1. naridyard

    Why are there (seemingly) few large tattoos? You have a lot of small ones and a lot of script ones, and (seemingly) few larger or colour tattoos. Just curious! Love your blog!!

    Yeah, I've noticed that too.
    I think it's my sort of style, or the sort of tattoos I am instantly drawn to. But I have nothing against large tattoos or colour ones! :) And a few of my favourite tattoos I've seen are large.

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    hi, I love your blog! I'm 16 and I really want a tattoo-although I'm not sure of what yet. My questions are am I too young and will it stretch in 10 years or so? And also, how painful is it? Where are the least painful places that won't stretch? Thanks!

    Generally by law you are too young (may differ in different countries). And I wouldn't recommend you getting one done illegally.
    All tattoos potentially stretch no matter how old you get them because of different things like weight, elasticity of skin etc. They also have a potential of stretching if you grow.
    The wrist and the lower back would be the places I would recommend as the least painful place that won't stretch as much.

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    MARRY ME! (:

    haha! sorry, i'm taken ;)

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    i am thinking of getting a tattoo on my left wrist. how painful will it be? BTW i already have a tattoo on my right forearm.

    It's different for everyone. It also depends on your weight, because if you're very thin, you're more likely to feel more pain because of the skin being closer to the bone.
    The wrist in general would be more painful than the forearm because your skin there is more sensitive.

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    i just stumbled across your blog, and it is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. you seem like such an amazing person which such an eye for beauty. do you plan on getting any more tattoos than what you already have?

    Hi, thanks so much :) your comments are really sweet.
    I have constant plans for new ones, I'm going to HK where I normally get them done soon, so who knows, might have a new one by August.

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    what do you think of victoria beckhams tattoos?

    I think her tattoos have grown with her style. I'm not too keen on her star tattoos on the bottom of her back, but I like her wrist tattoos and the tattoo going down her spine.

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    i looooove white ink tattoos! don't you love them? :)

    haha, yes i do :) both of my tattoos are in white ink.

    I think I'm going to have to do a post about tattoo fonts soon!