1. Hi there. I was wondering if you were interested in piercings at all?

    Sorry, not at the moment :(

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    your blog is one of the most amazing blog i have ever seen,seriously! i visit it everyday (that's beause i want to make me a tattoo too) :)

    If you get a tattoo, send it in ;)
    Thanks for visiting everyday!

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    is it dangerous to have a tattoo done where there is a small birthmark (a very small one, but still)? never had a tattoo done before but I'm considering some writing in white ink. thanks for your inspiring blog! mk x

    I don't see why tattooing over a small birthmark will be dangerous, but check with the tattoo artist first.
    Remember that the tattoo ink colour may be slightly different because of the fact that you're tattooing it over a birthmark.
    Safety first, check with the tattoo artist! ;)

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    what do anchors tattoo mean?

    They were popular with sailors at first, they symbolise things like completed journeys.
    But it can also mean things like stability and strong foundation. Like stability in a relationship.
    I'm sure there are other meanings for anchor tattoos as well :)

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    Hey! I already have one tattoo on my lower back, but are thinking of getting several more. I really like lettering, and I would love to get some thin-lined writing, but I've heard that too thin lines "smudge"/fade after a while... Is this right?

    Yup, it happens! But it depends on how much your skin stretches, how well you look after your tattoo and other things. (different people, different changes in skin)
    The 'smudging' and fading happens due to ageing and skin damage etc.

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    Sorry that this isn't a question, but I just wanted to sat thank you for creating such a beautiful site. You sound very humble in your form spring replies, too. It makes your blog very enjoyable! Thank you x

    This is the sweetest comment. Thank you :) x

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    do you think roman numeral on the hip is nice?

    YES yes yes yes yes :)
    I love hip tattoos, and I love simple things like roman numerals!

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    your blog is a collection of beauty.

    thanks so much :)

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    i met alex petyfer! amazing.

    I hope you told him that his tattoos are very much appreciated! ;)

    This is all I can answer for now, because I'm going to be travelling a lot the next few weeks. Sorry guys :( I will try to catch up with formspring whenever I can!