Donald Duck Parties Are a Big Splash

Whether you are a fan of Donald Duck ...???

Who is your character most like there ...???

Donald Duck, known for his explosive attitude and pouty behavior, is the rebel of all Disney characters. Everyone knows a child who loves Donald Duck, so a Donald Duck party may be just what you’re looking for.

Donald Duck party invitations can be made at home for a Donald Duck party. Donald Duck is best known for his white face, yellow bill and blue hat. Using these colors as your palette with some Donald Duck and other Disney character stickers are an inexpensive way to get your invitations out the door and on their way to your guests! Everyone will know the theme immediately upon opening the envelope.

Donald Duck lends himself to many decoration possibilities for a Donald Duck party. With the variety of pictures, posters and figurines of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and their famous friends, there may be no need to purchase decorations at all. Just use what the guest of honor may already have to add flavor to the room or borrow from friends and relatives. And of course, don’t leave out Donald’s friends Pluto, Daisy Duck, and Goofy. If you or a friend plan on making a trip to a Walt Disney Theme Park, stock up on some inexpensive items that may only be found at a Disney Park.

A great game for a Donald Duck party would be to have a Donald Duck Race. Go to a local party or discount store and purchase enough rubber ducks for each guest to have their own. Then place them in a pool of water and the first person’s duck to cross the finish line wins!