DUB Show Phoenix This Past Weekend...

Went to the DUB Show this past weekend courtesy of my friends at Black Widow Customs. It was fun checking out all the trick paint, and getting fresh ideas for future projects. OG Abel was there selling his badass shirts, and I got to talk to him a bit. I had a great time hanging out with the Black Widow guys, and got a much needed break from the grind at home
This is Shaq's bike, and the eyes light up red...so dumb it's cool
Money, Power, and Bitches...you keep it classy Phoenix
Here are some examples of Mike Lamberson's striping and silver leaf work...badass!

The striping above is a little much for my taste, but looks good none the less
This was my favorite paint job from the whole show
Yellow candied silver leaf on a yellow truck actually looked really good
After seeing this car, I immediately put curtains in the windows of my ride