn't care whether you are Indian or chines or pakistani or anything else. This is true they want you for your skill. However, how did you get into USA. Chinese generally go to school here and will work wherever they get a job. However, Indian nationals have designed a system to get their realitves here through h-1b. Selective recrutiing is performed to get fellow compatriates here that couldn't otherwise get here becuase they have no connections. I ask some of my clients how they get employees. They tell me they are sponsoring their classmates, their cousins, etc. for h-1b.

    Therefore, you may think it is not fair; and perhaps it is not fair but perhaps government knows that certain systems have been designed and they value diversity.

    In business definition a skilled worker is not someone with two years of experience, a bachelors or even a masters. A skilled worker is someone with substantial experience. That is 15 years and makes $200K to $300K. Employment base immigration is just an accomodation to allow a certain number of people into USA. In my mind it is just an accomodation or goodwill.

    If the EB system was designd to attract the best and brightest minds; skilled worker definition or eb2 or eb3 definition would have a much different meaning and would follow business rather then USCIS definition. It would be much different. There would be no quota. It would follow normal business practicses. That is we, can't find a us citizen or greencard holder and we need you. In real business sens it would be an offer, acceptance and you would start in a couple of months. However, it doesn't follow normal business rules/practices because maybe the powers that be look at it as just an accomodation rather then a real necessity.

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  • santb1975
    12-01 01:45 AM
    We definately need dedicated members like you and recurring contributions

    I have made one time contributions twice before, but this time in the spirit of holidays I have signed up for $50 monthly contribution.

    04-12 02:06 PM
    He protested against the Vietnam war. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._M._Coetzee

    04-20 12:55 PM
    IV members, we need your stories. We are going to make an all out effort to pass this on to senators/media folks to realize the urgency of the situation.

    Who's story do we need?
    Your story about how you are affected by retrogression/back log etc. It could be as simple as 'I have a BS in Mathematics and am stuck in back log for 2 years and cannot fulfil my dreams professionally' to 'I have a PhD in Nuclear Science and US needs me coz there are only a handful of us!' Anything and everything works.

    We have literally recieved stories of stay at home moms (because of H4 they cannot work) to folks who have been interviewed by MIT! The whole spectrum helps.....please please send us your stories...we need all the weapons when we go face the senators on behalf of IV

    Why we need your stories?

    Media folks
    Sometimes we get approached by journalists who need a story the very next day. They are looking for specific subjects for the story though.

    An example is say the Investors Business Daily (a financial daily). A reporter might come to us and ask us if we have anyone from the Finance sector who is suffering due to retrogression and is willing to speak up about it. They might also add that we need only Eb1/Eb2 category folks.
    When this happens, we are in a mad scramble to find folks who fit this criteria so that we do not lose this chance.
    Another example might be of a Medical Journal looking for doctors stuck due to retrogression.
    We are constantly getting requests like this but cannot capitalize on it because we do not have enough stories already available to fit the criteria.
    So please send in your stories. It need not be earth shattering at all (most of us are mere mortals). You never know when a reporter is specifically looking for a story similar to yours and you might just tilt the balance in favor of skilled immigrants.

    We promise we will not reveal your story to media if you do not want to.
    Though there is no harm to reveal one's name in media as can be evidenced by the folks featured in the Roll Call article, Philly Inquirer and News Observer.

    At the same time we understand that you might have reasons to remain out of media and we will fully respect that.

    Even during the recess, we were talking to the staff of a ton of senators. Most of the time the senators' staff are interested only if someone from 'their constituency' is also affected. We always say we have a ton of folks from each state, but nothing works like a real example.

    For example, when we speak to say Senator Kennedy, it helps us to present the story of folks affected by retrogression and living in say Boston, MA. That way, the staff has some incentive to look into this and get hooked immediately.

    When we initially started meeting senators, their staff would ask QGA 'Immigration Voice, who or what is that?'

    Lately when we go to meet them, most of the staff have already visited our website multiple times, know about us because of phone calls and faxes by members and ofcourse the articles that have been published....on top of this when we provide stories of members from their constituency, 50% of our work is already achieved....the liason team and QGA take over from there.

    Please send us your stories by sending an email to , shrey@immigrationvoice.org, nagaraj@immigrationvoice.org, sandeep@immigrationvoice.org, sunil@immigrationvoice.org using the following template

    Subject: Story of <Name here>

    Body of email
    Name -

    ID on Immigration Voice -

    Telephone Number -

    Current stage of Green Card -

    Category of GC (EB1/EB2/Eb3 etc) -

    Job Title in Brief -

    Complete Address -

    Brief Story of how Retrogression/Backlog/Delays is affecting your life -

    How US will benefit if you remain here (competitiveness angle) -

    Are you willing to reveal your info to media?

    Are you willing to reveal your info to senators

    Please note that if you are NOT willing to reveal your info, we would use your story but make sure that it cannot be tracked back to you. As in we will not name your company/address anywhere

    Please help us spread awareness....