Freja Beha

outlined circles on her left wrist

the circles on her left wrist were later colored in
a revolver on the inside of her left arm

an upside down triangle on the back of her neck

The triangle behind her back later got colored in
a design behind her ear
The letter 'M' on her right lower rib cage.
Three circles on her left wrist, and the word 'redemption' on her inner elbow joint.

the word 'float' on the left side of her neck.

'this too shall pass' on the inside of her right upper arm
the words 'this world tonight is mine' circling her right wrist
a star on the top of her left rib cage

lightening bolt down the right side of her rib cage covering where the 'M' used to be

not a lot of people know about this one. it says 'serendipity is me'

she also has a tattoo on the lower part of her stomach and lines on one of her fingers.

that's a total of 13