Baby Clip Art

Whether you are holding a baby shower, baby birthday party, baptism or baby adoption, baby clip art can help you design attractive invitation cards, e-greetings and a variety of print projects easily and inexpensively. They are the cheapest, most practical way to provide visual impact to the content of your invitations or greetings.

Many websites contain thousands of readily available, colorful and attractive baby clip art images. There are cute fonts to spell your baby?s name and even announcement labels to decorate your e-cards. These images are further classified into sub-categories. If you make use of search engines, the keywords ?baby boy,? ?baby girl,? ?baby shower,? ?baby christening,? ?baby birthday party,? ?baby adoption? will yield a lot of results.

Some examples of baby clip art images are baby diapers, baby birthday cakes, baby clothes, baby chicks, baby handprints and footprints, teddy bears, nursery rhyme characters, cartoon characters, pink and blue party balloons, toys, baby angels and tiny fairies. Some clip art is animated to portray both realistic and humorous situations, such as a baby taking his first steps, a baby opening a gift, a baby in a rock star suit playing drums or a baby gymnast in a circus.

You can choose a single image or as many images as you need from a particular sub-group. Select the baby clip art that will harmonize with the theme of the occasion and the content presented in your invitation or greeting card. You can even create personalized baby clip art by converting a picture of your baby into an image file using the right software.

The Internet is a huge storehouse of clip art. Find the websites that offer sharp, colorful images. Check if the clip art boasts high resolution and if it comes in printable formats.

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