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f0recast is a tool for Windows® & Mac OS X that will check your iPods and iPhones to determine whether it is tethered or unlockable (iPhone only).

It is just a really simple app for users who are confused as to whether or not their devices can be jailbroken and unlocked.

It even tells iPhone users their bootloader version, so that if you are on an iPhone 3G with the 5.8 bootloader, it will notify you that you can downgrade your baseband to an unlockable version.
Check if your device is unlockable or Tethered with just a simple USB connect!

Devices Supported:
  • All

Requirements [Windows]:
.NET Frameworks 2.0

Requirements [Macintosh]:
iTunes 9.0 or higher

Downloads [Win]: 985038

Downloads [Mac]: 133991

iDetector: Find Bootrom Version for iPhone 3G/3GS iOS 4 Jailbreak

When we publish our guides to jailbreak the devices, we often happen to say that the tool in question can only unlock the iPhone 3G with he old iBoot and not the new one. But how you determine it? iH8sn0w has just released the iDetector that helps you to determine Bootrom version.

iDetector is very easy to use application to tell whether or not your iPhone 3G[S] contains the New Bootrom or the Old bootrom. Just place your 3GS into DFU mode and click the button.
How to put in DFU
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer;
  • Press Home + Power timed for 10 seconds;
  • Release the power button while continuing to press the home button for 10 seconds;
  • To exit DFU just hit the button for 10 seconds Home + Power until the phone turns on.
  • In principle, the iPhone can be unlocked with old iBoot always a little ahead of those with the new iBoot. You just have to try and remember which version iDetector iBoot you iPhone 3G, so you can adjust in our guides, and instantly see if you can even run it on your terminal or not.
  • iPhone 3G[S]



iREB is a tool for Windows® and Mac® that will bypass any errors while restoring to a custom IPSW in iTunes.

Devices Supported
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPod Touch 2G [MB Model ONLY]


Download iREB to Fix 16xx and iTunes Errors in iPhone & iPod Touch

Dev team earlier advised iPhone users not to upgrade to iPhone OS 3.1 beta firmware but must save their iBEC and iBSS Signature Certificates of iPhone OS 3.0 for upcoming Jailbreak tools. Despite warnings, most of the users have updated their iPhone to OS 3.1 beta firmware (intentionally or accidentally) and now finding way to downgrade back to iPhone OS 3.0 firmware. Follow our simple guide to Downgrade iPhone 3GS 3.1 to 3.0 OS Firmware. During Restore or Downgrade of iPhone & iPod Touch users may encounter certain iTunes errors and 16xx errors.

 iH8sn0w has just released iREB tool for Windows and Mac that can troubleshoot errors like “16xx” and “21” from iTunes that are displayed after a restore or an iPhone OS firmware downgrade in iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and iPod touch 1G. Johnny Franks is in the process developing the Mac version of iREB 3.1-3 for iPod Touch 3G. iREB utility is based on iDevice and dfu-util that uploads 3 pwned files, so that iTunes can accept custom IPSW firmware/downgrade to lower firmwares.
Note - iREB does NOT jailbreak, it just disables iTunes’s ability to upload a patch to the ramdisk to block custom firmware made by PwnageTool.

Download iREB 3.1 – iPhone 3GS ShSh Grabber (Windows)
iH8sn0w has released a new version of iREB 3.1 for Windows OS and is available for download. The guys have fixed the crashing problem on Windows and Mac that the previous version had. The developers are working hard and we may soon have updated release for Mac OSX users as well.
What does iREB 3.1 do?
  1. Put your iPhone 2G/3G and the 1st generation iPod Touch into DFU mode for restore instead of using recovery mode.
  2. Allow iPhone 3GS users to save their ECID SHSH signed files from Apple for iPhone OS 3.1 to downgrade to firmware 3.1 once 3.2 comes out so that you can jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch if you accidentally upgrade to iPhone OS 3.2.
  3. iH8sn0w’s iREB tool lets you bypass the new iTunes 16xx Restore Error (all of 16xx and 21).
Video Demonstration:

iREB 3.1.2
iREB 3.1.2 of iH8sn0w team is a utility which will permit you to downgrade your firmware to 3.1.2 for iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod Touch 3G.
For iPhone 3GS, it permit to save your ShSh file under Firmware 3.1.2 in order to be able to downgrade for the future Apple update.

Download link : iH8sn0w – iREB V3.1.2 For Windows-English

Demo of restore of a custom Firmware thanks to official Firmware 3.1.2 with iReb 3.1.2

Video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRMoAghgG7c&feature=player_embedded


RecBoot v1.3

I spent some time rewriting RecBoot last night, and added some new features that makes RecBoot more user friendly. This is, by far, the biggest update I have ever written for RecBoot.
For Mac OS X, please visit http://sebby.net/, or http://github.com/malontop/recbootlin for Linux.

You can find a video demo here.

This update to RecBoot provides a few things, so here’s a list:

1. Improved, Clean, User Friendly GUI – I tweaked the GUI a bit, played around with the buttons, and also added a Credits box.
2. Cleaner folder – When you download RecBoot, you get a .zip with several .exe’s and .dll’s (would have been much smarter if I compreseed this into SFX but oh well). Now, those files get moved when you open RecBoot. (Except LibUSBDotNet, don’t delete that or RecBoot may not start)
3. No more copying iTunesMobileDevice.dll into the folder
4. Recovery Detection – If you are trying to downgrade, per say, to check if you are in recovery mode, simply open RecBoot. If it says your device is connected in Recovery Mode, then congratulations, you can downgrade! Otherwise, you can’t.

Don’t believe Recovery Detection works? Try it yourself, use RecBoot to enter Recovery Mode, restart it, then see what it says.

.NET Framework v4.0
LibUSB (only if you want recovery detection, otherwise not needed)
iTunes 9.2 or later

Download RecBoot v1.3 here.

NOTE: Thanks to a comment by a user, RecBoot has not been known to work on 64 bit machines. DO NOT USE IT ON x64!
I don’t know if I’ll be able to support x64, seeing as I don’t have an x64 machine.

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