would u say the wrist here alot?

I'm guessing you meant 'hurt' and not 'here'.
I can't tell you that much, since I've only had two tattoos, can't really compare.
But out of the two, the wrist one definitely hurt more. And from what I've heard, it does tend to hurt more because it's close to the bone and it's a more sensitive area from other parts of the body etc.

I think you're awesome :)

hahaha, not really, but thanks :)

is "ridyard" a family name? also, how's the white holding up? has it yellowed any or faded away?

Yup, Ridyard is a family name.
The ink has held very well, it's hard to take a picture of, but it is definitely white, and hasn't yellowed.
It's taken a very long time for the tattoo to heal and the ink to show though, but maybe that's just me.

could you show a picture of what your white ink tattoo looks like now?

I'll try to get a decent picture of it soon, but it is quite hard to take a photo of. I'll try!!

I love your blog :)

thank you :)

What tattoos are you currently wanting?

I'm currently craving a tattoo on the hip or ribcage. It is most likely going to be a word tattoo. Will hopefully get inked in the summer.

don't you think getting a tattoo is kind of a paradox? for example, if i get one that's blatant and visible, then it might make it harder to get a job, but if i get one that's hidden and discreet, what's the point if no one'll see it?

I love this question.

I understand completely what you're saying, and I face this question everyday.

But at the end of the day, getting a tattoo done is for you and it's about what makes you happy. Some people like discreet tattoos which are just for themselves. Whereas some people like big visible tattoos, and if that's what makes them happy, i think, go for it.

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