Are you annoyed with your tattoo? Does it embarrass you? Do you wish you'd never set foot in that parlour in the first place? Well, the reasons why you feel this way boil down to one or more of the following reasons...

• You had your tattoo done in a non-certified shop - those who have their tattoo/s done cheaply  most often end up with regrets because they are not satisfied with the result. Perhaps the colour isn't right or the tattooist wasn't really an artist so tweety Pie looks more like a griffin...whatever the reason - you usually get what you pay for when it comes to tattoos.

• You chose  the wrong design - those who went through the tattoo process impulsively without giving much thought to design and placement usually end up disappointed. Make sure you know what design you want and if you're really ready for it.
• Be sober -  maybe you got your tat when you were drunk or high and were not impressed once you sobered up.

• Maybe you have a lover's name or facial  image tattooed on your body. This is never a good idea - if you're considering this  and  if you absolutely feel compelled to do so - make it small so that if the worst happens you can design another tatto over and around the original one.

 • Do not 'test' a tattoo - your body is not an A4 sheet of paper that you can 'vandalize' anytime and when you are tired of the design - have it erased. Perhaps you didn't think of the long-term when you had your 'ink'.  But none of us are a living Etch-a-Sketch. Tattoos are permanent.   Most people regret having been spontenous when it comes to tattoos.

• You have found that people  judge you - Research shows that most companies do not hire people with tattoo/s though they are qualified. Most of the time having a tattoo is not acceptable in the workplace - especially so in the corporate world. You may have experienced this - hence you want to remove your tattoo.

• You are worried -  When it comes to transmittable diseases - you are in the high risk of having these when you are engage in body art. Most of the time people get HIV, Hepatitis and other disease through tattooing, especially when it is done by underground tattoo artists.

•  You have simply grown out of your tattoo or no longer have that lifestyle - people often regret having a marujana leaf tattoo or tattoos that depict certain political affiliations or even the logos of certain music bands.  Tastes and lifestyles change and  that Rolling Stone or Spice Girls tattoo can soon become a source of embarrassment.