Do you seriously think that people are going to pay that amount of money for a tshirt they could shred themselves? Get over yourself, love.


Thanks so much for your comment :)

I actually started the store in order to learn from it, I am extremely passionate about fashion, and criticism is definitely a way to learn.

I did a lot of market research before I decided on the price. There are others out there who are making similar items which cost USD$200+.

You're right, anyone can shred tshirts themselves, but it takes time and effort. Your question also brings the big debate, why do some people spend loads on a tshirt whilst others spend way less on a tshirt that looks exactly the same. It's your choice, I haven't tried to force you to purchase one. And i respect the fact that you found the tshirt pricey.

I could have deleted your and completely forgotten about it. But instead I have decided to publish it and respond to it. And I want to tell everyone now that I do agree that I've made a mistake with the pricing. I want to apologize to everyone for my mistake, I have since done further market research and have lowered the price.

There is however one thing I do not agree with. 'Get over yourself' was a bit unnecessary. If you knew me you'd know I am nowhere near big headed or 'into' myself. Close friends often ask me why I keep my blog so anonymous, and the reason is I don't want people to know who I am. I'm just not like that.

And thanks for visiting my blog, hun.

To all my readers: I am sincerely sorry.

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