A to the K Tattoo...

Our local Pimp, Hi-Pitch Rich, had me put this AK-47 on his arm to fill up some available space. He liked it, I liked it...wicked.
...and this girl who raises horses had me design this tribal tattoo for her. It was her first tatty, and on her ribs...ouch!


24 Hours.

I know it's my choice in the end, but i wanted to see what you guys thought.
I'm going to try to get another tattoo tomorrow (spending on whether the tattooist is available or not)

I was either going to get:
'Into the wild' - the movie title
'2.11' - a date
'nothing's like before' - a quote from a song
or initials

they all have personal meanings

Reader's Tattoo

Sent in by Marion
French: espi├Ęgle

I've also been considering the same placement for my next tattoo :) Thanks so much for sending this in!

Eagle Tattoo...

One of my oldest, closest friends wanted an eagle tattoo on his back. He didn't want color, but I used a dirty red to add some shading behind it.
this girl wanted her fiances name on her neck, but she wanted the O to be a ring...clever!
this tattoo went on an Air Force refueling tanker pilot. His hobby is hot rods, so he wanted old school pinstriping in it also


If you are browsing these pages, chances are that you feel your tattoo was a mistake and if so, you're not alone. Tattoo regret is the unfortunate side-effect of body art, with around 50% of tattooed people in the USA having second thoughts.

According to a study by the British Journal of Dermatology, figures are worse in the UK with  75% of British people who have tattoos wishing they had never 'inked'

If your tattoo has become a permanent source of regret or embarrasment to you - you are not alone - in fact - close to 400,000 people Google the term 'tattoo removal' every month! Here are some more facts and figures about tattoos....

■The Pew Research Center, January 2007

- 36% of 18-25 year olds have at least one tattoo

Original source: http://people-press.org/reports/display.php3?ReportID=300

■The U.S. Food And Drug Administration, April 2006

- More than 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo

Original source: http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/oc/scienceforum/sf2006/search/preview.cfm?abstract_id=1047&backto=author

■The Gallup Poll, July 2005

- 13-17 year olds on average think that an acceptable age to get a tattoo is 19

■The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, March 2005

- 24% of the general U.S. population has a tattoo

- 5% of those with a tattoo have had it covered with a different tattoo design

Original source: http://www2.us.elsevierhealth.com/inst/serve?retrieve=pii/S0190-9622(04)03195-0&artType=full)

■Flash2xs.com Poll, August 2004

- 41% of those considering getting a tattoo would pay up to 50% more for a tattoo artist known to have a good reputation and who is certified by their local health department

Original source: Flash2xs.com, LLC Online Poll

■Flash2xs.com Poll, June 2004

- 61% of people say that the reputation of a tattoo artist and tattoo studio is most important factor when selecting who will tattoo them and where they will get tattooed
- 23% say the selection of flash to look at and choose from is the most important factor when selecting which shop to get tattooed at

- 8% say the prices for tattooing is the most important factor when choosing who will tattoo them

Original source: Flash2xs.com, LLC Online Poll

■Flash2xs.com Poll, September 2003

- 43% of people polled say they get tattooed to represent something personal

- 32% say they get tattooed because they are addicted to ink

- 19% of people say they get tattooed because they like the artwork

- 4% of people say they get tattooed because they enjoy the feeling of it

Original source: Flash2xs.com, LLC Online Poll

■Harris Interactive, July 2003

- 16% of all adults have at least one tattoo

- 31% of gay, lesbian, or bisexual people report having tattoos

- 36% of those with tattoos are between 25-29 years old

- 34% of people with tattoos feel sexier because they are tattooed

- 29% of adults with tattoos feel more rebellious

- Democrats are more likely to be tattooed than Republicans

Original source: http://www.harrisinteractive.com/harris_poll/index.asp?PID=407

■Flash2xs.com Poll, May 2003

- 76% of people say that the biggest issue in preventing them from getting a tattoo is Finding the Perfect Tattoo Design

- 10% of people say that either finding the right tattoo artist or having the money for a tattoo are the biggest reasons preventing them from getting a tattoo

Original source: Flash2xs.com, LLC Online Poll

■Flash2xs.com Poll, April 2003

- 32% of people prefer traditional plain black tribal tattoo designs over tribal with other design elements, texture, or color variations

Original source: Flash2xs.com, LLC Online Poll

■Health Canada, April 2003

- The number of women with tattoos quadrupled from 1960 to 1980

Original source: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/iyh-vsv/life-vie/tat_e.html

■Flash2xs.com Poll, August 2001

- 38% of people say they choose a tattoo because it has special meaning to them

- 32% say the quality of the artwork is how they choose their tattoo

- 27% of people say they choose their tattoo for its originality

Original source: Flash2xs.com, LLC Online Poll

■The U.S. News and World Report, October 1997

- Tattooing is the United State's 6th fastest growing retail business

Original source: http://www.usnews.com/usnews/culture/articles/971103/archive_008193.htm


Rihanna has a new tattoo added to her collection
It's written backwards so that it can be read when looking into a mirror.
It says 'Never a failure always a lesson'

Will try to find better pictures

Graffiti Tattoo...

A good friend of mine came in the tattoo shop to get a graffiti piece that he designed on his arm. He gave me artistic liberty to shade and color the piece how I desired, and I think the collaboration resulted in a great tattoo!
...this tattoo was designed for a young guy who is a vocalist and writes music
...this 45 record adapter was put on a close friend who loves music
...and this baby's footprint was put on a mom

GIF Animation Christmas and New Year 2009

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