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  • paskal
    12-18 08:23 PM
    yabadaba is 22 (i counted am2006)

    btw the verification code for amex is a 4 digit code on the FRONT, unlike the other cards, maybe that is the problem?

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  • ilangocal
    04-07 02:06 PM
    First of all, welcome to IV!

    So far there is no information about how many H1B applications have been filed under US Master's or higher quota, but there is a rumor that it may reach as early as this week (I can't provide you a source for this rumor).

    There is no tracking facility provided by the USCIS, however they will issue new release if the cap is reached. Note that the USCIS has to go through all the petitions they received so far to estimate how many of those applications fall into this specific category. As of now, the USCIS is accepting new H1B petitions falling under master's quota.

    You may want to re-enroll as a student at one of the universities after June'08 to maintain your status, if you can not file for new H1B this fiscal year.

    Hope this helps!

    Do you think that all applications filed under Masters quota from April 2-6 will be accepted? Do you think people whose applications reached the USCIS on April 6, stand a chance under the Masters quota?

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  • insbaby
    11-11 12:05 PM
    Now, instead of getting her into trouble you have to get yourself out of trouble first.

    Find a cool way to send her out.

    You will be in trouble anytime in future if she proves that you have employed her illegally in the past.

    Going a bit tough here, sorry for that.

    1. You both are in H1B (assuming you must know laws behind H1B)
    2. Able to find someone inexpensive who can take care of your valuable baby
    3. Powerful knowledge in technology to setup a secret camera to capture what she does the whole day
    4. Collect all evidences and planning to penalize her

    But you are not aware of the simple fact that it is illegal to hire and pay someone without notifying appropriate government agencies.

    Anytime in future, if she is caught(chances are more as she is clearly not aware of the laws here and how serious is beating a child, if not in your place some other place), expect query from INS/IRS. This is a different country.

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  • chanduv23
    09-15 10:37 AM
    Here is the problem

    -- Grass root & state level efforts work only when there are a lot of grass root workers. For example independence struggle in india worked due to grass root efforts. But please try to understand that things are different here --- by definition, we are immigrants, our numbers are limited in this country.

    Simply put, groups working in isolated corners of the country are having no effect on the politicians, because each area has only a few people and the politicians are not seeing the combined effect.

    "Grass root efforts" may sound very trendy, but are actually leading us no where............yes we need it......but at the same time IV has to have a strong leadership who can show their strenght by doing phone / lettere campaigns.

    Well - I agree. What you say is true. In the past - IV leadership came up with campaigns and with plan and then the heat picked up and members started contributing and working hard and thats how all these campaigns are a success to some extent.

    Now when new members are trying to come up with something - I personally feel that IV leadership must either endorse and support and guide or if such new campaigns that are not coming directly from IV core may not be advisable because they may not be the best approach - I think IV core can communicate the concern and intent to not ssupport new campaigns.

    If there is no response - it becomes difficult for people to do anything because most people spring into action ONLY when IV core endorses the effort otherwise members will start campaigns - get no support or very little support and the campaigns will just go wasted.

    On another note - it is always the best to join State chapters and talk to chapter leads and also mobilize people in state chaapter level - itis not easy but works in long run


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  • drona
    07-06 08:52 PM
    Hey Gravitation, according to the poll "How many sent the flowers" you have not sent the flowers. Please either send the flowers or update the poll. Just keeping track :)

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  • udaykaran
    04-27 10:07 AM
    Advanced degree count as of 04/25/2007

    Issued - 7982
    Receipted - 10717
    Pending receipts - 473

    Total - 19172

    Still 828 left. Most probably they will be gone by Monday 04/30/2007


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  • pappu
    03-09 01:10 PM
    I made the contribution before I logged into IV. I guess thats the reason my status doesnt show up as 'donor'. Any way to fix it?
    We have your email from paypal .
    Later we will cross reference by matching your email id and assign your id to the donor list.

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  • willwin
    07-11 12:23 AM
    it goes deeper than that. first let me point out that this is philosophical- you argument is not about law, it's about a point of view.

    so if i ask you why EB2 filers should spend extra years getting educated and never getting this all important magic "PD" and then get in line behind someone who got a job the day they entered the country- and got a PD soon enough- what would you say?

    ask me. it took me 11 years to get a PD. why? for 7 of those years i was getting my advanced education. so why should i suffer behind the 3 year Indian degree person (against my 7 years there as well) who came in 5 years after me and filed right away?

    there are reasons why the EB priorities were set up. by simply extending your logic EB1 should also wait for a turn and not have priority. what's good for the goose....

    having said that, it is absolutely insane to ask people to wait indefinitely and we must do something about it.

    today the EB3 folks (and I have nothing against them, their waits are insane- and it's absolutely not right) are porting to EB2 with those bachelors degrees and 5 years experience. and just because they could APPLY for a GC earlier and all their years get counted in the PD, they keep lining up ahead of me. why do all my years count for NOTHING?

    please spare us "fortunate" EB2s a thought too. think of when in life our careers are finally freed from waiting for a GC.

    and now please concentrate on ways to end retrogression and stop the EB2 vs EB3 crap. we all have our problems.

    I should clarify few points here:

    1. Let EB2 be wonder kids. All I am saying is their GC shouldn't be at the cost of EB3. Have a separate quota which is twice as much as EB3. But, when the left overs are up in the air, EB2 shouldn't grab everything.
    2. Not all EB3 are with 3 years Indian degree. Most of them are 4 years and above. Please prove me wrong. There are several Master degree holders in EB3 queue just because of their employer decision (not even job requirements).
    4. Most people filed under EB3 way back in 2001/2002 because they didn't antici pate such a mess 5-6 years down the road.
    5. Today most applications are EB2? How? does it mean that the '3 years' Indian degree holders are not coming to US anymore? Nope. These days people just ', manage' to file under EB2.
    6. Finally, EB2 would understand what we (EB3) are saying if the EB1 queue was retrogressed and EB2 was stuck in 2001.

    There is no separate quota while applying for H1B but at the final stage of GC! Ridiculous!!

    Bottom line, a VISA that could impact an individual's life so much should not be dragged for 7-8 years. And, thank you for your concern for EB3.


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  • ssa
    09-12 01:05 PM
    I'll send the letters when the final draft is ready. I agree though, the final draft should address difficulties faced by both EB2 as well as EB3 if possible. On the other hand the particular argument made in this letter - against the USCIS ad hoc processing and not honoring PDs - is kinda difficult to make for EB3 cases since EB3-I was "U" at the same time. Unfortunately we do not have actual proof from the recent past where USCIS actually processed EB3 applications out of order which we have in case of EB2 category.

    What are IV core's thoughts on this campaign? I would like to see some comment from IV core on this idea. If it can be made an official IV action item by the core I bet there will much more momentum behind this.

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  • alien4ever
    07-04 02:30 AM

    From FTD.COM

    Order # FNL1783668 from ftd.com


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  • Marphad
    12-03 03:23 PM
    For us, life revolves around everything immigration. For IOs, its just a job to pay the bills. I wouldnt fault the IO...they are just doing their job & acting according to procedure. How many of us professionals keep track of EVERY SINGLE thing thats related to our industry. So keep that in mind while we criticize USCIS people.

    If the company I work at, filed an intellectual bankrupcy and had become a big issue that I have to encounter in my day to day life, I would definitely remember that.

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  • reedandbamboo
    09-13 12:12 PM
    Please check your PM!


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  • jetflyer
    08-11 04:30 PM
    as usual after seeing these date like everybody else I also started thinking when will be my turn?
    I did some digging in DHS data and here is the list with number of PERM Approvals, these are for India only and includes EB2 + EB3:

    PD Year PD Month Count
    2005 Mar 1
    2005 Apr 24
    2005 May 133
    2005 Jun 535
    2005 July 794
    2005 Aug 1313
    2005 Sep 1316
    2005 Oct 1212
    2005 Nov 1541
    2005 Dec 1771
    2006 Jan 1788
    2006 Feb 1729
    2006 Mar 2224
    2006 Apr 1635
    2006 May 1876
    2006 Jun 1902
    2006 July 1574
    2006 Aug 1317
    2006 Sep 963

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  • paskal
    12-18 05:26 PM
    almost 100 views and 4 contributions
    c'mon people, we are better that that...right?


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  • phoenix
    03-17 05:27 PM
    Yes, that would suffice as a name change in the passport. My situation was as follows.

    Surname: Y**** Z****
    Given name: X****

    I requested for an observation from SFO consulate and got it corrected to the following format.

    Surname: Z****
    Given name: X**** Y****

    I got this done through mail and these were the documents required
    1. Passport
    2. $10 Cashiers cheque
    3. Miscellaneous service form
    4. self addressed and prepaid usps envelope
    5. Cover letter

    I guess as long as you dont change the spelling of your name, you do not require an advertisement or affidavit for getting it corrected.

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  • innervoice
    09-09 06:18 AM
    Can someone please tell me

    a) Court order is required for name change or not, if yes then how to get it.
    b) How can we get an Affidavit from India, while we are here in US.



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  • wandmaker
    08-26 02:27 PM
    The Receipt date is the date when they actually receive our case in a Service Center. Notice date is when it got entered into the system. I-485 Notice shows both the RD and ND. RD should be August 17 for most of us, whose cases were transferred to various Service Centers. Online status shows the ND. The only confusion here is what do they go by(may be USCIS it self not sure how to prioritize - whether on ND or RD).
    Strictly speaking, if they go by ND and if the ND is after Aug-17 we may not be eligible for GC, as our(July/Aug 07 batch) cut-off dates is august-17-2007. This is what I was told by DAO when I attended the interview at the local USCIS office.

    As mentioned earlier, USCIS suppose to process by the RD (ie. the date they received in the service center mail room) - but the fact is, they are going by the ND (i.e. the date they entered the case into the system).

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  • gsc999
    12-02 05:11 PM
    Details of Paypal Transaction

    Transaction ID: 7KC41497SM8816707
    Item Price: $500.00 USD
    Thanks for your generosity. This is so inspiring!

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  • desi3933
    07-20 04:40 PM
    Can someone advice on this.
    Currently I am on H1B visa and I will apply my AOS before 17th august as dependent(Secondary applicant).
    After applying AOS if I have to leave my job then will I be out of status since I won't be on H1 status and I won't be on H4 ?
    Can I leave my job after applying AOS or I have to wait till We get receipts of 485?

    Thanks in advance.

    After applying for I-485 you are in AoS Pending status and you can leave the current job without being out of status.

    You should probably wait until I-485 is delivered.

    Not a legal advice.

    12-04 02:52 PM
    I was watching CSPAN last night and both Senate majority leader and minority leader were talking about what they are planning to do in the next few weeks, Minority leader Senator Mitch McConnell talked about the Omnibus Bill and few other appropriation bills and he was hinting that they are planning on getting some of these done before Christmas. According to him, the congress does not have any other choice but to get these passed ASAP. This is the best time to attach and just ride the wave.

    If we are to get anything done about our sorry state, this is it.

    We need everyone to contribute.

    Don�t think that IV will somehow find the money and do this on behalf of the community.

    It is not the reality.

    We need members to pitch in.

    This is too important to ignore, I am sure if we don�t do anything now we will be regretting about the opportunity we had and how we didn�t do anything. We will not see another opportunity for at least an year.

    Now click on the Contribute button and do your part..

    I will guarantee you one thing; you will feel good that at least you did what you could instead of waiting on the side lines.

    08-12 02:30 PM
    Thus, as curent processing times are at August 23, 2007, dwhuser case file is yet to be opened. Since file is not yet opened, no one yet knows his/her PD (it is nowhere other than on paper files). So the case waits - his/her PD may get current and pass.

    Why so? Because USCIS prime systems are not designed for huge volumes, or PD's so much in the waiting.

    That's exactly what I thought.....huh.....the wait still goes on.....

    Coming to the Infopass....I'll have to drive 5 hrs to go to the nearest office and a loss of pay leave for a couple of days. Not sure if it's worth the hastle :)