I noticed that there are many different meaning behind a triangle tattoo.
Does anyone know what the main meaning behind it is?

Abbey Lee

I've always wanted to do a post on her, but it's so difficult. There are so few photos of her tattoos out there, and even less information on them.

A tattoo on her right ankle. There's a big debate on tfs about what it actually is. Some people think it's the gemini sign, whilst others think otherwise.

A heart in a square behind her right ear.

She also has script on her right wrist.
More on her to come, need to do some more digging.

Pixie Geldof update.

I think she's caught the tattoo bug like her sister Peaches.

The newest addition is on her right forearm.
'What will survive of us is love', a quote taken from a poem.

She also has her mother's signature on her left wrist.
A ladybug on her right wrist.
A star on the back of her neck.
A outlined shape behind each ear.
A star on her leg.


Hi guys!

I wanna thank you all for the emails you've been sending in :) It's nice to know you guys enjoy the blog!

I also received this

I'm not sure what it says, but i love the placement :)
Thanks to Rachel W. for the picture!

Pinstriping From Florida Bike Rally...

here's some of the paint work I did this past weekend while at a Florida bike rally. I really enjoy decorating people's motorcycles, choppers, and trikes with striping, lettering, and graphics at these events. There are plenty of challenges while working in the field, like rain, wind, heat, and difficult customers, but it all makes the experience more memorable.

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Lindsay Lohan update

I have to be honest, this annoyed me slightly when i found out, cause i wasn't too fond of the first one. Now she has added another.
I like the quotes and placements, it's just the different coloured stars used to decorate it.

This new one is on her right arm.
It says 'I restore myself when I'm alone'

The older one on her left arm says 'Everyone’s a star and deserves the right to twinkle'

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For those of you who have noticed, i tend to like literary tattoos or simple symbols.
But this is gorgeous.

Source: Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!

Anime Art

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While painting at a biker event last weekend where Motorhead was the headlining act, we were approached by one of the bands crew to pinstripe and letter their kick drum head. It wasn't easy working outside in the field with such little time, but we did our best, and I think it turned out very nice. Spider painted the ace of spades and striping, and I did the lettering. Matt Sorum is filling-in for Motorhead's drummer on this tour, but he's the drummer for Velvet Revolver, and previously was a member of Guns & Roses and the Cult. It was my first time seeing Motorhead, and the show was badass! Afterwords, we got to hang out with the band and get some photos...

Matt Sorum the drummer with Matt Atomik the artist

ATL Lowriders...

I haven't posted anything for a while because I've left Arizona and hit the road for a while. I'm currently working with my friend and fellow artist "Spider" Papa in Atlanta. We've been doing a lot of pinstriping and gold leaf work on lowriders, here's some examples...


Source: We heart it

I'm back and in need of ideas of who you guys would like me to blog about. So leave a comment please!

I also came up with an idea inspired by 'Le Love,' where you can send me photos of your tattoo related to love and the story behind it and I'll post it up :)

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