Pamela Anderson

Still remember who made sex video Pamela Anderson and former husband Tommy Lee? Pamela is now a video that was made because the traps. Force someone to do it. Sex video was made while still berstatuskan Pamela Tommy's wife. They claim the video is available after missing declared stolen. Pamela confess first time making the video he was not aware of any spy camera. Tommy is a record of ideas for their love scenes. Pamela was kidding himself that has dijebak by the Motley Crue drummer. "I only marry rock star. Mengencani rock star, and they say there is no film in the camera, and in fact the truly lost," said Pamela detikhot quoted from Lse, Friday (3/8/2007). Now that Pamela menjanda live with 2 of their son Tommy, Brandon, 11 years old and Dylan aged 9 years. Because they have started go adults, Pamela must eventually explain this sex video with regard to their children.