Lettering Tattoos

Lettering Tattoos and Name Tattoos have always been very popular and recently, the addition of new fonts and new options has done nothing to damage their credibility or their popularity. These lettering tattoo designs are increasingly complex and while they may have been used as mostly feminine tattoos in the past during the time of the Pachucos (Think Zoot Suits) they are very popular tattoos even among the most macho of men these days. Whether you are looking for more masculine or more feminine lettering tattoos, you should not have any real difficulty finding one that meets all of your needs and tattoo desires.

If you have ever entered a tattoo parlor, you may have seen the flash tattoos hanging around. These are generally tattoo designs that are drawn out on cardboard or other off-white paper in order to give some indication of what the finished tattoos will look like. The lettering tattoos will come in a wide variety of styles, colors and even fonts and it is almost certain that you will find one that is suitable for the tattoos that you love. When they are well designed, many of the lettering tattoos can also be used as captions for other tattoos.

Many of the religious tattoos like the cross tattoos and the angel tattoos have lettering tattoos as captions explaining them. Some lettering tattoo captions will use the same type of font as the main tattoo emblem such as is often the case with Harley Davidson tattoos where something such as “Ride To Live, Live to Ride” may be tattooed either above or below the original with a lettering tattoo used to convey further meaning. Certain fonts are also very popular among individual groups. While some of these may be gang-related tattoos, they are also very common for social groups that share more than just a passing interest in common.

Many of the Ancient Maori Tattoos, Polynesian tattoos and other Asian tattoos were enhanced with lettering tattoos. While ones like the koi fish tattoos, the lion and tiger tattoos, eagle tattoos and other symbolic tattoos may have been void of any lettering at all, some of the other tattoos did come replete with lettering tattoos as part of the overall display of tattoo art. In today’s world, the Koi Tattoos are still a very popular option and they can be greatly enhanced with the addition of a well-placed lettering tattoo to let the casual observer know a little bit more about the tattoo and exactly why it is what it is.