Questions to distract.

thanks for the flowers

no problem :)

When are you going to post your tattoos?

I've posted one previously ;)

Hey! I love your blog, I was wondering if you had any more pics of small tattoos like taylor momsens and lindsay lohans!

KATE MOSS kate moss kate moss!
She is the queen of small tattoos. She was one of my very first posts.
She has a tiny moon on her ankle, heart tattoo on her hand etc.

what are you studying at York?

The subject most unrelated to tattoos and fashion. ABFM - accounting business finance and management. Sounds interesting yes?

Where would you recommend I get a hidden tattoo, I swim alot and dont want my parents to see but would really like 3 daisies to represent me and my brothers.

That's a tough one. I would normally say to get it in white because they can't really be seen that easily, but looking after a white ink tattoo means no exposure to the sun, so for this case, it isn't ideal.
You can think about placing it on the side of your hip, low down where a bikini bottom will normally cover the area.
I know this is rambling, but have you thought about speaking to your parents? Because I think you would be happier with your tattoo if you weren't restricted by where to place it.

I want a roman numeral tattoo(XVI.XI.XCII) i'm not too sure where can you please recommend some places. THANKS

I'd love to say WRIST, because i am a huge wrist tattoo lover.
But in all honesty, it can go anywhere as long as it doesn't twist.
For example, if you were to get it on your forearm, running from your elbow joint to your wrist, when you turn your hand your tattoo will appear stretched/twisted.

What does a feather tattoo mean? Does it matter if it's up or down?

Feather tattoos don't have a specific meaning, some people get it because it represents for them, flight, whilst others get it because they think it looks nice :) It can represents different things for different people.
Anf nope, it doesn't matter if it's up or down :)

do you know if the olsen twins have any tatts?

There is a rumor that Mary-Kate Olsen has one on her bum. No joke!

Is 130 euro too much to pay for a tattoo, one line of writing, 4 words, on the ribs?

As long as the place is safe, clean and professional, I'd say it's a decent price to pay for something that will last you a life time.
There are places that charge less, but you don't want to risk somewhere which isn't as hygienic.

which of gaga's tattoos are real??

As far as I know, all of them are real.
The script on her left arm, the flower on her back, peace sign on her wrist and the flowers on the bottom of her back.

Just thought I'd answer a few of my formspring questions as a distraction from revision.