Tattoos often seem like a good idea at the time. But  - the BBC UK website asks - has the current craze, especially among young women, had its day?
Celebrities from Liam Gallagher to Stephen Gately, Helen Mirren to Holly Valance have their own, often discreet, pieces of body art. Such celebrity ‘endorsement’ has encouraged women from all walks of life to have their own.

But as time passes, it's not just celebs such as Angelina Jolie and Geri Haliwell who're regretting decorating their body with everything from loved one’s names to Japanese characters. Ordinary people do too. Seventy-five percent of the UK people who have tattoos eventually regret it, according to a study by the British Journal of Dermatology.

Ordinary folks like Melanie Grimes from Eccles in Greater Manchester is one of these people. She is having the tatto she opted for when she was 16 years old removed.

Melanie says, "It looks tacky. I just picture myself in an evening dress or a wedding dress and I just see that thing on my shoulder, no!!!"

Laser treatment is one of the standard methods of tattoo removal. However, this can cost around £1,000. So how can you avoid regret?

According to Louis Malloy, people can reduce the risks of regretting a tattoo later in life. Louis is one of the most prominent tattoo artists in the North West. He adorned David Beckham’s body with an angel and the words ‘Romeo’ and ‘Victoria’.
Louis says, "If you don’t put the thought in it’s highly likely that you will regret the tattoo."

Louis would advise those considering a tattoo to follow these simple preparation steps to reduce regret later:

• Plan your tattoo art carefully, doing lots of research

• Consider its placement and how this will fit into your life

• Save up and get what you really want

• Go to a reputable tattoo artist

• Ask to see previous examples of their work

• Follow aftercare instructions religiously

• Don’t go ahead if you are not 100% sure

Sam Cox is the editor of a tattoo website. Two thirds of her body is tattooed. It started with a small butterfly on the base of her back.

Sam's website offers advise to 'tattoo virgins'

Sam claims that whilst people are following fashion fads with tattoos, they are more likely to regret them. Such fad, are often instigated by celebrities.

Sam says, "If you have a tattoo for fashion reasons - because it looks cool at the time - it will go out of fashion."

With over 5,000 years of history behind them, it is unlikely that tattoos will ever become a ‘thing of the past’.

However, whilst willing youngsters are allowing their bodies to become a canvas for the latest fashion fads, incidences of removal look likely to rise.