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  • sanjaymk
    08-22 02:57 PM
    :DWhy are u late to the party man?:D All the booze is gone...:D:D

    LMAO :D:D:D

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  • nogcyet
    07-17 07:29 PM
    No words are enough that could be said in words here.

    You guys were rocking

    You guys rock now
    You guys shall rock forever..

    Thanks :) :) :) :)

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  • abalu400
    07-22 09:22 PM
    Yes when you leave the country you are in status again! for i-485 AOS, USCIS will look at your status since your LAST entry into the country

    Ok, so if I file the i-140/i-485 now and leave/re-enter the country with a new stamp. Now, if my I-140 is approved after that, and then my i-485 is looked at after that date, will I considered to be in status then, because by the time they are looking at the AOS application, I have already left and returned to the country??

    Or should be in status the day the AOS petition is filed and even if i leave/re-enter the country after that, it does not matter?!

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  • gcfordesi
    07-05 12:42 PM
    Name: Emilio Sanchez
    Company: USCIS
    Address: 20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

    Washington, DC 20529
    Card Message: All the best for future Employment Based
    visa estimates

    Day Phone: 202-307-1565
    Evening Phone:
    Tuesday, July 10, 2007
    Express Delivery


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  • potatoeater
    08-12 05:01 PM
    How did you get the job? Can you send us the name and contact information of the recruiting firm please?

    I decided to move to india now. I have I140 cleared and having a permanent job. But enough is enough!
    I started looking openings at india 2 weeks ago and most probably will get a offer from a US financial giant having IT shop at bangalore.

    I think this is right decision at this time.

    Any suggestions/feedback guys?

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  • leoindiano
    08-22 02:06 PM
    I couldnt stop myself from posting...

    Republicans, capitolists? may be for their own families and freinds? thats why economy is in dumps? i get it...

    God, what did you do to my freinds on IV? Give them GC and heal...


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-06 04:33 PM
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  • hebbar77
    08-12 05:49 PM
    Keep Us posted on Sept, 1st 2009

    I am happy finally my case is current effective sept 1st. Lets see what happens in SEPT!


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  • nav_kri
    03-07 02:32 AM
    am in and contributing 50$

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  • sbg
    07-06 10:36 PM

    "Dear Mr. Gonzalez, Thank you for giving us hope on June 12 and taking it away on July 2 (I-485 reversal). I hope these flowers help cheer you and your staff who must be feeling miserable for having made this blunder.



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  • Shipras
    04-16 04:00 PM

    I'm currently holding H4 Visa and I'm completing my MS degree in June 2007. Am I eligible to apply in Advanced degree (or Master's degree) quota for H1 visa once I graduate?

    I want to know if one has to be in F1 visa to apply in this category? Please help...

    Thnaks & Regards,

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  • abalu400
    07-22 09:18 PM
    My wife is in F-1 status, but I�m afraid to change to F-2 right now and loose the opportunity of transfer the H1 to a new employer... unluckily finding a job has not been an easy task, since I am in Puerto Rico and here the situation is not good.
    My last paystub is June 14th, and I was wondering to apply on July 2nd, but because on delays with the medicals I got trapped in the Visa Bulletin fiasco mess.
    I've talked with several local lawyers and none of them has given me hopes beyond the F-2 status.
    Some friends recommended to file I485, but I don't want to risk for an RFE :(

    I'm trying to be strong for my family specially for my kids, the older one cries everytime he hears us talking about leaving PR.

    Good luck to you all.


    VZLAN, have you explored the epossibility of a self sponsored petition? You have 10 years exp and a house/assets might be able to self-sponsor yourself based on these things. Look in google for 'self-sponsored green card'. There are people who do that and get through. You can do this in F2/F1 status too.


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  • reedandbamboo
    09-13 12:48 AM

    I edited the letter so please take a look at this version. Some of you'll have suggested I condense the letter to a series of questions alone - I think this is a good idea and will be more effective in capturing attention. I will prepare something in this format (but it will have to wait for the weekend).

    For now, my intent with this letter is to ask that the ARBITRARY nature of the visa bulletin be put to an end. I am exhausted by the cycle of raised and dashed hopes when the visa bulletin moves forward and backward.

    To those of you'll who brought up the issue of schisms between EB2 and EB3, please read paragraph two above. Let us correct this randomness before we tackle each of the issues that are making life so difficult for us. You could start by gathering your friends, co-workers and other EB3 applicants and put together your list of issues to be addressed along with solutions. My view is that if USCIS is incapable of taking care of the matter then we have to pitch in and suggest/prod/request/demand it of/from them.

    Together we can do it!

    And here's the letter:

    The Ombudsman

    September xx, 2008


    On behalf of the employment-based legal immigrant community in the United States of America, I am writing to highlight the ongoing egregious inefficiencies in the immigration “services” provided by the USCIS and the DOS. There have been numerous occasions when there have been erratic movements in the DOS published visa bulletin dates. This, as we understand it, is owing to USCIS under- or over-estimating the number of applicants available for adjustment of status. And in the rare instances when the date finally moves forward by a substantial window, USCIS tends to approve the more recent applications as opposed to the ones that were filed earlier. Let me explain with an example: in the July 2008 visa bulletin, the cut-off date for the India EB2 category was 01 April 2004. A month later, the cut-off date for Indian EB2 applicants abruptly moved forward two years and was set at 01 June 2006. Instead of approving applicants who applied in 2004 and 2005, USCIS approved applicants from 2006. Where is the justice in that??? Why bother publishing the cut-off date if approvals are to be randomly allocated???

    We understand we have to stand in line and wait our turn. Each applicant is assigned a priority date which chronologically determines his/her turn for approval. To further complicate matters, once the I-485 is filed, a crop of other dates are issued by the USCIS – a receipt date, a notice date and a processing date. USCIS then takes the liberty to throw random rules at us – “Case adjudication is based on receipt date” “No, we process applications based on notice date”, “Actually, it’s the processing date that determines which applications are adjusted.” !!!

    Please take a moment to consider how these conflicting statements and arbitrary decisions wreak havoc on our morale and psyches? No one, NOT even the USCIS, has a clue as to what exactly is happening in their processing centers. The USCIS has never been able to clearly state the exact number of applications languishing, excuse us, we meant pending, in their “service” centers! We, employment-based immigrants, are tax-paying, law-abiding, educated individuals contributing to America’s knowledge economy - yet we have been subjected to the worst aspects of the US employment-based immigration system. These include:

    1) Extended wait times at each step of the immigration process.
    2) Lack of transparency on the part of USCIS (re: priority date, receipt date, notice date).
    3) Lack of USCIS customer service – once applications are submitted to USCIS they disappear into a black hole. Barring a website where one nominally can check one’s case status (but which in reality remains static for months, even years!) there is no concept of updating an applicant on where his case stands. And this is despite the applicant paying immigration fees that often run into thousands of dollars over the years. We are simply expected to wait in a complete void of information, for however long it may take, until approval.
    4) Lost opportunities owing to the lack of job portability during the process (a time period spanning an average of five years, whereas an applicant from any country besides India gets his/her PR card in under two years).

    While we are grateful for the opportunity to partake in the American dream, it is ironic that we arrive in America and find that our freedom is shackled – we are bound to our sponsoring employer from the start to the end of the extremely lengthy process. Although legal immigration reform is our ongoing aim, for now, we sincerely request you to investigate the process whereby the monthly visa bulletin is set and to ensure FIFO (first in, first out) adjustment so that those of us who have been waiting longer receive attention prior to those who have applied later. We want USCIS to be accountable to us, its paying customers.

    We request you to lend us your ear and address these issues so that we are not subjected to them in the future.

    Thanking you,

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  • Pallavi79
    04-11 01:22 PM
    1. they have country limit for diversification. >> us(culprit) immigration is broken.
    2. substitution labor >> desi employers(culprit) sold it.
    3. my employer did not file for GC because layoffs couple of years back. >> general public are culprit. they caused our employer to get loss.
    4.other employers filed GC for other people. >> other employers are culprit. they filed GC to retain their employers.
    5.EB2 category : if they do not exist, I would have got spillover visas.
    6.EB1 employers : employers are filing in EB1 category for the same skill set as mine
    7.EB2 employers: employers are filing in EB2 for the same skill set as mine.
    8.Dollar : Seriously. Dollar is a culprit. Last year Dollar value is less. So many foreigners are able to afford dollar and they filed for investor visa. Without that I would have got spillover visas
    9.140 portability : many people are porting 140, PD from previous employer to new employer. They are able to retain old priority dates than me.
    Any others??
    How can I get GC with all these things.

    Folks, this is for your information. not for the argument.

    just kidding. :)
    How about stopping the disscussions which divides the community.

    I can understand the frustration of long wait for GC. The fight is for immigrant and non immigrant visas. Everyone(individuals like you and me), desi employers, desi MNCs, american companies wants to play by rules. The system is not fair. thats the reality.


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  • javadeveloper
    07-21 09:01 PM
    If you know, can you PM me any lawyer who you can help in this matter?

    Let me know if you come across any good lawyer ,I am also looking forward to talk to a lawyer.

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  • english_august
    07-05 10:21 PM
    The idea that core wants to float is to have an effective campaign under the IV umbrella. Please come up with more innovative ideas and discuss with core.

    I think this campaign can be pretty effective if we want it to. This idea is not totally outlandish. If you recall, recently fans of the CBS series Jericho sent nuts to the office of CBS when that series was discontinued.

    Sometime back, Indians in the UK sent thousands of unstamped letters to their postal department, protesting a stamp that hurt their religious sentiments.

    Those campaigns worked and so can this. All we need is a little bit of enthusiasm!


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  • leong
    09-08 12:32 AM
    good work Sherman_tribiani, i am watching this group of "highly skilled job stealer� for sometime. they merely talk and do nothing. most of them r scared to do anything. they r scared of u & me. they r not scared when they steal our jobs and we will scare the hell out these ba$tard$ to make them do in their pants before we kick them out. gheen told me about this group and he also said that not to waste my time on these job stealers as they r weak and incapable of doing anything, other than stealing our jobs and outsourcing.

    you are such a crying babe... rednecks like you should go compete in the farm picking potatoes. Geee.. where did you learn your manner?

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  • gccovet
    03-09 12:20 PM
    Just sent $25 via Paypal as pledged.

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  • alien007
    04-16 01:25 PM one here knows everything abt immigration. so its ok that u lost this argument. we are here to share out experiences, enlighten each other, and work for easing EB backlogs. The fact that theres no one in entire IV that supports ur argument should put some sense into you abt this issue.

    and for everyone out there countering plain speak, u know it will never end. i recently saw the sixth sense. the boy says 'they only believe what they want to believe'!

    11-11 11:40 AM
    I am too sure you can get away with it. You are at fault for the below reason.

    1) Employing a person without checking their immigration status is an offense.
    2) It can come back and haunt you as you helped her in tax evasion. Employer by law MUST report to IRS for any compensation paid.
    3) Since the lady is going down, she might take you along with her...What will you do if the lady tells the cops that "she told you that she cannot work here legally and you told her that it is OK and I will pay you in cash"... It becomes a story of she said and he said. They have enough proof of you not legally employing her.

    Ignorace of a law is NOT an excuse.

    I might be totally wrong on this.. Check with a attorney.

    09-07 10:46 PM
    Numbers are the only thing that matter................wrong again.

    alterego - Good counter point on the numbers thing.

    Sheman - Think Rosa Parks (only one person). It the bus was empty that day, we certainly would be in a different world.