ÜberTwitter for iPhone Now Available for Download

ÜberTwitter is the best twitter client out there for Blackberry users but for iPhone, it may be Osforaa or SimplyTweet. Anyway, the developers of ÜberTwitter have released an iPhone version of their app.
- Tweet a picture
- Add a location to your tweet
- Read and unread tweet colors
- Save a draft of a tweet
- Import your lists
- Change your avatar
- Edit your profile
- Direct message
- Search Twitter
This Twitter client doesn't differ a lot from other clients but it have something really special. By turning your iPhone into landscape mode, two column view appears, simulating the Twitter iPad app. In this two column view, tapping on tweets with links or images will have them load quickly in the right-handed column. This is a cool feature and works great most of the time.

So, you can get ÜberTwitter for free from the app store or by hitting the direct link below.

Download ÜberTwitter for iPhone [iTunes link]