Lettering Tattoos

What clearer way to have a tattoo say something about you than to have it written out in words or letter? But the importance of selecting the right lettering style cannot be overemphasized. Consider, for example, the tattoo on the left rib of Swedish football hotshot Zlatan Ibrahimovic inked in classical lettering style which translates to "Only God Can Judge Me". No doubt a profound statement, but without the perfect marriage of lettering style and meaning, there is a loss.

Would that statement still seem so powerful if it were implemented with an unsuitable lettering style such as grunge, bone, or block? I feel that the "oomph" factor of the tattoo would have been significantly reduced with the “wrong” lettering, resulting in a funny looking tattoo. Tattoos are not about getting attention or showing off something trendy; they are about expressing ideas, experiences, or beliefs that are most meaningful to a person. Tattoos are popular among celebrities, who have the limelight in which to show off their sentiments, and many celebrities have lettering tattoos. Below is a list of the basic lettering styles along with the names of some celebrities who are so adorned.