Users Jailbreaking Their PS3 Systems With iPod and iPhone iOS Devices

It's been such a busy few weeks for PlayStation 3 jailbreaks that we couldn't help but take notice. Some of you may remember a video that showed the that it would soon be possible to run the PSGroove jailbreak with an iPhone.
Now it's here with the PSFreedom jailbreak. Users are already jailbreaking their PlayStation 3 with their 1st-gen iPod Touch and their iPhone 3G. The above video shows a user jailbreaking their console with a hacked iPod Touch, while the one below shows the jailbreak running via iPhone 3G. Both are worth watching.
Though we tend to cover iPhone news, we want all sorts of users to find something to read on the site. If the Pre is more your thing, we have a how to guide for Jailbreaking your PS3 with a Palm Pre and another that uses a Texas Instruments calculator.