Creative Star Tattoo Ideas

Star tattoo designsStar tattoo designs is advancing in popularity amongst the new and younger generation of females. Women are mostly captivated by the star designs of the nautical, rainbow colored stars and the shooting stars. Stars have certain meanings to them but the most popular reason stars are being tattooed is the attraction of its beauty. That being, star tattoos have become one of the most popular tattoos sought after by many for its sheer beauty. Even the famous celebrities of Hollywood have inked their body with this simple tattoo design. With the celebrities flashing their star tats many people are following their lead in acquiring a star tattoo.

Star Tattoo with Sacred Heart
Star Tattoos with Sacred Heart

star tattooA star tattoo concerning the design of the shooting stars is commonly tattooed with a large star being trailed by cascading stars which little by little gets smaller and eventually turns into "stardust". To beautify the star tattoo design a lot of women combine other unique designs and traits to create a better tattoo overall. Some people prefer to have the stars simple by using plain black ink. But today more and more people are adding lots of bright vibrant colors that makes their star tattoo stand out more prominent.

Simple Star Tattoo - Design 2Hip Star Tattoo Design

Star Tattoo DesignYour imagination can go crazy when designing your star tattoo design. The creativity and possible designs of such a simple object can flourish into a outstanding masterpiece. Getting ideas for a star tattoo can be found just about anywhere. A good source of star tattoo ideas can be found reading books, the star constellations themselves or looking at "pictures of star tattoos" to help influence ideas for your own design. Patterns inside a star is another good idea you can take a look at. Having animal patterns of tiger stripes, panda bear markings, zebra stripes, leopard or cheetah patterns are all good choices. Women may also get influences from Gucci, Coach, Louis Vuitton and other handbag designer's patterns to make their star tattoo a one of a kind design.

Stars and Swirls Tattoo
Stars and Swirls Tattoo

Hand Star Tattoo DesignThere are no boundaries on where you can place a star tattoo. Many women like to place the star tattoo design on their hips, lower abdomen, lower back and other sensual spots of the body. Stars are a practical design that they can be combined with other tattoos you may have on your body as an accent or focal point. No matter what you choose, "star tattoos" are a great and simple design for both women and men. Your aim in getting any tattoo is to please yourself whether it be the meanings behind the tattoo or the overall looks. Happy hunting and best of luck in your quest to finding star tattoo ideas for your personal star tattoo.