Shinchan Animation

After almost 30 minutes fighting mama finally successful build. "Sinchan quick bath and breakfast," said mama. "Hhmm ...", answered as usual. "Magic grandmother," he added with a soft face

"What did you face with ...!!!!???", mama sangar grin. "Hiiii ....", sinchan surprised to see the hideous face of his mother.
After sinchan bath sincan not immediately use the uniform tk, but

There here, wearing costumes

Even"SINCHAAANNN ...!!! what are you?" Screaming mama's kitchen. Sincan make the uniforms. Prior to the table sinchan playing briefly with brother

"... Sinchan, bus ...", mama newly-wed couple is surprised sinchan still play with the younger brother." Beware sinchan ...!!!", mama you rush out Yoshinaga teacher tells the mother that sinchan not ride the bus.
"Basic sinchan childhood teeth," said the hair tidy.

After the bus went out sinchan. "Wow ... late again ... ck ck ck ... what this mama," said sinchan mengelengkan head. Then laugh
"Hurray .. late, too late ... too late .." exclaim him while dancing

5 seconds

Finally forced to take the mama sinchan schoolfellow


... excuse me, do not be imitated Okay...

By : Phie