it's my 18th birthday soon and i want to get my first tattoo, of the gps coordinates of my favourite place in the world, but i don't know where to get it on my body! where would you suggest?


Happy 18th Birthday! sorry if i'm late.

gps co-ordinations tend to be quite long (assuming you'll have it done in one line)
so i would suggest tattooing it in a place which won't stretch as much, or change when you move.

An example of tattoos changing when you move is a long tattoo on your forearm running from your elbow down. When you turn your hand the tattoo tends to twist from being straight into being slanted.

I would suggest your foot, wrist, back or Angelina Jolie's placement of the shoulder.

Remember, these are only suggestions, it's down to what you like in the end ;)

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