Guide to Install Uninstall .deb File on iPhone

You can install apps via .deb files if you jailbreaked and SSH your iPhone. If you are looking for an easy peasy guide for How to Access iPhone via SSH on Windows Mac Check this one. So now you have a jailbreaked iPhone with SSH installed and you have the access of the file system of your iPhone. If you satisfies the above condition you can follow the universal process of installing and uninstalling .deb to your iPhone 2G, 3G or 3GS. There are two methods to install .deb file but i always prefer to use method 1 though it is long than method 2 but it is more reliable.

How to Install (Method 1) :
  • SSH into iPhone – using iPhoneTunnel if your on Windows , Cyberduck if your on MacOS.
  • Copy .deb file into tmp folder
  • Quit Cydia if its running
  • Hit Ctrl+T in WinSCP and run the following command : dpkg -i /tmp/name.deb ( just to make sure : you replace name.deb with the actual name of the deb file )
  • After installation, you can delete the .deb file
How to Install (Method 2) :
  • SSH your iPhone and go to /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall Copy the .deb file there and that just reboot  your device. If  Autoinstall folder is not lying in /var/root/Media/Cydia then you can create urself
How to Uninstall :
To uninstall the .deb file simply uninstall the app you installed via .deb file. You can use Cydia, Icy or Cydelete to uninstall from sprinboard too.