Once Again...More Tattoo Work...

Mini praying hands for ya!
I love the gangster script all day every day!
This kid was really cool. He and a friend were on a roadtrip from Chicago and he got this cactus tattoo while passing though. We had a good time talking and cutting up while he was in the chair
Belly bird thinks that naval piercing is food

Harley Davidson Logo Tattoo

For the bikers and motorcycle fans out there. Harley Davidson tattoos provide a great way to show your passion for motorcycles. It has always been a favorite tattoo design among bikers and motorcycle enthusiast. In this picture it shows a forearm tattoo of the very popular Harley Davidson Logo. Designs of the "Harley Tattoos" are sometimes implemented with the American eagle a symbolic symbol for freedom.
Harley Davidson Logo Tattoo
"Harley Davidson Logo Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Jim Skea.
Hoje de madrugada, na prorrogação depois do mitápi no Rio.

Afonso, com fundo preto
In the wee hours of this morning, after the Rio fotologger meetup.

Afonso On Black

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Tribal Sun Tattoo

Great design of a Tribal Sun Tattoo done on the arms.
Tribal Sun Tattoo;
"Tribal Sun Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Kitenutuk.
my second tattoo designed by a freind for me to symbolise the birth of my son

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Hardwire Tattoo...

My friend Justin owns and tattoos at Hardwire Tattoo located in Wilmington, NC. When he opened a new shop, he asked me to come down and do some paintwork for him. The only photos of the shop that I could find are these two, but I did much more work than what's shown. Here's the lettering on the front doors, and below is a pirate wench. Justin always has interesting and fun projects for me to do, and this was no exception. I hope to visit him and the rest of the guys who work at the shop soon!


Hello all,

sorry for not posting for so long, i'm currently in SYDNEYY!

will be back in a few weeks.

PS. Aussies wear their tattoos loud and proud, loving it.

White Ink Tattoo

White Ink Tattoo,tattoos,tattoo designs
"White Ink Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Rebecca-VT.

Chinese character symbol tattooed in white ink .The meaning of the symbol is "To travel" or "Journey".; This is my 3rd tattoo, and my first white ink tattoo. It is only about 24 hours old in this photo, so it's still raised and crusty looking. So far, it seems to be healing nicely, and is a nice bright white. I hope it stays that way! This was the first white tattoo the artist has done (which should have made me run away), but he's been doing it professionally for over 20 years. It's small enough to cover up if it ends up a disaster!

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Top 10 Cell Phone Wallpaper Themes

The technology age is considered by many to be one of the most cold and impersonal. With communications devices that allow for so many people to interact without ever meeting face-to-face, this reputation might just be well earned. When it comes to cell phones, however, there are ways to help make the personality shine. Individualized cellular phone wallpaper is one such way.

By allowing a person to take an object that's pretty basic, boring and even a little cold and impersonal and make it truly their own, cell phone wallpaper puts touch of personality into the mix. These individualized backgrounds for cell phone screens can be as funky, crazy or sentimental as a person might desire, too.

Wallpaper works by replacing the set background on a phone screen. Some phones might allow for the setting of multiple wallpaper choices. For example, a different wallpaper setting for each caller, or just a single screen that shows up all the time.

The theme options for cellular phone wallpaper designs are pretty amazing, too. The key word is choice, and there is no lack of it. Major theme groups for cellular phone wallpaper include:

* Movies. Many movie companies offer cellular phone wallpaper downloads to fans. Depicting a scene from a person's favorite flick, these downloads are generally free, but might some with a small charge.

* Super heroes. These are quite popular in the cell phone wallpaper category. Superman and beyond, they can all be found in wallpaper form. Some of these downloads might cost a few dollars, but there are free options, too.

* Animals. People with a penchant for a particular kind of cat, dog, horse and more can find wallpaper to fit their personal tastes. The animal arena for wallpaper is strong and ever growing.

* Music. Many recording artists offer pictures of themselves for download as cell phone wallpaper. Whether it's album covers or headshots of the artists, they can be found for cheap or free download.

* Action, hobby scenes. The choices for hobbyists are flourishing with everything from skydiving to car driving being features as wallpaper background for phones.

* Guys and gals. Images of models and heartthrobs can readily be found for wallpaper use.

* Landmarks. Fans of particular places will often find just the right wallpaper to suit their individual tastes. From historical landmarks to beautiful landscape scenes, the choices on this front are many.

* Television shows. The little screen does get even smaller. Television themed wallpaper is a hot commodity as fans rush to features their favorite shows each time they use their phones.

* Video games. Characters from popular video games are often favorites on the cellular phone wallpaper front.

* Personal photos. Some phones offer users the ability to set their own wallpaper choices. This can be particularly easy when there is a camera onboard. All it takes is a snap and then assigning the photo to serve the purpose.

Cellular phone wallpaper is a favorite for many people as way to show off their individual personalities. By offering a way to make each phone a little distinct and different, these wallpaper downloads are becoming quite popular. How wallpaper works exactly will depend on the phone in question.

Some New Tattoo Work...

This lettering on the front of the leg is the beginning of a larger piece...
This girl sat like a champ during this fairly big tattoo on her back...
I never get tired of doing Old E lettering

Flower Tattoos, Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower

flower tattoo,flower tattoos,hibiscus flower,hibiscus flower tattoo
"Flower Tattoo" Tattoo originally uploaded by Tattoo Colors
Hawaiian tattoo design of a hibiscus flower and the Hawaii Islands. The hibiscus is one of the most popular among flower tattoos.The island is tattooed in tribal designs of patterns that are very unique to the Polynesian cultures.
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Celtic Knot Tattoo

Celtic Knot Tattoo,tattoos,tattoo designs
"Celtic Knot Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Photos o' Randomness.

The black inked behind this Celtic tattoo really brings out the colors and the designs of the knotwork in this tattoo; John says, "Forearms hurt!"

By Tyson at Iron Brush Tattoo

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Beautiful Star Tattoo

Beautiful Star Tattoo,tattoos,tattoo designs
"Beautiful Star Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by amazing Tattoo.

Star tattoo on the front shoulder with fine detailed patterns and colors;

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Flower Designs Side Tattoo

Flower Designs Side Tattoo
"Flower Designs Side Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Da Real Mr.T aka Tom von Lucky.

Black and gray tattoo of flowers and vines, a girls side tattoo; freehanded vegetation and lily flowers.

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Weird Tattoo

Weird Tattoo,tattoos,tattoo designs
"Weird Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Colleen AF Venable.

Weird leg tattoo of connect the dots.; Collage created for publisher who is including me in a coffee table book about weird tattoos called INKED: Clever, Odd and Outragous Tattoos. Woo! They might use this one or one of the awesome ones Chris took.

Ever since I was little I joked about getting my birthmarks numbered--that I was one big connect-the-dots tattoo that made a "me". When I got older I obsessed over the idea of an extremely visible invisible tattoo. I then worked for four years on a project I called "The Stalking and Murdering of a Childhood Giraffe" (EXPLAINED HERE) were I spent four years searching for a giraffe I had as a child and taking pictures of any I came across that were "rejects". 1,712 rejected giraffe photographs later, after I finally found the giraffe (with the help of over 50 friends or "giraffe hunters") I got this tattoo.

Dave C. Wallin who made it did an AMAZING job considering how small the numbers had to be. Pretty sure I'm not the first person in the universe to come up with this idea, but I've yet to see another connect-the-dots tattoo. Got my tattoo on August 25, 2007. The design was based on a really geometric giraffe drawing I once saw (if anyone can find the name of the original artist I would be super appreciative!), but I modified it to have spots and be even more box-like. I love this tattoo so much...which makes it hard to walk down the street without starring at my own calf.

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Treasure Chest Side Tattoo

Treasure Chest Side Tattoo,tattoos,tattoo designs
"Treasure Chest Side Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Adrienne V..

Colorful girls side tattoo of a treasure chest,roses and word quote "Some Pursue Happiness, Others Create It" a great tattoo design that represents personal aspects of life; Done by Bryan Burk at Spotlight Tattoo, Hollywood, CA. Third session about 4hr on April 6, 2008. (Total around 9 hours.)

Mostly healed. Finally finished. SO happy with it!

I'll put down the explanation again:

I was fed up with so many people complaining about how crappy different aspects of their lives were, whether it be their job, girlfriend, friendships... but not doing anything about it! The treasure chest is to represent your future, and it's up to you what's in it, if it's going to be filled with jewels and greatness or just salt water and sea weed. You create your own happiness!! It's also quite easy to create happiness for people around you if you just apply yourself.

Published on a chotaURL's blog:

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Always and Forever Tattoo

Always and Forever Tattoo,tattoos,tattoo designs
"Always and Forever Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by Jemal.

Heart and roses banner tattoo, always and forever; No, it's not a good use of my money at this point, but I don't much care. It makes me feel good and emphasizes to the world (and Sierra in particular) how important Kellie was and always will be in my life.

Ronnie at Art With a Pulse Tattoo modified the Heart-Kellie-Rose that he did for our 8th anniversary last February by adding the Always and Forever above and below, the leaves around the heart, the teal background, and a few highlights and modifications to what was already there.

The "Always & Forever" was our little thing that went at the bottom of every card we sent each other and usually followed any "game of who loves more than whom."

There are still a bunch of blood spots in this photo and because it kinda wraps around my puny forearm, it's hard to get every last bit in a picture, but I like it. It has the classic style I like, and it moves me one step closer to a sleeve.

Next up, each kid's name on each wrist. Maybe part of a band or something - I'll figure it out.

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Jesus On The Cross

Jesus On The Cross,tattoos,tattoo designs
"Jesus On The Cross" Tattoo, originally uploaded by stotker.

Religious tattoo of Jesus On The Cross tattoo by Mirek vel Stotker;

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DUB Show Phoenix This Past Weekend...

Went to the DUB Show this past weekend courtesy of my friends at Black Widow Customs. It was fun checking out all the trick paint, and getting fresh ideas for future projects. OG Abel was there selling his badass shirts, and I got to talk to him a bit. I had a great time hanging out with the Black Widow guys, and got a much needed break from the grind at home
This is Shaq's bike, and the eyes light up red...so dumb it's cool
Money, Power, and Bitches...you keep it classy Phoenix
Here are some examples of Mike Lamberson's striping and silver leaf work...badass!

The striping above is a little much for my taste, but looks good none the less
This was my favorite paint job from the whole show
Yellow candied silver leaf on a yellow truck actually looked really good
After seeing this car, I immediately put curtains in the windows of my ride

Tiger Lilly Tattoo

Tiger Lilly Tattoo
"Tiger Lilly Tattoo" Tattoo, originally uploaded by ToyBaroness.

A girls neck tattoo of a pink tiger lilly tattoo.The design has a 3-D realistic look to it and is inked in a bright colors; 10 hours by Mike Devries of MD Tattoo

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Ant Tattoos

Ant Tattoos,tattoos,tattoo designs
"Ant Tattoos" Tattoo, originally uploaded by psychoterrorpeut.

Spider tattoos are a very common tattoo design but ant tattoos are hard to come by. Here is a picture of two large ant tattoos placed on the foot as though they were crawling; Tattoos by Marc (www.nolimit-tattoo.com)

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New Tattoo Work...

I put this tattoo on my friend Louie who wanted a piece to represent his career as a sailer in the navy. The anchors were taken from a photo of the pin he used to wear on his uniform
I did this paw print on a girl who's cat passed away yesterday. She wanted to do something in his honor, and now when she looks at her arm he will be remembered...

Suvi Koponen

yes, I'm STILL posting model tattoos.

'Imported' tattooed under her right breast.

'Cat' tattooed on her right hand, stands for Catherine McNeil (This is the latest one)

Three lines on her left wrist
The number '5' in the middle of her back on the left side. It stands for the number of people in her family as well as it being her lucky number.

Sources: tfs, JDvision twitter

Catherine McNeil Update!

I did a post on Catherine McNeil a while back, and I have recently spotted a new tattoo she has added to her collection!

'Never Look Back' on her center back, just below the neck

Gorgeous font, I've always loved her tattoos.

Yes, this is how new her tattoo is, I haven't been able to find a picture of the tattoo after it was done, only the process.

Summer Goals

1. To post at least once every two days on this blog
2. To make my fashion blog worth reading
3. To create a solid collection of work on my flickr
4. To reply to comments FASTTERR.

P.S, Cole Mohr is hilarious in these shots.

Pete Doherty.

Anyone else feel as though there is a lack of guys with tattoos on this blog?

Pamela Anderson Sexy

Pamela Anderson has the name Pamela Denise Anderson was born, born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada, 1 July 1967. Stars who do breast surgery, the icon known as the star section and often appear naked in some places.

The Casey Jean Parker in the hit series BAYWATCH is also known as PETA activists, that is an organization that many animal lovers to protest the use of fur for clothing. In protesnya them, including Pamela, often be naked in public.

Women are also a film producer, lives with two female actors with perkawinannya of Tommy Lee who divorced in 1998.

Start of 2002, Pamela was the relationship pisah-connect with the singer Kid Rock and eventually married on 29 July 2006, but their marriage was no longer a divorce and ended on 27 November 2006.