Neck Tattoos.

1. can you post of nape of neck tattoos? i'm thinking of getting a new tat there and would like to see some ideas.

2. can you please post more pictures of tattoos on the back of neck? i plan on getting my first one there! it'll be a designed locket and the words 'protect me from what i want' underneath it, i just want to feel sort of a vibe on how it'll look:P

3. Hi. I was wondering if you could post some neck tattoos.

4. what are some good tattoos for the back of neck below the hairline. I really want one but don't if i should get a symbol or word. Also what are some good quotes for tattoos

5. i want a tattoo on my shoulder , or my neck. can you post some pictures of girls who have tattoos on that place?

Taken me a while, but I've finally gotten around to it :)

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